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Hang Jin slightly increased the strength of holding Chi Yang's hand. Obviously, he wanted to give her some strength, but he didn't attract much attention when he said, "look at your small body, it's as thin as a sparerib, and then check it silly, saying no, it's determined that the murderer hasn't been found. You're tired first."

Chi Yangyang is not interested in joking. She hates her inability to do anything. She hates that she can't do anything if she is threatened by others.

Grandpa always said to her that it doesn't matter if she is a little girl and can't find out the case of her parents being killed. If her parents are intelligent, they will never blame her.

Yes, she used to think that she was still young and didn't think much of others when she did anything. She never wanted to share some of the pressure of life with her parents. It's because she didn't care about anything before and was well protected by everyone. Like the flowers in the greenhouse, she never worried about her livelihood or really understood the society. Therefore, after the pillars she relied on suddenly collapsed, she would be so lonely and helpless.

Before, she foolishly thought that there were only good people and outsiders in the world, but now the cruel reality let her know that there are many things in the world that she does not know.

Someone once told her that the most complex human nature in the world is also the most terrible human nature. She still thought it was funny. Now it seems that the person is right. She has always been stupid.

Thinking of his former self, Chi Yang smiled bitterly: "Hang Jin, do you really think I can't find out the truth? Do you really think I'm useless? "

"I'm not stupid." Hang Jin's mouth is poisonous, but she is precious in his heart. If she is really useless, how can he die for her.

Chi Yangyang: "you mean to say that there is still a little role, right?"

"Small four eyes, no matter how hard you choose this road, no matter how long it takes to find out the truth, I will accompany you in this road, and I will accompany you in the case." "If it's ten years, twenty years Maybe I will spend my whole life on it. Would you like to check it with me? " I don't know why. When this question was born in his mind, Chi felt that Hang Jin would give her a positive answer.

Sure enough, Hang Jin didn't let her down as many times as before: "don't say it's a lifetime, even if it's a lifetime, I'm willing to accompany you to check, so..."

"So you don't want to bully me for a lifetime. You want to bully me for a lifetime, or even ten." Chi felt that there was a warm flow in his heart, which was very warm.

Hang Jin: "yes."

During the conversation, the time always passes quickly. It seems that there is no time for them. Their car has arrived at the destination.

The red and blue lights on the police car in front of us flicker at a glance. There are some people around us, some people are pointing and some people are whispering. It seems that the news is leaking.

Every time this happens, Chi Yang is very big, because she is too thin, so it is difficult to squeeze the crowd to enter the crime scene.

When there was Jiangzhen, Jiangzhen could help her. Today, she can only look to Hang Jin for help. Hang Jin understands her. She pushes the crowd away from her and leads her to the cordon.

When passing by the onlookers, a conversation drifted into the ear of Chiyang: "God, the murderer is so cruel, it's not enough to shoot him ten times."

Another said: "the couple treat people so well at ordinary times. They have never seen their faces red with anyone. Who is the one who has such a cruel hand?"

"The police are sure to find the murderer Just to find out the murderer can't replace two lives, two living lives. The murderer not only kills but also breaks up the body. "

"It's said that the body has been broken to pieces, and some of the meat has rotted and smelled. If it wasn't for the smell to come from old Wang who was sweeping the floor, I don't know how long it would take to find it."

Someone sighed: "do evil! Sin! Now she is a five-year-old girl, and there is no one else at home. How can she live in the future? "

What are the onlookers still saying? Chi Yangyang can't hear it. There are only two key words flashing in her mind.

Husband and wife!

Broken bodies!

These keywords floated to Chi Yang's ears, stabbed her in the heart, and made her head buzzing and her body suddenly soft. Fortunately, Hang Jin held her in time.

His deep and powerful voice sounded in her ear: "small four eyes, you are not suitable to participate in this case, you go back with me immediately, I will let Zhao Ziqian find someone else to take over."

"No need..." Chi Yangyang grabs Hang Jin's arm and uses his strength to stand still. She takes a breath of cool air and stabilizes her mind. "I have to follow this case from beginning to end. No one can stop me."

The same case of mutilation, the same couple

It's so similar to the case that her parents were killed two years ago. Maybe this case has something to do with the case two years ago. She not only wants to find out the murderer for the couple, but also find out the clues of the case.

"Four eyes, don't try to be brave." Hang Jin is worried to hold on to Chi Yang's cold hand. It's summer, but her hand is as cold as ice. "I'll pay attention to this case at any time. I'll tell you the first time if there's any news."

Chi Yangyang let go of his hand, stood up independently, and said firmly, "Hang Jin, I have to follow this case. I have found an organization. Go back to have a rest first." She's here, and she's taking over a case of corpse breaking. How can hang Jin go back safely. But he could not drag Chi Yang back forcibly, so he had to watch her enter the cordon. He retired to the back of the crowd and leaned on the corner of the wall. He borrowed a cigarette from a onlooker and lit it for two.

If it's a case of mutilation?

So is it related to the case two years ago?

…… Zhao Ziqian has taken a team of people to protect the scene of the crime. When Chi Yangyang arrived, Jiang Zhen had changed his clothes. When he saw Chi Yangyang coming, his response was the same as that of Hang Jin: "Yang, I can let Xiao Li help me in this case."

At a glance, he saw the corpses in the ground, one finger at a time, one toe at a time, and a lot of ugly pictures.

The picture is very familiar to Chi Yangyang, because such a picture has repeatedly appeared in her dream in the past two years, and the reason why such a picture appears in her dream is that she has seen the scene pictures of her parents being killed.

The pain seemed to come from all directions. It made Chi Yang sweat bitterly. She didn't have the strength to stand still. But she tried to make herself stand still and forced herself to face it.

Therefore, her answer to Jiang Zhen is to change the work clothes with the fastest speed and join the work of the autopsy. Jiang Zhen looked at her anxiously, but did not say another word to persuade her.

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