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–Riverdale City–


The sun went down, and the stars began to glow amidst the darkness.

People filled the busy streets, as they walked towards different directions.

Two sturdy men on horses, rode through the streets and quickly checked into an Inn.

These two men, were Brody and Titus.

Their lord, crown prince Eli, had sent them on this mission since July.

Today was October 3rd, and they had finally arrived Riverdale City which was just 2 and a half hours away from Baymard.

Their mission was simple: Find out if Prince Landon was still alive.

If he was dead, recruit his men and have them kill the citizens… if the land was barren, then they didn’t have the patience to feed peasants.

And if Prince Landon was alive, threaten the bastard to give the land to lord Eli, or he would face lord Eli’s wrath in the future.

During these last few months that they had spent on the road, Brody and Titus became extremely unhappy.

Why were they the ones tasked with doing this sort of Job.

Everyone went on cool missions, but noooo…they were tasked with doing the most annoying one.

Who wanted to deal with a loser prince?

Instead of placing all their anger at Eli, they immediately directed it to Landon.

Wasn’t it because of him that they had found themselves here? And how dare he command the attention of their heroic lord?

An exiled prince was the same as a peasant, so they held no respect for Landon at all.

After settling down in their room, they quickly began making preparations for their mission.

“Brody, I have a feeling that although Prince Landon is for sure dead, Commander Lucius would still give us a hard time.” Titus said.

“Me too.. Instead of worrying about that garbage prince, I think that the main issue would be Commander Lucius.

What if he refuses to give up the land?.. After all, you and I know that he takes that bastard prince as his son.” Brody said.

“He dares!!!… He is just a dog without an owner… now that that garbage prince is dead, what right does he have to deny our lord?

Tsk…. Does he think that his puny army of 300 could ever defeat lord Eli’s army?” Titus sneered.

“Hehehe.. just thinking about how we will stump on that old dog, makes me pleased.”

“Aren’t you just pleased because you would finally get your revenge on Commander Lucius?” Titus asked playfully.

“Hehehe of course its for revenge.. during our first year in the academy, don’t you remember when the old fool wanted to suspend me simply because I cut a peasant’s head off?

The old fool was always too strict, and never bent the rules for anyone…now look at were he had landed himself.

Hehehe I can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees how powerful I’ve become.

Tomorrow is definitely going to be a great day.”

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