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"What's all that crap for? No one thinks you're dumb. " When talking to Chi Yangyang, Hang's mother is gentle and kind. When she talks to Hang Jin, her tone is not only disrespectful, but also disrespectful. "Such a big person won't go to the kitchen to help serve dishes

Hang Jin: "..."

Well, he admitted that he was the child of the old Wang's family next door, and that Chiyang was their own.

Hang Jin, who has always been the king and dominator outside, has become a little milk dog when he returns home. His mother told him to go east, but he never dared to go west. Of course, the premise is that some things in Hang Jin's principle are not touched.

After all, the mother is the one who gave birth to him. The fate of mother and son has no afterlife in this life. It's better to coax her when she is happy.

Around the porch, Hang Jin saw Hang's father sitting in the living room reading the newspaper. At a glance, he waved to his father: "old hang, long time no see. Did you miss me very much when I was away? "

When he heard this, his father frowned and looked at him discontentedly: "how old are you? You are not so big or small. How can you stand in society in the future?" Hang Jin didn't care at all: "old man, you should take care of your own affairs. We young people have a way of life for young people, so you don't have to worry about it. In the past, you didn't always say that it's easy to get old when you have too much management. You said that I was

right. "

Hang's father: "..."

For this son, he had no way of thinking. He could only look at his wife who came into the room and said, "read and laugh, you are in charge of your son."

Nianxiao is the name of Hang's mother. Her surname is Yin, and her full name is Yin nianxiao. Hang's father is a very independent person. He makes up his mind about any major issues at home. But he really has no idea about educating his son. After so many years, Yin nianxiao is also very clear: "Hang Jin, how can I talk to your father?"

However, Hang Jin didn't know how to leave any face to others: "old man, if you have any opinion on me, you only know to find my mother, as if I'm not your son."

Yin nianxiao: "Hang Jin, do you really need to be beaten today?"

Hang Jin: "I say hello to his old man."

Yin nianxiao: "you go to the kitchen to help sister Jing."

Hang Jin looked at Chi Yang: "little four eyes, come here."

Chiyang Yang didn't want to be with him, so he didn't care. Unexpectedly, the son of a bitch said, "my house is your house. Don't treat yourself as a guest when you come to my house. You can do what I do with you."

Yin nianxiao immediately protects Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, did I say that you really haven't tasted being beaten for a long time?"

Hang Jin blinks and smiles at Yin nianxiao, which means something, but Yin nianxiao doesn't seem to understand him. Although Hang Jin's mother helped him, his words were all mentioned by Hang Jin. Chi Yangyang couldn't do anything: "Auntie, I'd better go to the kitchen with brother Jin to help. After all, he seldom cooks and is not familiar with the kitchen. It is also good for him to help more than one person. "

Hang Jin: "it's as if you are familiar with the kitchen."

Chiyangyang: "..."

"Hang Jin, speak well." Yin nianxiao warns Hang Jin, turns to look at Chi Yangyang, and immediately puts on a warm smile like the spring breeze, "OK, OK, then go to the kitchen to help him."

Looking at her mother's different treatment, Hang Jin was dissatisfied with her. But seeing how hard she managed to snatch her daughter-in-law back from her mother's hand, this little resentment was not worth mentioning.

Looking at the back of Hang Jin and Chi Yangyang walking to the kitchen together, Yin nianxiao sat beside his father and said excitedly, "Zhenshan and Zhenshan, have a look, is the relationship between Hang Jin and Yang Yang getting better and better?"

Hangzhen mountain looked up and still frowned: "but I don't think Chi family girl is very willing to be with Hangjin. Do you think too much? " Yin Niang pokes hang Zhenshan's head with a smile and says: "how long are your eyes? The relationship between the two of them is obviously better. You can see whether they want to. If the girl of Yangyang doesn't want to be near the thief boy of Hangjin, she will come to our house with him? I think the two of them are very clear about Lang Youqing's intention. " Hang Zhenshan didn't agree with his wife's words. He put forward his own point of view very rationally: "you think about Hang Jin's temperament. He never knows how to get along well with others. He is always self-centered and doesn't know how to take care of others

To hurt his son, hang Zhen mountain is not soft at all. People who don't know what he said thought his son was really useless. Yin nianxiao is not satisfied with this: "in Hangzhou Zhenshan, my son, besides being a little self righteous, needs to have appearance, body and communication means. No matter from any aspect, he is a first-class talent, who is worthy of

the central government or absolutely worthy of it."

"No matter what, the relationship between them can only stop here and never go further," said hang

Yin nianxiao doesn't understand: "what do you mean? You don't agree with the two of them? " In front of his wife, hang Zhenshan was patient: "I know you like Chi family girl so much that I wish I could be a family with her, but I tell you, you don't have this idea. Now it's the world of young people. Love is free. Their partners let them choose. Don't think they can love each other if they love each other. " Yin nianxiao has never been an autocratic elder. Now, hearing his husband say this, he is angry and worried: "our son's eyes are all pasted on Yang Yang. I see that his stinky boy would love to marry the girl home. I can't help it."

Hearing that she raised her voice, hangzhenshan immediately surrendered: "well, what you say is what."

Yin nianxiao: "I was right."

Hang Zhenshan: "yes, I was wrong."



The atmosphere between Hang Jin and Chi Yang is also disharmonious, but it seems that Hang Jin always prevails in their quarrels.

Hang Jin goes into the kitchen and drives away the nanny. He needs to seize the opportunity to talk to Chi Yang alone: "little four eyes, I'll talk to the ER Lao about the things between the two of us after dinner. You're ready in your heart."

"No way!" Chi stopped Hang Jin picked his eyebrows again and looked at Chi Yang fiercely: "I'm not asking your opinion, I'm just informing you of the result."

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