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In the age of Internet, the information transmission is the fastest, many mainstream media have not yet happened, they have already spread all over the world.

Newspaper, which is about to be replaced by the Internet, was a very important information transmission tool decades ago. People who can afford to read newspapers are rich.

These news in the newspaper are not very concerned by Chi Yang, but they are also seen on her mobile phone. For her, these news are old news, but grandpa doesn't read them and doesn't know how to use a smart phone, so Chi Yang is very patient to read today's interesting and noteworthy news to the elderly.

The elderly care about national affairs, Chi Yang Yang then chose a news that can make the elderly interested: "Grandpa, last night, the satellite base successfully launched another satellite."

"I heard the news on the radio." Grandpa Chi waved his hand and said, "just now I saw a homicide story. I haven't finished reading it. Read it to me."

Chi Yangyang turned to the back of the newspaper, and there was news of the murder. It was also coincidentally the murder in the bar: "Grandpa, it's not good to listen to the murder in the evening. I'd better read you news from other sections."

"Yang Yang, you do forensic work, which is rarely exposed outside, not as dangerous as the criminal police and anti drug police, but you can't take it lightly, and you should pay attention to your own safety at any time." It's not that the elderly like to pay attention to the bloody events, but that the children at home are engaged in this work. He needs to know more about it before he knows what the child is busy with every day.

"Grandpa, I know." Chi smiled and said, "Grandpa, you like political news. I'd better read it to you."

Grandpa Chi nodded, "OK."

With Grandpa Chi's permission, he played a soft voice and read it to the elderly in a very professional voice.

She spoke with both voice and emotion, and her voice was sweet and beautiful. Listening, the old man fell asleep and said vaguely, "Yang Yang, Grandpa just can't trust you."

"Grandpa, I know." Chi Yangyang must know grandpa can't trust her. She doesn't want grandpa to worry about her, but she also wants grandpa to accompany her to worry about her all the time.

Seeing Grandpa sleeping, Chi Yang quickly changed the newspaper in his hand, helped the old man to lie down, covered his quilt, and repeatedly confirmed that he would not kick the quilt to catch cold. She just left the ward.

When he came out of the ward, Chi went to the nurse station and told the nurse to help him pay attention to his health.

It's nearly ten o'clock in the evening.

Chiyangyang came out of the hospital and waved to stop a taxi.

There are many people going home at this point in Jiangbei City. It's not surprising that they usually have to wait for half an hour by taxi.

I don't know if it's good luck. Today, Chi Yang just arrived at the taxi spot. A taxi came and stopped by her side. She got on the bus and reported her place.

The older grandpa gets, the worse his body will be every day. When he thought that Grandpa might leave him at any time, Chi Yang felt sad in his heart.

Where's Hang Jin?

Where is Hang Jin?

If she can't find any more clues, she thinks she's going to collapse.

On the way, Chi Yangyang was thinking about Grandpa Chi and Hang Jin, so that the route of the car changed, and she didn't notice it in time.

When the situation is not right, the car has driven out of the bustling city, from the entrance of a highway on the highway, to the direction of the city.

"Bad!" Chi Yangyang murmured, but tried to keep calm.

She guessed that she must have provoked someone. Last time someone cheated her out in the middle of the night. Fortunately, she realized that she had escaped a disaster in time. How can she escape this time?

Chi Yangyang quietly felt for her mobile phone and tried to call the police, but she had just made a move when the car suddenly slammed on the brakes, causing her whole body to jump forward. The mobile phone fell from her hand and fell under the seat in the front row.

The cold and heartless voice of the driver came from the driver's seat: "be honest with me."

When the enemy found out that she had noticed the problem and had no way to call the police, Chi Yang could only face it head-on: "who are you? Where are you taking me? "

The driver didn't answer.

Chiyang Yang looked around. It's night now. There are very few vehicles on the highway. Occasionally, one of them is also overtaking them or being overtaken by their vehicles. It's impossible to let the passing vehicles help her to call the police.

The first two methods don't work. Chiyang Yang can only continue to think of ways. She tries to open the door and jump out of the car. However, she drives 120 kilometers per hour on the highway. If she doesn't die, she will be seriously injured. For the sake of safety, she gives up this method.

But she also knew that if the other side was kidnapped in advance, her fate and death would not be worse if it fell into their hands.

What to do?

What should she do?

If it was Hang Jin, what would he do?

Hang Jin has a good skill and is alert. It's impossible for him to let this happen.

Even if there is an accident, it is the driver, not him, who will suffer.

Thinking about Hang Jin, Chi yangnaohai has a new way. She must control the driver before he arrives at the destination and drive by herself.

With this idea in mind, what kind of method does Chiyang want to use to control the driver and ensure driving safety.

But before she could think of a way, she asked for a strange fragrance. Soon, she felt that her head was faint and all her strength was drained. She could not sit well, so she could only lean on the seat.

"Who are you? Why did you arrest me? Where are you taking me? What did you do to me? " She has a series of questions.

Chi Yangyang majored in medicine. She knew that the smell of many drugs can paralyze people's brain and make people weak. But she didn't smell the smell. For a while, she couldn't tell what it was and couldn't think of any emergency measures.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you, just take you to meet someone." The driver spoke again.

The voice is still as cold as a robot, no emotion can be heard between words.

Chi Yanyang pinches himself hard, trying to keep himself awake: "who do you take me to see?"

The driver didn't answer, but he stepped on the accelerator hard. The speed changed from one hundred and two to one hundred and four in an instant. The speed was so fast that he could hardly fly. He was so scared that Chi Yang's heart was about to spit out from his mouth.

The man said that he would take her to see someone, but he would not say who he was. So who would he take her to see?

Take her to the murderer of her parents?

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