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“Who is there?” Mr. Anume asked from inside.

“It me Felix.” Inspector Felix replied from the doorstep.

“Oh! Please come in.” Mr. Anume approved and Inspector Felix entered the house with smile all over his face.

“Good afternoon brother.” Inspector Felix greeted and he shook hands with Mr. Anume.

“Good afternoon officer.” Mr. Anume responded delightfully.

“Hope there is no problem?” Mr. Anume began.

“Not at all sir, I’m here to do my job sir.” Inspector Felix replied.

“Okay, so what about those criminals?” Mr. Anume asked.

“The criminals? That’s the reason why I’m here.” Inspector Felix paused.

“Sir, do you know of any Mrs. Benita?” Inspector Felix asked.

“Mrs. Benita? Yes, I know her; she is a vice principal in Comprehensive High School.” Mr. Anume replied.

“Any problem?” He asked suspiciously.

“The criminals confessed that Mrs. Benita sent them to kill you.” Inspector Felix answered.

“What?” Mr. Anume yelled shockingly.

“Do you have a fight with her?” Inspector Felix asked.

“Not at all Officer, I knew her to be wicked but I never know she can be so cruel to the extent of having the intention of killing a human being.” Mr. Anume elucidated with face covered with sweat.

“She will be apprehended tomorrow… do you know her resident?” Inspector Felix assured and asked at the concluding part of his statement.

“I know not Officer.” Mr. Anume answered.

“Then we have no other option than to arrest her publicly, I mean in school.” Inspector Felix paused.

“Tomorrow is Monday, I’m very sure she will come to school tomorrow just to confirm if I’m dead.” Mr. Anume added.

“Sir, it’s getting late, I have to leave now.” Inspector Felix announced.

“Thank you very much Officer.” Mr. Anume appreciated.

“It’s my duty and my pleasure.” Inspector Felix answered.





Princess screamed loudly from her sleep, she had a terrible dream about her father in his own pool of blood, three unseen faces brutally shot him with guns and an innocent woman cried softly.

“Father! Father!!” She called repeatedly as she hurried to Chief Chris’s personal bedroom. Shockingly and surprisingly, Chief Chris was nowhere to be found, she was confused and traumatized, she opened the bathroom door but no one was there.

“Where is he?” Princess asked traumatized. She hurried out of the room as she slammed the door behind herself. She hurried to her sister, Angel’s bedroom. She knocked at the door repeatedly since the door was locked, after a while, she was allowed in the room by her sister.

“Princess, why are you sweating and panting like this?” Angel asked confusingly.

“Sister, I had a terrible dream, I went to father’s room but he wasn’t there.” Princess replied with shaky voice.

“Is that why you’re disturbing my peaceful sleep, he must be in the rest room, I don’t really know why he stayed there all night, but I am very sure it is for his own good.” Angel answered smiling.

“Sister, let go and see him, it’s very important.” Princess explained.

“Ah…! Okay, but you ruined my lovely and peaceful sleep.” Angel elucidated, she rose on her feet yawning loudly and at the same time stretching her body, she had on a body her night gown, a pyjama to be precise, her pant could be seen through the transparent night gown that she wore, she wore her bathroom slippers and she shambled out of the room with glooming face to the restroom.

“Here we are.”Angel announced, she brought her left hand forward to knock at the door but Princess smartly grabbed her hand.

“No, don’t knock, let barge in.” Princess suggested whispering.

“Sure.” Angel concluded as they barged into the room. Shockingly but happily for Princess, Chief Chris was in the room, he sat down on the bed, he was in white garment, infront of him is a 40 leave notebook. Surprisingly and confusingly, he was crying and weeping frightfully.

“Dad!” Princess and Angel called in chorus.

“What’re you doing here?” Chief Chris asked shockingly.

“Why are you crying like a baby, why are you not in your room? Hope there’s no problem?” Princess asked baffled.

“My Angels, please go back to your respective room and sleep peacefully.” Chief Chris teased.

“Father, so this is how you cry all night. I thought as much, you neither eat well nor go to work. This is the fifth weeks that you have been staying in this room all night. Father, what’s wrong, a problem share is half solved; please let us know what is going on.” Angel riposted and begged.

“If you guys are not leaving this room for me, I will leave this room for you.” Chief Chris answered unconcerned as he rose on his feet.

“Father, I’m suspecting that there’s something mischievous or probably something hurtful in this book, this book is always with you and I sense this book means a lot.” Angel noticed.

“Father, what did this book entails?” Princess asked, Chief Chris was shocked and traumatized, he opened his mouth in agape, his jaws dropped and his face swelled, he looked at the book he was holding and he burst out crying.



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