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Just a routine

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Yin Tianfan had a bitter look on his face. “The test was over, and I got first place.

Undoubtedly, first place. But at the same time, never did I expect that the academy’s expulsion would come. At that time, I was extremely furious. It was a battlefield, a simulated battlefield. Although what I did was wrong, it should not have led to an expulsion.Please visit on our ReadNovelFull.com

But even my favorite teacher mentioned that they could accept sly tactics as well as sudden ambushes. But the inability to forgive allies and even destroy allies due to a conflict was absolutely not allowed. Therefore, I was not fit to become a commander. If they truly allowed me to command a fleet, I might even bring the entire fleet to ruin. The me of the past would have been an unscrupulous careerist and not a hero.”

“Thus I was fired, bringing my unwillingness with me. It also erased all of my honor in Shrek. Shrek Academy also informed the Federation to disallow all academy’s advanced Space Command faculty for space battles to continue learning. At that time, it felt as though I had walked into a desperate strait.”

“That period was the darkest period of my life. I floated in my nightmare for a whole two years. But it was also that impactful event that moved me the most. After all the anguish and anger, I finally understood a few things. After that, I sought out my allies from that time and sincerely apologized to them. I could not return to Shrek, but I was not willing to remain unknown. Thus, I chose to join the military. I did not have any graduation certificate from any high tier or mid-tier academies. So, I could only start from being an ordinary soldier. I spent 20 years to move from an ordinary soldier to an elite, before turning into a space warship member and continued promoting. At long last, finally, I was promoted to be captain of a small fleet and held the rank of a major general. But, everything stopped there. My bad record at Shrek Academy finally caught up to me and stopped me there. I was no longer able to get promoted no matter how hard I tried. After being disheartened, I came here. I have always thirsted for a bigger stage. A pity, my mistake made me lose everything.”

“I searched within and know that I have the ability, my own style of space fight tactics. But I never had the chance to bring it to the battlefield. Everyone gave me the name Elusive Fox. But how would they know that I am the Elusive Fox whose heart has died? So, Xuanyu, you have to remember. Regardless of all the craftiness and twisted tactics you learn from me, you have to be principled. Only by doing so can you go far.”

At this time, Yin Tianfan’s face had a melancholic look as he recalled his past. It was a memory that could cause others to feel pain.

Lan Xuanyu nodded his head slightly. “Shrek Academy had over-corrected your mistake, they should have given you a chance.”

Yin Tianfan sighed. “I used to think so as well. But after that, I gradually came to a realization. Maybe there was really a problem with my character. If I had continued with that character and manner, I’m afraid I would have become so unbridled that I’d forget myself. So, I have long put down my hatred for the academy. But not graduating from Shrek Academy or entering its inner courtyard had always been my greatest regret. Xuanyu, you now wield the chance to move to Shrek. Are you willing to accomplish your teacher’s dream and join the Space Command faculty?”

Yin Tianfan looked at Lan Xuanyu earnestly with faint glistening teardrops that flashed within his eyes.

Unknowingly, Lan Xuanyu was also somewhat stirred by him and was about to nod his head in agreement.

“Silly boy, this was all just a routine. And he was just waiting for you at the end. What SCommand faculty? Your world isn’t just about the ocean of stars but more of being an invincible hero.” A loud voice interrupted their thoughts as Ji Hongbin walked in with a furious look on his face as he stared at Yin Tianfan.

“You chap, you lured me away just to lure Xuanyu on your path and agree to join the space battle command faculty. You darned fatty, do you truly have no face? What was all the talk about fair competition?”

Under Lan Xuanyu’s flabbergasted eyes, Yin Tianfan rubbed his own nose as he replied in embarrassment. “What I said was the truth, too!”

Ji Hongbin laughed. “Truth? How did you come out from the army? Should I let Xuanyu know? The academy was right at the start to expel you because of your unscrupulous character. Rivers and mountains are easy to change, but not a man’s character, no matter how much better you are now.”

“Life is already so difficult, Ah Ji; there are some things that need not be disclosed. Alright, Xuanyu, go back first to rest. You still have to continue in the competition. This is an official selection in our Heaven Luo planet. No one knows what the test is about, so you have to be prepared and work hard to get good results.” While saying that, Yin Tianfan was already nudging Lan Xuanyu by the shoulders and pushing him out of the room.

Lan Xuanyu was not dumb and immediately realized that Teacher Yin’s words might had been slightly overstated. The reason for his emotions was mainly to sway him to join the Space Command faculty.

If not for the experience he had in space that had shook him greatly, he would have agreed without hesitation. But now, his heart had changed somewhat. He was unsure himself as to what direction he should develop.

A person’s focus and energy was limited, and he himself knew that extremely well. If he chose the major in Space Command, or in other words Interstellar Command, he would definitely be lax on his individual cultivation, especially on mecha and battle armors.

It was truly a dilemma!

But he had always been good at boosting his self-esteem and quickly adjusted his state of mind. It was still too early for him to talk about such things and should only consider them after obtaining a spot to enter Shrek Academy.

Upon returning back to the dorm, Mu Zhongtian came over and informed him that it was time to draw a prize. The drawing of the prize would occur in Soul World as well.

Lan Xuanyu, Qian Lei, and Liu Feng were brought back into the simulation cabin with excitement brewing in their hearts. Mu Zhongtian then led them to the training ground.

Ling Yiyi was already waiting there with a smile on her face. Upon seeing her, Qian Lei immediately became slightly dispirited. Initially, it was her who had given him great hope, but he had no choice but to give up on it! Her beautiful smile was no longer as pretty in his eyes.

“Congratulations to the three of you to have obtained first place in the qualifiers with extremely good results. Furthermore, according to what I know in the entire federation, your consolidated score should be at first place as well. This is an extremely terrific achievement, oh. Usually, it is the students from the Mother Planet that ranks amongst the best in the tests. The three of you have gained an extremely great honor for the Heaven Luo Planet.” Ling Yiyi smiled and stated.

Mu Zhongtian’s heart trembled upon hearing the news. “First in the entire Federation?”

Ling Yiyi nodded her head. She had scrutinized and carefully examined the exam tape of Lan Xuanyu and his team. It was truly a feat to obtain first place in the qualifiers, while the second place was only at about one thousand points. They had over achieved with over twenty thousand points. The result was closely related to the valiant strength portrayed by the Emerald Demon Bird, but at the same time, the opportunity created by Lan Xuanyu was also equally important.

In fact, what Lan Xuanyu and the others were unaware of was getting first in the entire Federation for the qualifiers was enough to help them be admitted early. But some higher ups from above had indicated that they were keen on watching their following performance and therefore, this was quietly suppressed. They had to continue participating.

“Sister Ling, are there any additional rewards for getting first in the entire Federation? For example, getting an extra spin on the wheel?” Lan Xuanyu looked at her with his beautiful and big eyes with a look of anticipation.

He was extremely good looking; adding his gentle and excited look, even Ling Yiyi was caught in a daze as she looked at him. But she quickly regained herself as she thought inwardly, This brat is rather powerful. She had personally witnessed Lan Xuanyu’s performance. His coolheadedness, courage, meticulous calculations, and his ability to act without hesitation at crucial moments were worthy of praise. That Lan Xuanyu was completely different from the boy acting cute in front of her.

What did that mean? It meant that the boy was two-faced! How old is he only? How was he taught? Or is he born this way?

“No. To be fair, we treat everyone equally.” Ling Yiyi’s complexion darkened as she intentionally gave him a look.

Lan Xuanyu. “Treat everyone equally? But us being able to draw a prize for being first place is by itself unfair to the others. Why not just give us an extra draw?”

Ling Yiyi fumed. “Then you can choose not to draw, will that be fair for you?”

Lan Xuanyu immediately shook his head. “That’s not right as well. If other planets obtained first, they would definitely take the draw. If we reject this, it won’t be fair to us. Since we can only do it once, then so be it.” Seeing that he could not get an extra draw, he no longer nagged at it.

Ling Yiyi: “Alright, prepare to draw your prize.” While saying that, her right hand pressed down on thin air, revealing a door made out of pink light. She then gestured for the three to enter.

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