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That's all I know at the moment." Chi Yang Yang looks at Hang Jin and sees his pride. She decides to frustrate him. "Besides, even if I have some useful clues here, can you understand them?

Hang Jin: "small four eyes, in your eyes, I'm not such a thing?" "Are you something you don't understand yourself?" Chi does not deny, "Hang Jin, this is a homicide. If you don't find the murderer again, there may be more people killed. It's really not a place for you to play. You can do well. You can take the initiative to withdraw and ask the superior to send a real powerful police officer to investigate the case. "

Hang Jin: "do you think I want to come?" He is busy with a lot of things. He has no free mind to deal with these murders. Mr. Qian has asked him for several times but failed to move. If he didn't see a wolf in sheep's clothing around Chi Yangyang eyeing her, he didn't take the case at all.

Next, at least to prevent others from digging his corner when he's not prepared.

He didn't want his daughter-in-law to be robbed one day, and he would sing and conquer foolishly.

He was even more confused: "since you don't want to come, why do you want to come? Do you want to find something to do for us, because our team is not chaotic enough? "

Hang Jin reached out, pinched Chi's ear and twisted it: "you stupid pig! If I die one day, I will make you angry. "

It's also his own fault. Knowing that a few words of this woman can make him spit blood, but he is still around her. It's the fool who can't think all the time.

Chi Yangyang felt his aching ears, full of complaints but did not dare to say another word. Besides, it is estimated that one ear will make him wring off the current wine and vegetables.

On the way to the scene of the crime, Hang Jin didn't continue to ask for trouble from Chi Yang, who was so happy that he could still think about the future of the case.

The murderer obviously has a strong anti detective knowledge, the scene of the crime is a mess, but there are no fingerprints, footprints, and other useful clues left.

Zhao Ziqian has solved many cases before, not an incompetent leader, but this time he has no idea about this case. At present, he has not found any connection between these dead people.

After entering the crime scene, Hang Jin did nothing but look at every corner of the scene carefully. He asked, "you can collect DNA from the blood left at the scene that is not the victim's remarks?"

Chi Yangyang: "No. All of the blood samples we take are from the dead. "

Hang Jin: "my surname is Zhao. Tell me what the occupations of the four dead are and where the crime address is respectively." Zhao Ziqian immediately replied: "the first victim was a vegetable farmer selling vegetables in the vegetable market, the second victim was an ordinary housewife, the third victim was a real estate agent, and the identity of the fourth victim has not yet been determined. The four cases occurred at

Cangshan District, the first at 28 manjiaxiang, the second at 46 qiaojiaxiang, the third at 55 Jiangjin Road, Cangshan District, and the fourth at 98 Liyuan street. "

Hang Jin: "check again if there is any intersection among the four people."

Zhao Ziqian: "yes."

Hang Jin: "map."

Zhao Ziqian was stunned. "I didn't bring it."

OK, how can I get the map?

Hang Jin took out his mobile phone to open Baidu map and found four crime sites respectively. It seemed that he understood something. He added: "Zhao, immediately send more people to strengthen patrol around the detachment."

Zhao Ziqian: "around the detachment? The murderer is not so bold as to make a move on Taisui's head. "

Hang Jin: where do you live

Zhao Ziqian: "it's at 107 Sanyuan street near the detachment."

Hang Jin: "get back now. Stay at home tonight. You are not allowed to go anywhere. Your family is not allowed to go out. Remember."

Zhao Ziqian: "no, Hangzhou team, the case is at a critical moment, how can I go home to rest?"

Hang Jin: "shut up! Do what you're told to do, don't fucking talk. "

After supporting Zhao Ziqian, Hang Jin gave a second order: "everyone will go back to the detachment to have a rest, have a good sleep, give me enough spirit, and be ready for standby."

First, Zhao Ziqian was sent away, and now his team members returned to the detachment for rest. No one else understood what Hang Jin wanted to do, but Chi knew what Hang Jin meant.

On the way back, she also took out her mobile phone and opened Baidu map: "these four crime sites are in the shape of equal sides and four corners, but how can you be sure that the killer's next location will be near the detachment first?"

"Doctor Chi, use your brain to think about it." Hang Jin nodded at the head of Chi Yang Yang and looked her up and down again. "It takes brains, not breasts, to be a forensic doctor."

Chiyangyang quickly put his hands on his chest: "hooligan!"

Hang Jin whistled happily, stepped on the accelerator, and the car rushed out. After a while, Chi found out that he was not in the team: "where are you going to take me?"

Hang Jin: "you didn't come back last night, which made me worry that you didn't sleep well all night. Now you go back to make up for your recovery sleep, and you have the strength to do sports in the evening."

He'll worry about her?

I'm afraid he can't find someone to bully without her at home.

Chi Yangyang glared at him discontentedly: "Hang Jin, don't take such a serious murder as a drama, OK?"

Hang Jin: "Chi Yangyang, don't you feel uncomfortable if you don't take a bath in this hot day? You're all right, but don't spoil my sense of smell, will you? " Last night, I was busy. I followed Hang Jin to the crime scene this morning. Chi Yang didn't even have time to take care of herself. She was just busy, but she didn't feel uncomfortable. After Hang Jin mentioned that, she really felt that she was not comfortable with being sticky

"Stay away from you? Give you a chance to flirt with other men? " Hang Jin reached out and patted her head. "Jiang Zhen is not a good person. You should stay away from him in the future."

"Mr. Jiang is not a good thing? Ah... " Chi Yangyang smiled again.

Please ask him to take a pee and take a picture. Jiang Zhen can compare with him. He only knows where the second generation's face comes from, saying that people are not good things?

Hang Jin: you remember what I told you

Chi Yangyang: "I need your approval to talk to anyone in the future."

Hang Jin: "it's a good proposal. It can be considered for implementation."

Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, I don't understand what you're thinking all day long? Why are you pestering me when you have a girl you like? "

Hang Jin: "I'm happy!" Damn, it's still such a poor answer. Chi Yangyang gave up his theory. This man is a cow. To reason with him is to play the piano against the ox.

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