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Today is our wedding. There are many guests outside to witness our happiness." At the end of the war, he held Zhuang Momo in a low voice. "Silly girl, don't doubt yourself any more, I'm really back."

"Well, you're really back." Zhuangmomo looked up slightly and saw the concentration and affection in his eyes. Such a man is what she remembers, but she doesn't always think it's true.

Ten days ago, after training as usual, she went back to the dormitory. At the moment when she opened the door, she saw a figure that she thought about day and night.

"The end of the war!" She called his name, but she didn't make a sound. Maybe it was her hallucination again, because she saw the war coming back more than once these days.

But when she approached him, he suddenly disappeared. No matter how she shouted, he didn't give her a response.

At this time, the figure slowly turned around, and her gentle eyes settled on her: "manpo, my young master is back safely."

His voice, bit by bit hit on her heart, but still let her can't believe it. She instinctively rubbed her eyes, and then looked, he was still, just standing in front of her.

But she still did not dare to approach him, afraid that as soon as she approached him, she would suddenly disappear from her eyes like many times before.

Until his strong arm pulled her into his warm arms and held her, she just had the next move: "war is away from the end, is it really you?"

"I'm sorry! These days worry you. " He held her tightly and slowly said, "after you left that day, I wiped out all the enemies that surrounded us."

"Then why are you back now?" She was worried about him for several months. In these months, she had a bad sleep and was in a painful self reproach every day.

"Because then I received a new task from the war chief." The task was extremely dangerous, but he said it lightly, as if he had been traveling in the clouds for several months. "I heard today that there is also a person in charge who is the most important leader of their group. The man has been arrested today Is that you? " Before, I never heard that there was someone on the ground. Today, I have arrested that person. It's only now that the news comes out of the army. It's only today that Zhuang Momo hears it.

Before, she didn't dare to think about Zhan limo. At this time, when she heard about Zhan limo, she thought: "Zhan limo, how can you be alone in such a dangerous thing..."

He does not carry out the tasks assigned by his superiors alone. What can he do?

Zhuang Momo knows. Just because he knows, he will know how hard it is for him to finish the task alone, and his heart will hurt so much.

She raised her hand and gently stroked his cheek. He was thin. "Haven't you had a good meal these days?"

"Keep your stomach back so you can treat me to a big meal." He smiled and laughed brightly, as if his escape from death had not affected him at all these days.

"Let's go. Eat now. "

"Wait a minute."

"What else?"

"Sign here first." He took out a piece of A4 paper like a trick. Zhuang Momo looked at it. It was a document. At the beginning of the document was written several big words - marriage report!


"Zhuang Momo, you promised me, don't want to repent." At the end of the war, he took out a pen from his pocket and forced it into Zhuang Mo's hand. "Sign now."

"I......" It's not that Zhuang Momo doesn't want to sign it, but it's all coming so fast that she can't tell whether what she's experiencing is a dream or real.

"Zhuang Momo, you stupid woman, do you really want to repent?" He increased his voice, as before, as domineering and strong, she can not refuse.

"No, I look forward to your coming back to marry me every day, but now that you are back, I doubt the truth. Ouch... It hurts! " Before she finished speaking, Zhan Li pinched her face hard. "Stupid woman, I should believe that."

"Well. I believe it. " Zhuangmomo nodded his head desperately, tears were pouring down. "At the end of the war, you pinch me, pinch harder, and then harder."

"I haven't been with you for many days. Why are you so stupid? Do you have to let my young master use his trump to believe it? " Words, war from the end of the fierce, but holding her strength is gentle.

He knew how hard she had been living these days, and he knew that these days made her afraid: "this is the last time, and this will never happen again."

He made a promise in silence, and never let her worry about him so much.

In the next few days, Zhuang Momo was in such a state of worrying about gain and loss. Until today, both of them had their wedding ceremony. She still couldn't believe that Zhan limo was really back to her side.

"Little aunt, you are the bride today. You can't cry any more. If you cry again, your eyes will swell. It's not beautiful." At the door of the room, suddenly two small heads appeared. Lu Lu and LeLe were brothers.

"Lu Lu, Lele, why are you here?" Zhuang Momo wiped his tears hard.

"The wedding is about to begin. Grandma asked me to see you two." Lele comes over and holds Jirou's thigh with her small arms open. "How beautiful is my aunt today."

"My wife is my aunt, no matter how beautiful she is. Don't worry about the two of you." At the end of the war, he took one hand and picked up the two little guys. "Do you understand?"

"Little cousin, why are you so mean?" Lelenuu said, "little cousin, please let us down. We have to go back to talk to grandma."

"Go. We have to prepare well, too. " At the end of the war, he let go of the two children and arranged the wedding dress for Zhuang mo. "OK, I'll wait for you outside."

At the end of the battle, zhuangmomo suddenly reached for him and said, "hold me again."

"You, I can't help you." The tone of disdain, but Zhan limo still gently hugs Zhuang Momo. She needs a sense of security, so he does as he says.


"Mr. Zhan LiMao, would you like to marry Miss Zhuang Momo and protect her and love her forever..."

On the stage, three priests asked three bridegrooms at the same time.

Looking at the three new couples on the stage, Jane's eyes are red unconsciously, not sad, but happy, to see the children hold a wedding together, this kind of happy feeling is really too good, too good to believe.

"Why are you getting more and more sentimental?" Qin Yue quietly holds Jianran's hand and tells her that he is always by her side.

"Qin Yue, thank you!" Because of him, she would be so happy. She was lucky to see several children hold weddings together and witness their happiness with him.

Next to him, Zhan Nianbei also holds Qin Xiaobao's hand tightly, while Qin Xiaobao's eyes have been fixed on Zhan limo's body on the stage, and the tears of happiness have been rolling in his eyes.

Zhan Nianbei didn't cheat her. He said that Zhan Li would come back safely at the end of the war, and Zhan Li would come back safely at the end of the war.

"I will!"

On the stage, the three bridegrooms all voiced.

Yes, I do! Willing to accompany you for life, never separate!

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