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Zhan Li's deep voice hit Zhuang Momo's heart, which made her feel relieved: "well, we both need to be good, and no one can let anyone have an accident."

"Well, I know that. Let's go. Now there's no time for us to be mother-in-law. " Zhan Li holds Zhuang Momo's hand and continues to run downstairs with her.

They live on the 15th floor. Usually they can get there in the blink of an eye by taking the elevator. When they walk on the stairs, they always feel that there is a long distance between them and the ground.

Bang -

suddenly, the door of the front stairway was knocked open vigorously, making a loud bang, and the ash on the wall was knocked off, scattered in the air.

At the end of Zhan Li's battle, he was quick and quick. He immediately protected Zhuang Mo behind him, and stared at the door. However, the door was empty, let alone human, and there was no ghost.

But at the end of the war, he still didn't relax his guard. He motioned to Zhuang Momo to step back two steps, and his eyes swept around him quickly. If there is an emergency, you must find the best place to escape when you can't defeat the enemy.

Zhuang Momo, who was protected by the war, was not idle either. She was also observing the situation around her. In this emergency, they had to cooperate well to get out of danger.

She held her breath and did not dare to make any noise to disturb the end of the war so as not to distract him.

Just when the two of them thought there was no one, a group of people burst out of the stairway and their faces were made up. Because their faces were painted in all colors, they couldn't see what they looked like at all.

A group of people quarreled and rushed straight to the two of them. If not for the quick reaction at the end of the war, the two of them would have been separated by the flow of people.

But a group of people didn't attack them, and soon went up a higher floor from their side. After everything calmed down, Zhuang Momo found that there was an extra note in her Pajama pocket. She took it out and looked at it. There were two lines written on the note - it was a great honor for them to come to X city as guests. I hope they can have a good time in X city in the next time. I'm looking forward to the moment when we meet!

There's no threat between the lines, but it's more creepy than any threat.

Their enemies are telling them that they can put a note in their pocket without their knowledge, so they have the ability to kill them without their knowledge. Zhan Li grabs the note at the end of the battle, holds it in his hand, shrugs his shoulders, and says with great ease: "well, since all our movements are under the control of the other party, and the other party hasn't removed our meaning, then we should hurry to escape. It's better to go home and take a bath and have a good sleep."

Zhuang Momo looked at the end of the war and saw his face relaxed, but she couldn't tell whether he was really relaxed or pretended to be relaxed to calm her mood.

She wanted to ask, but did not ask the exit, still led by Zhan Li into the corridor, and went upstairs from the elevator.

There are only two of them in the elevator. When the elevator rises, none of them speaks. In the narrow space, they are very quiet for a moment, so quiet that they can clearly hear their breathing.

It took a little time. The elevator has reached the 15th floor. When we got out of the elevator and opened the door to the house, no one spoke. Until we got into the house, Zhuang Momo couldn't help but say, "at the end of the war, are you sure we'll come back to sleep?"

"Otherwise?" Zhan Li said as he walked to the bathroom, "don't you want to escape in a mess and let them play us like monkeys? I don't have a habit of being played. "

"But..." Zhuang Momo wanted to say something more, but Zhan Li had already entered the bathroom, closed the door and opened the shower head. The sound of water splashed from the shower head was loud.

The bathroom is a frosted glass wall. Although I can't see the specific situation in the bathroom, I can see the outline clearly. Zhuang Momo stared at Zhan Liming and stood under the shower head at the end of the shower. His movements are skillful and natural. It seems that he was not affected by what happened just now.

This man's heart is really so big?

Zhuang Momo also wants to be like him, but she just can't do it. What just happened flashed in her mind like a movie.

Just as the group of people passed by, she was very careful, but she didn't find anyone putting a note in her pocket.

How do these people do it?

She did not understand that the seeds of worry slowly sprouted in her heart. "Don't worry. Go to the bath. We are absolutely safe at present." When Zhuang Momo was in a trance, he walked out with a towel around the end of the bath and saw that she was still in a daze. He came and knocked her on the head. "Zhuang Momo, you were not such a coward before."


The former zhuangmomo was not such a coward.

She's braver than many men when she's on a mission.

But this time, it's not the same. This time, it's the people she cares about who she works with. She hopes she can walk with him for a long time, so she has so many concerns.

"Take a bath." Zhan limo rubs her head and pinches her face. "If you don't go, do you want me to hold you and wash it for you?"

"Hooligan!" Zhuangmomo was so scared that he bounced away. He hurried into the bathroom and didn't forget to tell him, "at the end of the war, you go to the room and stay. You are not allowed to stay in the living room."

She can see him bathing in the living room, and he can certainly see her, too. He's a man. She can see that he's OK, but she can't let him look at her. She's a little shy.

"I'm not interested in seeing you." The mouth says so, but Zhan Li's feet don't move. He looks straight at the direction of the bathroom and at Zhuang Momo through frosted glass.

It's been a while since the formal communication between the two people, but he hasn't seen Zhuang Momo's body seriously. Although he can't see it clearly, he also has to sigh that Zhuang Momo's body tightly wrapped under his clothes is quite material, at least more than he thought before.

"At the end of the war, close your eyes and don't look around." There was a roar from Zhuang Momo in the bathroom, but Zhan Li didn't care about it at all. He even provoked, "I don't look at my girlfriend, so why can't I look at her?"

"If I don't allow you to see, I won't allow you to see!"

"You can see me, why can't I see you?"


"Well, it's a big deal. I'll take it off for you to see." "..." This man is really a multifaceted man. When he is serious, he is very serious. When he is not, his kung fu is also excellent.

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