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Quan Zhixing said again, "don't be too happy either. Now go and find the last two of them and catch them and see Mr. Gu. Give you two days. If you don't see anyone when it's due, you'll have to stop yourself. Don't bother Mr. Gu. "

All one and all two answer yes, then there is no sound.

Zhuangmomo looked up to the end of the war and said, "who is this all wise man? We didn't mention this man at all on the information we got, but I think he has a lot to say. "

Zhan Liming said, "I've already sent someone to check, and there will be results in a moment."

Zhuangmomo: adamant has appeared. Where was it before it was completed

War away from the end: "wait and see, as long as he is still alive, he will appear."

What else does Zhuang Momo want to say? There's a voice in the monitor. It's a conversation between Quan Yi and Quan Er: "the kid at the end of war is as good as a fox. How can we catch him in two days. Quan Zhixing said he would help us, but I think he still wants to push us into the fire pit. " "Don't blame Quan Zhixing. If he didn't speak for us, we could still stand here and chat now? " The whole two sighed and said, "if you can't catch it, you have to catch it. If you don't catch the last rabbit in two days, then we can't have ten heads." The whole one was annoyed and said: "the news we received before said that Zhan limo was a second generation of people who had mixed food and drink. He didn't see him do anything except pick up girls or pick up girls. However, no one could have expected to leave him in the military area for only one year, which suddenly became the main problem to deal with

Quan er said: "maybe the information we received before is wrong, or maybe the old boy Zhan Nianbei and his son deliberately acted for us. Anyway, no matter what the reason is, the result is that we underestimate the kid at the end of the war. "

All one said, "what's the use of saying this now? Do you have any information about them with the people who are after the end of the war. We don't have much time. We must seize every minute. "

Quan er said: "just after the news was sent, the two people escaped from the civilian area like the evaporation of the human world, and they can't be found everywhere."

"Is there any news from the public security bureau?" said Quan

Quan 2: "our people are not in a very high position there. Monitoring doesn't mean that they can check at any time. They have to wait for the approval of their superiors, so they have to wait."

After that, there were some complaints. Zhan did not continue to listen to them at the end of the war, but they were all recorded.

At this time, the news just came from zhannian north side. Zhanli looked away from the end and couldn't help laughing: "who said he didn't show up before, in fact, he has already showed up."

Zhuangmomo came to him and understood at a glance: "it turns out that this all wisdom is before success. No wonder his words will give some face."

Zhan Li shrugs his shoulders at the end of the war: "is it unexpected? Are you happy? " "The accident was quite unexpected, but I didn't feel happy." Zhuang Momo took the mobile phone at the end of the war and looked at it carefully. "We know what happened before Quan Zhixing became a success. After all, we haven't found their foothold yet. Even if we are well prepared, there is no way to catch people. "

War from the end said: "in fact, they are around us."

Zhuang Momo: are you sure

At the end of the war, he said, "I've been squatting outside for most of the afternoon and I haven't got nothing."

Zhuangmomo: what did you find

War from the end: "they don't know we are here, but there are still their people here, and I don't think they walk like looking for people, is to see if they are followed."

Zhuangmomo: "if they are really here, then our actions will be much more convenient."

At the end of the war, Zhan Li knocked on Zhuang Momo's head: "you, sometimes your brain turns fast, sometimes how can it be like being pasted?"

Zhuangmomo did not understand again: "what do you mean?" War from the end of the explanation: "first of all, the civilian area is so large, it is not so easy to find a person.". Secondly, we haven't even seen the real faces of the two people, who casually make up to be ordinary people. Even if we sit face to face with them, we don't necessarily recognize them.

Zhuang Momo nodded: "yes, we have collected all the information that they pretended to be. We have no idea what they look like. It's really hard to find them. "

Seeing that Zhuang momoti could not get up his spirit, he said comfortingly at the end of the war: "but don't be discouraged. At least we know that they are in this area. It's only a matter of time before we find them."

Next, they will find a way to find out where the two top terrorists are located, and try to steal them back to Jiangbei for trial.

In fact, the time they spent on this task is not very long. Before they came, the team leader gave them the information. They must catch up with Minister He and Cheng before he came to visit country B.

First, control these two people. When minister he comes to visit country B, take minister he's special plane to return to Jiangbei. There is no other way to take two large living people out of the country except this way to take them away.

After knowing that he was in this area, Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo began to separate their actions. They pretended to be local residents and found a part-time job cleaning garbage in the vegetable market.

This job is very tired, but the freedom of movement, no one will doubt them for the time being.

After two or three days, they had some understanding of the environment of the civilian area, so they also knew that the task was more difficult. There were too many people in and out of the area every day, and there was no gain in targeting two target figures.

Back to the cottage where he lived, Zhuang Mo was too tired to speak. He dived into the small bed in the room and said, "at the end of the war, don't call me, let me slowly."

Seeing that Zhuang Mo is so tired, Zhan Li is also distressed: "you lie down, I'll loosen your muscles and bones for you."

Zhuang Momo: "let's forget it. I'm afraid you'll break my bones. "

At the end of the war: "try it on your stomach."

Zhuang Momo: then you should be light

At the end of the war: "don't worry."

Zhuangmomo never believed that Zhan would massage at the end of the war, but when his powerful hand slapped and squeezed on her body, he really looked like a masseuse.

She asked, "have you learned before?"

War from the end: "in order to please my mother before, often do this, so the technique is still passable."

"It's very comfortable." Zhuang Momo sighed with satisfaction. Before the end of the long breath, he was pinched by Zhan limo. The bones on her shoulder were almost broken. "Zhan limo, please feel it. It hurts." At the end of the war, he said with a smile, "keep your voice down. What do people who don't know think we are doing?"

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