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Mr. Martins peeped through the window, four men in black were inside the self-contain apartment, three of the assassins were interrogating Mr. Anume and the last one stayed at the door step, they all had a pistol gun in their hands.

“What am I going to do?” Mr. Martins thought helplessly. He thought for a while and he brought out his phone and he strolled through the numbers, he dialed a number saved with ‘inspector felix’ and it was picked.

In less than five minutes, a van full of policemen alighted from the van, no siren blowing. The tactically made it into the house and they successfully apprehend the criminals.

“Move!” A Corporal barked at a stubborn assassin.

“Oga no push me jare.” The assassin riposted in Pidgin English.

“Thank you very much officer, maybe I would have be a ghost by now if you’d not come to y rescue on time.” Mr. Anume appreciated.

“It’s our duty… police is your friend and have that in mind.” Mr. Felix replied as he shook hand with Mr. Martins and Mr. Anume. Boom! The van zoomed out of the building and they vanished from been seen.


“I serve a good God.” Mr. Anume began.

“As in?” Mr. Martins asked suspiciously.

“Can you believe I was almost killed if not for a talkative assassin that delayed the execution with his non-stop talking, but thank it favored me.” Mr. Anume replied.

“Wow… that’s quite impressive.” Mr. Martins paused.

“You called the police, right?” Mr. Anume asked with smile all over his face.

“Sure, I can’t do it all alone; I have to inform the police and thank God there station is very close to here, so there were able to make it here on time.” Mr. Martins replied delightfully.

“Thank God I’m still alive… I wonder those that are after my innocent life.” Mr. Anume expressed sadly.

“Friend, that’s a discussion for another day.” Mr. Martins uttered uninterestingly.

“You’ve watched the video.” Mr. Anume guessed.

“Yes…” Mr. Martins paused.

“There was this boy Leo, he isn’t not among of the rapists but I sensed he partook in the execution of the plan.” Mr. Anume vocalized.

“Leo, I think that name sounds familiar.” Mr. Martins replied pretending.

“Leo?” Mr. Anume asked surprisingly.

“Isn’t not among the rapist, right? But why is he a suspect?” Mr. Martins asked suspiciously.

“He is the boy that sat down on the fence smoking.” Mr. Anume riposted.

“But the fence was quite far from where the girl was raped.” Mr. Martins replied.

“It’s obvious that he partook in the execution, when the deed was done, he shook hand with the two rapists.” Mr. Anume riposted.

“Wow… but who is that Leo?” Mr. Martins asked pretending.

“Leo is the only son of Mr. Chorus.” Mr. Anume replied.

“And who’s my Chorus?” Mr. Martins asked pretending.

“Stop kidding mehn, Mr. Chorus is the school principal.” Mr. Anume riposted.

“Oh I see… what if I tell you one of the rapists is the Lieutenant Colonel son?” Mr. Martins announced.

“What! Are you sure of what you’re saying?” Mr. Anume asked stunningly.

“He’s Dominic by name.” Mr. Martins replied.

“Martins, what’s going to happen now?” Mr. Anume asked confusingly.

“Those assassins that were arrested earlier will surely help to gather information.” Mr. Martins replied smiling.

“Can I get something to eat?” Mr. Martins asked with his left land caressing his tommy.

“Hmmm… I think I still have some cups of rice, but you will do the cooking o.” Mr. Anume declared smiling.

“Silly you.” Mr. Martins joked serenely as they hurried to the building.




“Kill that woman.” The soldier commanded and the soldier sprayed Daniel’s mother with bullets.

“No!”Henry cried loudly, he rushed to his mother who was tied to a huge tree, he examined her and he confirmed she is unconscious and cold, he checked her pulse and her pulse could still be noticed.

“You fools!” Henry barked angrily, he shot all the soldiers with darts and they all dropped dead leaving only the soldier that leaded the team.

“Kill me! What are you waiting for? Just kill me.” The soldier uttered weakly.

“You expect me to kill you just like that? Hell No! Mr. Man, I vow you’ll die a million times before your death.” Henry threatened; he brought out a small knife from a small bag.

“Look at this… do you know what assassins use this for?” Henry asked smiling.

“Knife is used for many things… both domestic and …” The soldier paused.

“You want to slaughter me?” The Soldier asked suspiciously.

“No, I’m not slaughtering you; I’m only taking away your eyes with this.” Henry riposted and in no time, he blinds the soldier using the knife.

“No!” The soldier screamed and groaned.

“You can go.” Henry approved directing his statement to the blind soldier, he walked away dejectedly, he untied his mother from the tree and he conveyed her into the coven.




Mr. Chorus lied in bed, on the hospital bed to be precise, he was bandaged from head to toes and he was in coma. Two members of his family were sitting beside in, a man and a woman, they clamped their hands on their chests, they looked sorrowfully, just then a doctor entered the ward.

“Please can I see you in my office?” The doctor asked directing his statement to the man.

“Sure.” The man replied, the doctor greeted the woman and she responded sadly, the doctor led the way out of the ward.


“Doctor, hope my brother will not die.” The man began.

“He won’t, as a matter of fact he’s now responding to treatment.” The doctor announced.

“Wow… good to hear that.” The man expressed happily.

“But, his legs are damaged and he has to be amputated.” The doctor announced.

“Sir?” The man exclaimed shockingly.


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