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That, I......" Ye Zhiyang escapes. On the spot, Chi Yangyang is left alone to deal with Hang Jin, the son of a bitch. In order to avoid being bullied in the next few days, she tries to find a topic, but she is so nervous that she bites her tongue.

"Chi Yangyang, you are the God sent to punish my monkey." How can this stupid woman be so stupid? She can bite her tongue when she speaks.

Hang Jin stretched out his long arm and pinched Chi's face with one hand: "open your mouth and stick out your tongue."

Chi Yangyang instinctively wants to hide. He hears Hang Jin Huo roar: "Chi Yangyang, try to hide again. See if I don't throw you in the fishpond to feed the fish. "

Chi Yangyang is extremely aggrieved, but he dare not say a retort. He blinks her big clear and transparent eyes innocently and pitifully at Hang Jin, hoping that he can spare her once.

According to her many years of experience of being abused, whenever Hang Jin gets nervous for no reason, try not to provoke him if you can.

She opened her mouth quietly, and Hang Jin suddenly came close to her, which made her shrink and her face white

Sure enough, when she looked up, she saw the face of Hangjin Tieqing again.

This man, who was intimidating, was not allowed to be afraid. There was no reason for her.

It's rare that Hang Jin didn't continue to embarrass her. He let her go: "eat."


Chiyangyang hurried to pick up the rice. He didn't dare to utter another syllable on the table. He didn't look up until he finished eating. He saw that Hang Jin was looking at her. He could hardly bear to swallow her alive.

Chi Yangyang swallowed a mouthful of saliva nervously and moved to the side involuntarily. However, under the gaze of Hang Jin, he stopped abruptly: "Sir, I'm full."

"Chi Yangyang, have your heart been eaten by dogs?" Hang Jin fixed his eyes on her, deep and complicated.

If the woman had only a little heart for him, she would not have been unaware of his heart, nor would she have said that in front of an outsider.

He asked himself countless times, need to continue?

The voice in my heart will tell him that she has nothing but him. If even he gives up her, what else can she have?

But this woman never wanted to go into his heart and see what he really thought.

He was clearly laughing, but Chi thought the smile was very insidious. She opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn't find any words, so she had to shrink her head to be a turtle.

It's strange to say that she didn't do anything. It was Hang Jin who bullied her all the time. However, when he stared at her like this, he felt guilty.

It seems to be the sequela of being bullied by him in the past 20 years.

"Full?" Hang Jin asked angrily.

"Full." Chiyang Yang is obedient.

"That's not going yet?" Hang Jin got up and looked very impatient.

He's really impatient. If he's alone with this woman, sooner or later, he'll be pissed off.

"Ready to go?" He didn't say go again, how dare she say it. In front of him, she is a small sheep that can be slaughtered.

"Fourth brother, Yang Yang, I heard that you are here." A beautiful young woman with long hair suddenly pushed the door in and smiled at Hang Jin and Chi Yang.

"Flying sister." Chi immediately got up and gave a beautiful hug to the young woman. "I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you so much."

"Hum, I don't want to come to see me. Who knows if your girl says it's a lie?" Blue Fei Yang nodded at the tip of Chi Yang's nose and rubbed his head. "You little girl, you've been seeing us more and more in the past two years." "Why? In my heart, you are always my good sister. I'm still going to be your bridesmaid. How can I see you outside? " Chi Yangyang said with a smile that being alive is the kind of vivacity that a little sister has when she sees a big sister.

Hang Jin can't remember how long he hasn't seen Chi Yangyang in such a charming and lovely way, nor can he. In fact, he is very clear in his heart. After his parents were killed, Chi Yangyang didn't laugh like this.

She hides all the pain in her heart. She bears the pain like a cone on her own and never mentions it to others. If she is allowed to go on like this, she will drive herself crazy one day.

"You remember promising to be my bridesmaid. I thought you forgot." Blue Feiyang smiled and looked at Hang Jin again. "Four brothers, is this to go?"

Hang Jin: "well."

A simple syllable is clearly hummed out of the nostrils.

LAN Feiyang knew that Hang Jin didn't want to deal with her, and after a few words with Chi Yang Yang, he sent them out.

Seeing their car go away, she looked back at Ye Zhiyang's gossiping eyes: "people are far away, what else do you want?"

Ye Zhiyang's face is full of gossip: "there is something between the fourth brother and Yang Yang."

Blue flying white he a eye: "between them when is OK?"

Ye Zhiyang added: "it's not what we think, it's something else. They may be together. "

LAN Feiyang: "I don't think it's strange for them to present their marriage certificates to me now."

Ye Zhiyang stared: "wife, do you think they have registered for marriage? No way! If they get married, how can we not know. Besides, with the attitude of the central government, she would promise to marry her fourth brother. "

LAN Feiyang said: "Yang that little girl is just slow, sooner or later she will understand the fourth brother's intentions to her."

"What if she fell in love with someone before she understood?" said Ye Zhiyang

LAN Feiyang lost another white eye to Ye Zhiyang: "Ye Zhiyang, I don't mean you. You always use your head when you see things. Do you think the little daughter-in-law who four brothers have protected for 20 years can let other pigs go?"

Ye Zhiyang nodded: "it's the same."

The woman identified by the great devil of Hangzhou can't be abducted.


Hang Jin is driving fast on the city road.

Because of the lack of traffic at night, the road is smooth, and his speed is like an arrow leaving the string. He is so scared that he has been holding the handle on his head and dare not let it go.

It's not easy to wait until Hang Jin slows down and gets to the parking lot downstairs.

Hang Jin got out of the car and left without waiting for her. She had to trot to keep up with him. "Hang Da Ye, the fourth young master, I said something wrong tonight. Your adult is a lot, so don't worry about me."

Hang Jin still ignored her. He was too advanced to allow her to enter the elevator. He went upstairs first and left her on the first floor of the basement.

"Son of a bitch!" Chi Yangyang feels embarrassed, but she can't face him, so she takes out her mobile phone, opens the wechat circle of friends, and sends the video she took this evening to the circle of friends.

Before sending, she specially blocked the big devil of Hangzhou. Hum, she wants to let everyone in her circle of friends see the embarrassment of Hangzhou devil and see that he will bully her later.

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