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You don't have to change clothes together." This restroom for the disabled is not a small space for one person, but there's something about it when one man and one woman are crowded in it. Zhuang Momo turns around and wants to escape. "I can change it when I go to the women's restroom."

"Are you not afraid that the enemy will catch one of them when we are apart?" At the end of the war, he didn't drag her. He said this when she was carrying her steps.

Sure enough, Zhuang Momo didn't move.

Zhuangmomo hates such a self. When she was with a group of teammates in the past, she didn't treat herself as a woman. What they did, she did the same, never worse than them.

Only in front of the end of the war, she will see herself as a real woman. When she does things, she thinks not of the identity of a soldier but of a man and a woman friend.

When carrying out tasks, everyone should have no distractions. However, when facing the end of the war, she always thinks too much, let alone talks.

Zhuang Momo took a breath in silence and tried to straighten her mind. She believed that she could do it. As expected, she did it. She changed her clothes in front of the end of the war, and then put on makeup to look like another person.

"Is there a small piece of meat in front of me?"

"I think so much. I will never make the same mistake again, bearing in mind the teachings of Mr. Zhan. "

"Let's go." This time, the War didn't open at the end of the war. Instead, he waited for Zhuang Mo to start first. "I'll follow your instructions for everything next. I'll do what you want me to do." "The enemy is still searching for us in the whole city. Let's find another hotel to stay first, and then we can find a way after the current situation." Most of the people who live in hotels outside are one man and one woman. There are tens of thousands of hotels in X city, and there are more than tens of millions of men and women staying in them. The enemy uses this feature to find people. In zhuangmo's opinion, it's still the most reliable way to live in a hotel.

At the end of the war, he said, "we can't stay in the hotel anymore."

Zhuangmomo's face is muddled: "why can't we live now?"

At the end of the war: "because their people are already checking the hotel."

Zhuang Momo: "..." Looking at her puzzled face, Zhan Li did not dislike her annoying, or patiently explained: "we will disguise ourselves and dress up as another person. The enemy has the ability to destroy our make-up number and let us restore our original appearance. So no matter what we put on our makeup to stay in the hotel, as soon as the photos of the hotel are sent out, we will immediately show up. "

Zhuangmomo: "but last night we stayed in the hotel and they didn't find out?"

At the end of the war: "because last night they didn't find out our courage, last night they didn't find out that we escaped, and the defense of the hotel cloth didn't work."

Zhuangmomo was stunned, and finally came to the conclusion that the great God was indeed the great God!

After that, she would carry shoes, wash clothes and cook for him behind the end of war. She would be the villain behind him. Oh no, she would be the virtuous and virtuous woman behind him.

War from the end: "we go to eat."

Zhuang Momo: can't stay in the hotel, but also have a good meal

War from the end: "no matter what kind of hotels have surveillance cameras, but the restaurants that eat rarely have surveillance cameras, you say can eat."

Zhuang Momo: "OK. Go to dinner. "


The meal was not comfortable.

The reason is that Zhuang Momo has been thinking about the task.

Zhuangmomo can't eat well, nor can he at the end of the war.

She didn't move the dishes he had put in the bowl for her, nor did the rice around her. If the enemy didn't catch them, it's possible that Zhuang Mo would starve to death first.

At the end of the war, I suddenly regretted a little.

If he didn't put so much pressure on Zhuang Momo, she wouldn't either.

At the end of the war, he took a little dish for Zhuang Mo: "eat first, and only when you are full can you think about things."

Zhuangmomo to him, eyes shining bright and moving light: "war away from the end, I have a way." "What can I do?" Method: Zhan has thought of it since the end of the war. Now his mind is to let her have a good meal, not on the task. Hearing what Zhuang Mo said, he didn't show much surprise, which made Zhuang Mo a little dissatisfied. "I think of a way, you look very unhappy

"If you eat first, I'll be happy."

"All right." Zhuangmomo picked up his chopsticks as the wind rolled the dust. Two or three times, he ate a bowl of rice and a dish of vegetables. The real grace of a woman was gone, and he could not see the war.

Do evil!

It must have been what he did in his last life. In this life, God will send a Zhuang Mo to guard him.

"Burp..." Zhuangmomo also belched.

At the end of the war, he said: "Zhuang Momo, can we pay attention to the image?"

Zhuang Mo said, "are you full?

At the end of the war: "I'm not full."

He accompanied her hungry for a long time. Later, when she ate, he only looked at her wolfing. He didn't care about eating by himself, and she didn't care about him.

"Come with me first, whether you are full or not." Zhuangmomo's words are no doubt like another stab in his chest, and she drags him away, "war is over, hurry up."

"Where are you taking me?" Zhan Li is reluctant to be dragged away by her.

"Don't talk nonsense, come with me first." There are many people here. Zhuang Mo is cautious. She didn't tell Zhan Liming what she thought until there was no one here.

"I'm hungry, I'm tired, I'm weak..." At the end of the war, he was not really hungry, so he wanted to send out a little protest to make Zhuang Moshi feel sorry for him.

"At the end of the war, keep up your spirits and fight with me like a man. Don't be like a mother and a mother." Zhuangmomo's words have an absolutely stimulating effect on the end of the war, "I am a man originally."

Zhuangmomo looked at him from the top to the bottom, and then returned what he said to him: "look at you. Where are you a little bit of a man? At the end of the war, I don't mean you. You are not as good as a beggar, let alone a man or a soldier. "

At the end of the battle, he stood up straight and held his head and chest high: "Zhuang Momo, open your eyes and see clearly what this young master looks like."

Zhuangmomo quickly put on a smile: "right, so handsome."

"That's about it." At the end of the war, he was satisfied. "Tell me, where are you going to take me?" Zhuangmomoben wanted to wait until the destination to tell him, but considering their current situation, he had to first say that they would discuss: "we just came out of the civilian area. If we go back there, do you think they would go back if they wanted to?"

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