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The officer continued to ask, "worried about her? Why worry? "

Jiang Zhen sat upright, still in a calm voice: "it's dark and rainy. She goes out alone. As her immediate supervisor, why can't I worry about her?"

This is to ask the police officer to stop, the police officer stupefied, and asked: "tell me in detail what you saw and heard when you arrived at the scene of the murder. As a forensic doctor, you should understand the importance of testimony and try to make it clear. " Jiang Zhen said calmly, "when I arrived, the dead man was dead. Chi Yang was beside the dead man. I didn't see anything else. But I can give you some clues from the professional perspective of forensic medicine. There are only one

fatal wound on the neck of the deceased's whole body. Depending on the size of the wound, the length of the weapon will not exceed 5cm, and the width will not exceed 0.1cm. It is very suitable for carrying around. It is similar to a disposable razor. " Police officer: "our forensics is already doing autopsy, so you don't have to worry about it. I've finished asking questions here. Now you can go, but I hope you don't go out before the case is solved. If you need, we will ask you at any time

Jiang Zhen got up and straightened out the original neat suit: "what about her?"

She, of course, refers to Chi Yang. The police officer looked at the time and said, "if there is no special situation, her words are finished. Go to the hall to find her."

Jiang Zhen nods.

When he came to the hall, Jiang Zhen saw the disheartened Chi Yangyang: "Yangyang, what's the matter?"

Chi Yang shook his head: "it's OK. Teacher, let's go back first. "

Before leaving, Chiyang Yang looked back and saw that Li Shijian was also looking at her. He seemed to be sorry.

Chi also understood that any evidence at the scene of the murder should be kept secret from others. Li Shijian did not tell her that the contents of the note tightly held by the dead man were acting according to law, but she still had no way not to think about it.

When people are dead and the note is still tightly held in their hands, it can prove that the note is particularly important. How can she know the contents of the note in the hands of the deceased? As the heavy rain continued, there was a cold wind blowing on his face when he went out. It was so cold that he shivered. Jiang Zhen immediately took off his suit coat and put it on him. "It was dark and rainy that day. It was too dangerous to drive back. Let's find a hotel nearby to stay first."

"Good." Chi Yangyang nodded. She didn't plan to go back. At dawn, she had to find out who sent the anonymous message and confirm whether the victim was a witness two years ago.

"Let's go." Jiang Zhen reaches out to support her, "slippery, be careful."

However, just then, a black cross-country car pricked, and an emergency brake stopped at the gate of the compound. The car just stopped, and a tall man in a white shirt came down from the driver's seat. The man was covered with a layer of anger. He braved the heavy rain and strode to the central pool. He walked to the central pool and pulled the central pool to himself. In another neat move, the jacket of Jiang Zhen on the central pool had been thrown on the ground: "central pool, look for..."

Before he had finished his angry words, Hang Jin suddenly stopped, because Chi Yang suddenly jumped into his arms and hugged his waist with trembling hands: "brother Jin..."

"I am, I am." Hangjin's anger was filled with anger, but it was only because of a small action of chiyangyang, a voice almost inaudible to brother Jin and disappeared in an instant.

Chi Yangyang murmured: "it's still that farm, it's still pouring rain, and there are murders Will it... "

"No!" Hang Jin interrupts her decisively. It's hard to be gentle. "Don't think about it. It's OK."

In the middle of the pool, he took a deep breath of moist air mixed with rain: "HMM."

She knows it won't be OK, but she doesn't want people around her to be affected by her suspicions. Jiang Zhen stared at the two white and slender arms in the middle of the pool tightly around Hang Jin's waist. For a while, he couldn't look away. His hands hanging down on his side consciously clenched and then clenched, until the blue tendons appeared on the back of his hands, and he didn't find them. Until Li Shijian's voice sounded in his ear, "hang Shao, why are you here?"

Hang Jin patted Chi Yang's back gently, but he said that he could be arrogant and arrogant: "I don't care what you do."

Li Shijian's face darkened with embarrassment: "..."

How can there be such a shameless person in the world.

"One by one can't handle things." Hang Jin didn't look at those people. He picked up Chi Yang and turned to his black SUV. Chi Yangyang didn't know why. The heart in her chest was obviously so upset. But when Hang Jin came, she was so relieved. He seemed to have a calming effect on her and made her feel better: "you let me down, I can go myself.

"ah..." Hang Jin sneered, "little four eyes, you heartless idiot. What do you think this young master is? A pet that you can hold if you want to, or push away if you don't hold it? "

After that, Hang Jin seems to have a voice in his mind to laugh at him. Don't say that you hang Jin is really a pet who calls and waves before Chi Yang.

He was so angry that he said: "fuck!"

Hang Jin drives to find a nearby hotel which is still high-end. He stops, gets off the bus and goes straight to the hotel. After two steps, he finds that Chi Yang doesn't keep up with him? Do you want me to hold it? "

"I can't walk because my legs are numb," he said "You idiot!" The mouth scolded, but Hang Jin walked back in two steps. Once again, he picked up Chi Yangyang and strode to the hotel lobby. Chi Yangyang nestled in his arms and gently poked him in the chest. "Hang, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. "

If she pretends to make her legs numb on purpose to let him hold her, Hang Jin can't even be happy. How can he get angry? But he knows that this little idiot can't do such a thing.

Thinking of this, Hang Jin gave Chi Yang a vicious look, which made him shrink his neck timidly: "I'm sorry for the trouble!"

Hang Jin ignored Chi and walked into the lobby with her. He said rudely to the sweet front desk staff, "open a luxurious single room for us."

Chi smiled at the staff and corrected, "double room, two single beds."

Hang Jin: shut up

At first, the staff saw that Hang Jin's life was really good-looking. They couldn't help but stare at him for two more times. Then they were frightened by the roar and stuttered: "first, sir, please show me your ID card."

Hang Jin: you don't have eyes

He is holding a small idiot in his arms. Where can I give them a certificate with empty hands? In the frightened eyes of the staff, Chi Yanyang took out his ID card from Hang Jin's trouser pocket and handed it to the staff: "I'm sorry for the trouble."

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