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After returning home, Chi went to take a bath immediately, but Hang Jin was not idle. He called: "confirm the identity of the fourth dead as soon as possible."

"Fourth brother, we have confirmed that the fourth victim was the counter clerk of Jiangbei bank in Cangshan District a few minutes ago," the phone said

The first victim was a vegetable seller, the second was an ordinary housewife, the third was a real estate agent and the fourth was a bank clerk. What was the relationship between the four victims?

Hang Jin's brain is spinning rapidly. Real estate agents have something to do with renting and selling houses. Bank employees may make loans. There is a little relationship between the two and real estate, but there is no guarantee that there is a relationship between the two.

Hang Jin immediately said, "check again if there is any house for rent or sale under the name of the second deceased housewife."

If the relationship among the three is established, what kind of relationship can the first deceased have with the other three?

He then added: "let some plainclothes go to the vegetable market where the first deceased sold vegetables for investigation. If there are any suspicious people, they will take them back to the detachment for interrogation."

On the surface, the identities of these dead people don't seem to have any connection, but as long as they have an intersection with the same person, then as long as the person is found out, the murderer will not be hard to find.

"You don't mean to mend your sleep. Why don't you sleep?" After taking a bath, Chi Yangyang came out to see Hang Jin holding her mobile phone in a daze

Hang Jin put his mobile phone in his pocket and said, "don't worry about sleeping for a while. I won't let the murderer have a chance to commit a crime again."

Chi Yangyang sighed: "Hang Jin..."

Hang Jin turned to look at her, but she didn't say, "why don't you go on?" After thinking about it, Chi decided to have a good talk with him, hoping to persuade him to give up on his own initiative: "you don't have criminal investigation experience, but now you command in disorder. How can you tell the family of the deceased in case of anything else? How to explain to the people of Jiangbei City? "

Hang Jin hooked his lips and said with a smile, "little four eyes, are you worried about me?" "It's not about you alone. It's about our whole detachment and the people of Jiangbei City. It's not a joke." It's going to be dark soon. Central Chi is worried too much. However, it seems that Han Jin, the son of a bitch, doesn't even want to know the seriousness of the matter. He always looks like he's a fool to blame.

Hang Jin: "there's so much rubbish. If you go to bed, go to bed."

At this time, how can he sleep at home: "there are many things to be busy in the team, I will go back to work first."

Hang Jin: "I'll let you sleep."

Chi Yangyang is too lazy to talk to him. He turns around and goes to the dressing room. It's rare that Hang Jin doesn't pester her anymore, but when she changes her clothes and comes out, Hang Jin disappears.

She looked around the house, nobody.

When I went to open the entrance door, I found that the door had been locked from the outside. She couldn't open it.

Looking for the key, she found that the key was missing: "Hang Jin, you son of a bitch, what are you going to do?"

Chi was so angry that he needed his cell phone to call him and found that his cell phone was missing.

This son of a bitch not only locked her home but also took her cell phone. Is he playing with her in prison this time?

Chi Yang Yang really called every day should not be, call the ground is not working.

After a few quick turns, she thought that there was still a computer to use at home.

But when she turned it on, she was in despair, because Hang Jin broke the network at home.

This son of a bitch is really familiar with such a bad thing. She just changed her clothes and he did so many things.

In desperation, Chiyang can only wait at home.

When it was dark, she began to feel uneasy.

It's dark. Will the murderer come out again?

Can they catch the murderer?

These are all unknowns, so it's disturbing.

At this moment, Hang Jin is not idle. In the evening, he has arranged plainclothes police officers to ambush around the detachment. As long as the murderer dares to show up, he is sure to catch the murderer.


Zhao Ziqian was also restless when he was called home by the new temporary leader. He drank two bowls of porridge from home to night and was so worried that he could not eat anything else.

Seeing that he was so anxious, his wife sat beside him and hugged him: "Lao Zhao, didn't she say that the work was finished? What do I think of you as full of worries? "

Everything in the team is confidential, and her family can't say. Mrs. Zhao doesn't know that Zhao Ziqian was driven back by the leader, and Zhao Ziqian can only swallow the bitterness in his stomach.

He knew that hang was so great that old Qian would send him to be the head of the project team. But hang asked him to go home and wait. What was the matter?

In the eyes of hang, does Zhao Ziqian know nothing?

He patted his wife's hand: "it's OK. I've been busy all night, but I'm not used to it. You've been busy all day. Have a rest earlier. "

Mrs. Zhao said thoughtfully, "go take a bath and I'll get your clothes. Come on, don't sit around. You're not an iron man. After a few nights, you'll have to get a good sleep. You'll be able to go to work tomorrow. "

Zhao Ziqian didn't want his wife to worry, so he got up and went to the bathroom.

Mrs. Zhao watched him enter the bathroom, just went to the room to get his clothes, but she just stepped, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Today is Wednesday. The child is taken by her parents. No one will visit at this time. She goes to the door and sees a man in express clothes through the cat's eyes: "who is that?"

"Express delivery" should be said outside

"Express delivery?" She thought about it. She didn't seem to be shopping on the Internet recently, and the express would not be delivered to the door so late. "What express?"

The man said, "how can I know what express delivery is? The addressee is Zhao Ziqian. " "Lao Zhao, what did you buy?" When Mrs. Zhao asked, she still opened the door. The door just opened. The man burst into the room with a thunderbolt, which made Mrs. Zhao scream. But she was soon covered by a man and pressed her mouth on the wall. "If you want to live, don't move."

The sound of the water in the bathroom is too loud. Zhao Ziqian is absent-minded. Naturally, he doesn't hear the noise outside, but the intruder can clearly hear the sound of the water coming from the bathroom.

At this time, there should be no second person in the family.

But the intruder responded quickly. He grabbed Mrs. Zhao's head and hit her hard against the wall. Mrs. Zhao suffered from bleeding on her forehead and fainted instantly.

The intruder locked the door and prepared to go to the bathroom first. However, he found a pistol beside a police uniform on the sofa

At this time, Zhao Ziqian came out of the bathroom around the bath towel: "not to help me with my pajamas, why not?" Then, just finished, he found the intruder in the house. He instinctively wanted to take out his gun, only to find that his gun had been held by the intruder, and the muzzle of the gun was facing him.

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