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"Not afraid." I used to think that the more girlfriends there were, the better. It's OK to change two or three girlfriends a day. But now he only needs one Zhuang Momo and one her.

Before, he didn't understand how old Zhan would like to spend his whole life spoiling Qin Xiaobao's little fireball, but now he vaguely understood the truth.


Nothing but love.

In the past, he was afraid of love and the old man's way. But now, instead of being afraid, he still enjoys the feeling of making a woman eat to death.

Even if he doesn't do anything, he has to talk with Zhuang and Mo. he will feel that he doesn't need to go there in his life.

Just when he was thinking happily, Zhuang Momo's loud voice came to his ear: "Mr. Zhan, everyone knows that you don't want your little girl friend. Now you are not afraid to destroy your image like this?"

"I have found a woman who wants to live a lifetime. What does it matter to other women?" At the end of Zhan Li's ear, he joked, "boy, call grandpa to listen."

Zhuangmomo immediately dodged: "you want to be beautiful."

At the end of the war, he approached again: "now we'll play the role of the grandson and the grandson when we go out. If you dare not call Grandpa, be careful."

She told him to be serious, and he always talked to her in a way of being a charlatan, which made Zhuang Mo Wei dissatisfied: "Mr. Zhan, shall we be more serious?"

At the end of the war, there was no proper way: "if you don't call Grandpa, it's OK to call dad to listen.". Well, this young master seems to be more satisfied with the title of father. "

"At the end of the war, you..." What else does Zhuang Momo want to say? There is a voice coming from the monitor cell phone on the table again. It's two men talking. "I'd better not catch that boy at the end of war, or I'll have to call him to boil soup."

"Huh, get him? Now you'd better think about how you can explain it to the top. It's up to you two to do such an important task, but you'd better cook the duck and let it fly. "

"I was too careless. I underestimated the boy's ability. Knowing that this task is so important, I foolishly thought that the kid didn't find us and let him get through the hole. "

"Don't think about him first." The man's voice suddenly increased, "listen to me, you two. It's coming soon. You'll figure out how to explain to the head first."

"What else can we do except to be honest?"

"To be honest? You don't want to die? "


"Listen to me. You tell the boss that they are not only two people, but they are met in the middle of the night. You have resisted, but you failed because there are too many people on the other side."


"If you want to live, do as I say, or I won't be able to save you."

"Good." The two men answered at the same time, and no one spoke after that, but Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo didn't relax their vigilance. People's dialogue may be that they deliberately acted for them, so their surrounding environment is more important.

And the surrounding environment will not lie. The voice of the surrounding environment will tell Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo exactly where they have just passed and what buildings are around them.

The news is the key for them to find the people behind the scenes.

However, since the end of the war and Zhuang Momo are new to X city, they are all new here. It is very difficult to judge the enemy's position by the sound of the surrounding environment.

After listening, Zhuang Momo played the recording again and again. After listening many times, she seemed to hear: "at the end of the war, I'll come back. Listen to it carefully for 3 minutes and 29 seconds. See what you can hear?" "If I don't hear you wrong, the road will change from here. The road ahead is asphalt road. The car runs smoothly with less noise. After 3 minutes and 29 seconds, the bumping sound of the car obviously increases. From this sound, it should become a cement road. " At the end of Zhan Li's speech, he almost said the inner thoughts of

Zhuang Momo.

She looked at him: "but with this alone, we still have a wide range of goals to find this position. Let's listen again and see if we can hear anything useful. " Zhuang Momo listened to the recording carefully again. At the end of the war, he found the map of city x: "they drove for about half an hour from where they were bound yesterday, so our destination is not hard to find. Now let's take the kidnapping place as the center point, go to some roads around him, and see where we will walk in half an hour's drive. "

"Well. You use your method to find out. I'll listen to the recording again to find out the clues. " After a while, the two of them pointed to the same point on the map at the same time, "that's the position. City X's civilian population

"Go. Let's go and have a look now. " At the end of the war, it's the action team. They don't want to delay a moment after finding the clue. They pack up their equipment and drag Zhuang Momo to start.

In fact, it's not hard to guess that the two behind the scenes planners live in Pingfa district. The civilians have no money and live in poverty. They must be dissatisfied with their current living conditions, and are more likely to be incited by the people who are interested.

It is impossible to stand firm and to incite civilians to work for their organizations before success.

Then the best way is to integrate into the civilian population, become one of them, put on a posture of peace and empathy, gain the trust of the civilian population, and then what they say, those people will do honestly.

But Zhuang Momo also has her own worries: "since the end of the war, the area of civilian areas is very wide, and it is not easy for us to find a place to defend them in such a large area."

Zhan Liming nodded: "so we still have to find clues from the recording."

"It took them about ten minutes to get to their destination after the car stopped, and there was almost no noise when they walked, but I heard a cry from the side of the road," said Zhuang

At the end of the war, he also noticed: "it sounds like a vegetable market in a civilian area. There are people who sell vegetables, and there are people who sell tofu, and then their voices gradually weaken. "

"Well, it's also a good clue," said Zhuang. In a moment, we can directly find the tofu stall in the vegetable market, so that we can narrow down the area to find the target person again. "

But half an hour later, after they arrived at the civilian area, there was indeed a section of road connecting asphalt road and cement road. If the car went further, it would be the civilian area.

Zhuangmomo got off the car and asked a person about the location of the vegetable market. He found it along the road after hearing it. He found the vegetable seller and the tofu stall. She was trying to ask the peddler for some information. Zhan limo dragged her behind him. He pretended to have an old voice: "son, grandpa has not lost all his teeth. Don't buy tofu for grandpa every day."

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