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Everyone listened attentively as Landon further explained his plan for the academy.

For the library system, only students who had their Academy school I.D’s, could get into the library.

For now, Landon had decided that the textbooks would never leave the academy library.

In this way, even if foreigners come to Baymard in future, they still wouldn’t be able to access these textbooks books…. Since they weren’t necessarily permitted on the Academy’s premises.

If the books don’t leave the library, then spies would definitely have a hard time getting their hands on them.

After the system’s reminder about not giving technology to those with evil intentions, Landon had decided to restrict access to these books.

In fact every new academy, be it police force, navy and so on, would be like that as well.. and wouldn’t allow visitors or spies within their premises… Only if they had permission to tour the academies under the supervision of tour guides.

For the public school, since Landon had planned to have international students study here in the future, he had decided to make 2 libraries within it.

The first library would allow both Baymard based students and the international students, to look at textbooks on english and math only…. as well as storybooks, history books, newspapers, and so on.

This first library would only be accessed by using one’s school I.D.

As for the second school library, this one would contain chemistry textbooks, physics, biology and so on.

And could only be accessed by Baymard based students, by using two I.D cards: The Baymard National I.D, as well as the School I.D.

Even though the international students would be taught these subjects in class, Landon would still not allow them to have a chance at accessing, stealing or taking these textbooks away to their own empires.

Like he said, he would allow them to sit through the classes, but it was their job to take notes, and to experiment within their empires.

Presently in this era, people sat in classrooms and learnt without textbooks, hence Landon didn’t think that it would be a problem.

And even if someone complained, so what?

If they really had a problem with his arrangement, then they should quickly go back to empire and sit there.

Or better still, they should make their own empire and rule it the way they dimmed fit.

Please!!! He wasn’t going to disobey the system and get his soul fried, just because of foreigners.

He wasn’t that kind.

And by the way, shouldn’t they be happy that he was willing to allow them to sit through the classes?

Wasn’t that what was actually going on right now in Baymard?

In future, the textbooks would be available for all academies and schools.. but right now, only the teachers had their textbooks.

Hence if the citizens could learn without seeing the textbooks and only relying on the teachers, then so could they.

For the foreign students, they would be taught basic knowledge from elementary to high school knowledge… but University level knowledge was off the table.

The teachers would do their best to teach them about air, matter, reactions and so on.

And although they would be allowed to participate in school based lab experiments, that didn’t bother Landon at all.

High school lab experiments were meant to show basic things, like measuring pH levels for bases, and so on.

Plus if one thinks about it, in high school, all the chemicals were given to the students… but if you asked them how to extract, produce or refine chlorine, mercury, and all the other chemicals from ores, stones, and other raw materials, they definitely wouldn’t know where to begin….. without the internet.

Not to talk of the fact that what they were studying, didn’t even cover university level knowledge.

Back on earth, the only reason why inventions were made faster, was because of books, the internet and other people’s detailed scientific experiments.

Without all of those, it would take more than 20 years to even see positive results.

Back on earth in ancient times, scientific discoveries took decades to do because they lacked all those… but in modern times, one could easily google and see how to do stuff just like that.

Hence Landon was sure that they wouldn’t be of any threat to Baymard while they were studying.


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