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"" Grandpa, do you like him? Are you sure you don't want to hit him? " No, it seems to him that Grandpa would like to knock the bastard away with a stick every time he saw Hang Jin. How can he like it now?

"You don't believe it? I don't believe it myself, but Hang Jin has the ability to make people love and hate. " Seeing granddaughter's face getting better, Grandpa Chi deliberately lengthened his tone, "the key..."

Grandpa Chi deliberately sold the gate, and his interest was hoisted. He asked urgently, "what's the key?"

Grandpa Chi said with a smile: "the key is that he likes my little four eyes. All those who like my family's small eyes and are good to my family's small eyes, my old man always keeps them in mind, and can't be wrong. "

Hearing this, Chi Yangyang stammered: "he Love me? Yes... Did he tell you? "

"You need him to tell me?" Grandpa Chi pointed to his eyes. "I used my eyes to see the cold and warm world. The little bad water in the boy's stomach can't be hidden in front of my old man."

"See? Grandpa, are you sure you are not mistaken? " Even grandpa can see it. Why can't she see it? "But Grandpa, you used to say that he was not good. You always bullied me if you disliked him."

Grandpa Chi said again, "well, think about it. How did he bully you? Where did you get hurt? "

"Not then." "He also told me that he liked me, but I didn't quite believe it," he said

"Silly child." Chi Yang stabbed his forehead, "how can I have such a stupid kid in my family. If he doesn't like you, he'll stick to you like a pug all day? "

"Pug?" Chi Yangyang was amused by grandpa's description. "Now I think he's really like a pug."

Grandpa Chi said, "what's his attitude towards other girls? Over the years, I've never seen him look nice to that girl, let alone have sex with other people. "

Listen to Grandpa, it seems that this is the same thing.

Grandpa Chi added: "of course, I'm just my old man's opinion. It's up to you to decide whether to respond to his love or not. After all, you will live with him in the future, not with him as an old man. "

"Grandpa, actually..." I didn't inform the old man of my family about such a big thing as getting a marriage license. Chi felt that he was particularly unfilial, and he was embarrassed to say it.

Grandpa Chi's face is full of gossip. I hope granddaughter can tell him some hot news: "in fact, what?"

"In fact, Hang Jin and I have already got the marriage license a few months ago." "We are legal couple now," he said

"Good, good..." "Chi Yangyang laughs happily," our family's little four eyes are finally married out, and I don't need grandpa to worry about your life

"Grandpa, aren't you surprised at all?" Grandpa's performance was only happy without a little surprise, and Chi Yang could not understand.

Grandpa Chi said: "Hang Jin never plays cards according to his routine. He likes you and can cheat you to get the license. My old man is not surprised at all."

"How to say it's a lie? If I don't want him to cheat me? " Although she was really a bit ignorant at that time, if she really didn't want to, Hang Jin couldn't force her to go with a gun.

"Of course it would be better if you volunteered." Grandpa Chi knows that if this girl doesn't want to, Hang Jin can't cheat her anymore. After all, the girl also pretended to be that smelly boy, but she didn't even find her own mind.

Fortunately, Hang Jin can bear to wait. He is willing to spend so much time on her. He is willing to wait for her for so many years.

"Grandpa, if I didn't tell you in advance about such a big matter, wouldn't you be angry with me?" The old man can't express a little dissatisfaction to make her feel less stupid.

Otherwise, everyone knows that Hang Jin likes her, but her client doesn't know anything.

"My family's little four eyes can find their own happiness. My old man is too happy to be angry." Grandpa Chi rubbed his head kindly, "Yang Yang, grandpa is very happy about what you have done."

Although grandpa Chi didn't expect that they had already got the marriage license, it's no surprise that Hang Jin did it first and then.

Many men stay with a girl, sleep with others, even have children, and can find various reasons not to marry, because they are afraid to take responsibility.

Hang Jin is different. He likes a girl. He gets a marriage certificate first, becomes her legal husband, and protects the girl he likes reasonably and legally. What a responsible thing! Grandpa Chi is too happy to be happy, and how can he not be happy.

The more you think about it, the more grandpa Chi thinks that Hang Jin is really a good guy. He has courage and responsibility to do things. No one is more suitable for him to be around his family.

However, he can't be too proud of that boy. He will let the stinky boy with bad water drink with him some other day, and let him play a good role as an elder as a grandfather. Otherwise, he really thinks that his family's four eyes are what he wants to marry.

Yes, I must give Hang Jin that smelly boy some color to see some other day.

"Grandpa, do you really like him so much?" Before he came to the hospital, he was still thinking about how to persuade grandpa to accept Hang Jin. He never thought that grandpa was like a mirror, but he didn't tear it down.

"At present, I'm more optimistic about him, but if he fails you one day, my old man is so good at talking." Grandpa Chi appreciates Hang Jin, so he accepts him on the premise that Hang Jin must be nice to his family girl, otherwise everything will be OK.

"He won't! I dare not! " I don't know why, Chi Yangyang firmly believes that Hang Jin will always accompany her and "bully" her.

"Tell Grandpa why he didn't accompany you to the hospital today." According to Grandpa Chi's understanding of Hang Jin, he will never leave him for such a long time, especially late.

Chiyangyang felt a pain in his heart, but he pretended to smile, "he's on a business trip. He can come back in two days. When he comes back, we will come to accompany you."

"OK, Grandpa, wait." Grandpa Chi looked up at the clock on the wall. "Yang Yang, it's late. You have to work tomorrow. Go back to have a rest early."

"Grandpa, I'll be with you for a while." "I'll read today's news for you," he said

Grandpa Chi nods:

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