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Eryue is coming back? Why didn't I hear from her? " Xie Yuanbo looked at the people present, and finally his eyes fell on Hang Jin. "Fourth brother, don't you know?"

Hang Jin said lazily, "I should know when she comes back?"

"Cough, cough..." Chi Yangyang coughed and immediately attracted all the attention. She embarrassed and disturbed her head. "Sister Eryue is coming back, how can I not hear?"

"Have a good drink of your soup." Hang Jin instinctively reached out and patted Chi Yang's back, so as to be obedient to her, "does it have anything to do with you if others don't come back?"

Why not?

Jiang Eryue is also a member of their group of seven and has been taking care of her all the time. But she went abroad to study last year. Now she returns to their family of seven. How can it not matter?

Just the central pool do not know why, suddenly feel heart side block panic, she put down the dishes: "that, you eat first, I go to the bathroom."

As soon as Chi Yangyang left, the other people looked at Hang Jin in unison: "fourth brother, what are you going to do about your thoughts that we all see in our eyes?"

Hang Jin's attitude is still that he has nothing to do with himself: "there are more women who have thoughts on my young master. Do I have to take care of their mood one by one?"

He and xiaosiyan are too busy to care about others.

These people asked him how to do it. He had clearly told Jiang Eryue that he had never been in love with her. He told her not to have any illusions about him.

Isn't he doing enough?

Blue Feiyang worried: "four elder brothers, you can not care, but what about Yang Yang? Don't forget that Yang Yang has been close to Eryue since childhood. If you let her know what Eryue thinks of you, I'm afraid it's hard for you to pursue your wife. "

"I know how to do this. Don't worry about it," said Hang Jin coldly

Blue Feiyang: "you know it's best, just afraid Forget it. I'll go to see the central government. "

"Stop!" Hang Jin stops LAN Feiyang and starts to walk to the restroom. He lights a cigarette at the door of the restroom, takes two puffs and kills the cigarette end impatiently. He goes straight to the female restroom.

Chi Yangyang is holding up the water to wash his face in front of the washing table. It's no surprise to see Hang Jin break in suddenly. Anyway, it's not the first time she saw him break into the women's bathroom: "what are you doing?"

Hang Jin stood beside her and looked at her pale face in the mirror. "Chi Yang Yang, I'm going to announce that we've got our marriage license."

What are you doing? You don't want to fly with the girl you like

"Idiot!" said Hang Jin

"Hang Jin, are you tired of the game of marriage?"

Marriage is a game?

She thought he had eaten too much and played this game with her?

Hang Jin looked at her, trying to see something different in her eyes, but I'm sorry that he didn't see anything else except anxiety in her eyes: "idiot!"

Chi Yangyang: "I know that I am an idiot who can't do anything in your heart, but why do you have to announce the news of our fake marriage? Uh...

Just after the voice falls, Hang Jin suddenly kisses her. His kisses are just like him, domineering and wild

But just when he was confused, Hang Jin suddenly pushed her away: "idiot!"

Leaving the words behind, he turns around and leaves Chi Yang in a daze. What kind of trouble does this Hangzhou master have with her tonight? She found that she didn't understand him any more.


Hang Jin, who was angry again, went back to the private room, but he had no appetite. He lit up the cigarettes one by one, while Chi Yang Yang, the pig head, was delicious. After eating a bowl of rice, he added a bowl of rice. It was obvious that other people were holding a sweat for her.

How big is the girl's nerve? Can't see that Hang Jin is angry with her? "Fourth brother, stop smoking. You didn't eat anything tonight, at least a little. " LAN Feiyang bumps into the middle of the pool and beckons her to give Hang Jin a dish. But Chi yangleng doesn't understand LAN Feiyang's hint, "sister Feiyang, I've eaten enough. Don't hit me again."

Blue flying: "..."

Others: "..."

Hang Jin's face was livid.

On the way home, Hang Jin still kept his face blue and speechless.

Chi Yangyang, sitting in the front passenger seat, secretly looked at him several times, saw that his face was not good, and carefully looked away. When he was angry, he was right not to provoke him.

They were silent all the way home. When they got home, Hang Jin went to the study, and the door slammed. Chi Yangyang was shocked: "what's wrong with you, uncle hang?"

Hang Jin: you heartless idiot

Chiyangyang: "..."

Recently the man has become more and more uncertain. If she continues like this, she will live two years less.

Forget it. He'll make him angry if he's angry. She'll take a bath and go to bed early. The murderer has been caught. There are still many things to do tomorrow. I can't afford to delay.

…… When Hang Jin was full of anger, his mobile phone suddenly rang. He grabbed the phone and wanted to get angry. When he saw the caller's name on the screen, he forced it back: "President Qin, I'm calling in the middle of the night. What can I do for you?"

There was a very magnetic male voice on the phone: "I've arrived in Jiangbei. I'll see you tomorrow."

Hang Jin said with a smile, "you've come to Jiangbei, President Shengtian. There's no news outside. You've done a good job in keeping secrets."

The other end of the phone said, "I'll send you the meeting place later."

Hang Jin smiled again: "only you dare to talk to me in such a tone. If it's someone else, I won't dump him."

The man on the other end of the line: "hang up."

Hang Jin: wait

The other end of the phone: "what else can I do?"

Hang Jin: "in fact, there's nothing special. It's just that I'm so lonely in the middle of the night. It's hard for someone to call me and just want to talk with me about something."

On the other end of the phone: "..." Hang Jin expected that the other side would not respond. Anyway, if the other side was listening to him, he would do: "it's really hard to admire him. I advise you not to step in before you are deeply involved. Otherwise, it's you who will suffer."

Dudu However, the end of the phone has already hung up, and Hang Jin is so angry that he can't help falling his cell phone: "I've just been angry with the little idiot in my family, and your surname Qin is angry with me again. You all dare not do anything to you or what?"

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