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Breakthrough to the Spirit Sea realm?

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Mu Zhongtian looked speechlessly at them, “What? Keep it a secret?”

Qian Lei giggled, “Xuanyu will decide whether to tell or not, you guys can ask him when he is awake. If he’s willing to tell, then he would. If he’s not, then this would be our secret. Hehe.”

Champion, champion! His heart was flying and the gloominess he felt from rejecting the offer of early admission had already disappeared. Seeing how surprised Mu Zhongtian was, he secretly felt good inside. In his heart, he was thinking: If I told you how I was given early admission but I rejected them, how surprised are you going to be, huh?

Finally, Mu Zhongtian and Ji Hongbin didn’t get anything out of them and right when they were about to leave, Yin Tianfan ran over anxiously.

“Deep meditation?” Yin Tianfan was stunned, too.

“Spirit Sea realm? He’s going to breakthrough the Spirit Connection realm and enter the Spirit Sea realm? Haha, he’s my disciple indeed. We’ll talk about the total score later. By the way, when will the next round begin?”

“Three days later,” Mu Zhongtian had the detailed schedule and quickly answered.

“The time period of meditation is unpredictable. Would he be awake in three days’ time? Also, they’ll have to go turn the Lucky Wheel and claim their reward.” Yin Tianfan looked excited like he was itching to give it a go.

He and Ji Hongbin both heard about the Lucky Wheel before, but they had never really seen what that was. It was said that the Lucky Wheel was good stuff, and with the accumulated wealth of Shrek Academy over tens of thousands of years, they definitely wouldn’t be stingy!

When they attended school previously, students who had spun the Lucky Wheel before would have a very high chance of getting into the inner court once they enrolled in Shrek. They had a very vivid memory of this.

It’s best if one was able to get a prize from the Lucky Wheel that enhances one’s strength directly; it would be beneficial for the subsequent assessments.

“There should be enough time. His cultivation is low; it wouldn’t take too long,” Ji Hongbin said.

In fact, Lan Xuanyu didn’t make them wait too long.

When night fell again, Lan Xuanyu’s spiritual willpower gradually returned. He just felt a constant burst of freshness all over his body. In the world he perceived, the gold and silver vortex was flowing naturally, and he seemed to be able to see everything even more clearly now.

Those lines of meridians and pieces of bones seemed to be covered in faint gold and silver colors and had a net structure. There was a clear distinction between the two, but they had subtle contact with one another as well. His own whole body appeared to be made up of these two colors.

He regained consciousness, released his Spiritual Power and didn’t open his eyes, but Lan Xuanyu could clearly feel that Liu Feng and Qian Lei were both meditating in the dormitory as well. The entire dormitory was so silent that he would be aware of even a speck of dust.

The extension of his thoughts allowed him to feel the corridor outside gradually; he could even see farther away like eyes.

It was an indescribable feeling; his entire body felt comfort.

His spirit was as vast as the sea, this was the… Spirit Sea realm!

My Spiritual Power broke through? It broke through to over 500 points. Truly entering the Spirit Sea realm!

Lan Xuanyu subconsciously felt somewhat exuberant. Compared to that slow-cultivating Soul Power of his, the speed of increase of his Spiritual Power could only be described as amazing. He was not 12 years old yet, but his Spiritual Power has already entered the Spirit Sea realm and would only continue to improve at high speed. And the Spiritual Power in the Spirit Sea realm would no doubt have great improvement in his overall strength, ah!

He opened both eyes naturally, his vision and sense of Spiritual Power coincide; everything became so much clearer: There seemed to be two bolts of electricity that flashed in Lan Xuanyu’s eyes.

Electricity in the void, emitting light in a dark room!

Qian Lei appeared to have felt the changes, or perhaps he felt the stimulation released by Lan Xuanyu’s Spiritual Power as he opened his eyes instantly and looked at Lan Xuanyu.

“You’re awake?” Qian Lei asked with a wide smile.

Lan Xuanyu nodded and felt the surging Soul Power in him; his entire being seemed to be at peak condition that even his slow-cultivating Soul Power appeared to have benefited quite a bit from the meditation this time.

The moment Qian Lei spoke, Liu Feng came around, too.

“We are the champion, the champion of the qualifier,” Qian Lei laughed.

“Champion?” Lan Xuanyu was taken aback. He knew that their scores would be pretty good but to be the champion really took him by surprise.

“That’s right! I heard that there will be a reward. Thankfully, you woke up. Otherwise, only two of us will be collecting the reward tomorrow. Have you heard of the Lucky Wheel? Each of us can spin it once!”

Lan Xuanyu blinked, “Shrek Academy is rewarding us?”

Qian Lei nodded.

Lan Xuanyu smiled, “All I want to know right now is whether the enhancement I gave you guys would actually increase your luck.”

Hearing him say this, Qian Lei and Liu Feng burst out laughing. Champions, they were champions! Both of them thought of what Lan Xuanyu mentioned previously that they would get into Shrek Academy together — this was definite!

“I’m hungry!”

“You’ve meditated for two days, you’ll definitely be hungry! We’ll accompany you to eat.”

They went to look for Yin Tianfan directly for a special mess and Lan Xuanyu gobbled down his food in huge bites as he listened about his deep meditation. He obviously wasn’t stingy and shared his experience with his partners, but he didn’t experience much either; he was simply in that state and naturally entered deep meditation.

Yin Tianfan brought him to test his Spiritual Power — 505 points! This was the latest data and confirmed that he had entered the Spirit Sea realm.

Lan Xuanyu almost cleaned out all of Yin Tianfan’s food and was finally satisfied.

The school had given them great recognition for their good results from the qualifier this time and was even more supportive of the Elite Junior Class. They had decided to change the food to precious ingredients for those five teams that got into the top 100 of the qualifier in order for them to get better results.

“Out with the truth, how did you get over 20,000 points,” Yin Tianfan called Ji Hongbin over and they were staring at Lan Xuanyu with burning eyes.

Lan Xuanyu obviously wouldn’t dare to hide the truth from these two people and told them everything that happened in the last part.

After listening to him, Ji Hongbin and Yin Tianfan’s expressions were both different. Ji Hongbin’s expression darkened while Yin Tianfan looked excited.

He smacked Lan Xuanyu on the shoulder, “Not bad, you’re my student indeed.” Yin Tianfan laughed, “I can safely pass on my space battle experience to you with no worries, then.”

Ji Hongbin scoffed, “Individual strength is the foundation for everything. So this was how your 20,000 points came about: through a shortcut. You’ll have to cultivate harder and increase your cultivation, don’t spend so much time thinking about those nonsense.”

Yin Tianfan was enraged, “What do you mean nonsense? This is called being calm, wise, adaptable, and alert. What do you know? You didn’t get into the inner court because you’re too rigid and only know how to train.”

“Tsk tsk, at least I didn’t get expelled like someone did. Are you hoping for Lan Xuanyu to be expelled, too?” Ji Hongbin retorted sarcastically.

Lan Xuanyu wanted to hide his face — it’s happening again, these two would quarrel each time they meet.

But it was the first time Liu Feng and Qian Lei witnessed this. Qian Lei couldn’t help but said, “Wait, wait. Teacher Ji, Vice President, from what you said, both of you were Shrek Academy’s students too in the past?”

Hearing this question, Yin Tianfan’s office went quiet. Actually, Lan Xuanyu had already roughly guessed it but didn’t probe all this while. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t see Yin Tianfan at a loss each time Shrek Academy was brought up.

“En, yes. I graduated from the outer court of Shrek Academy but didn’t achieve much and disgraced my alma mater,” Ji Hongbin said plainly.

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