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After coming to X city, Zhan Liming and Zhuang Momo found out the situation around them. Finally, they decided to rent an apartment in the prosperous area of X city for a tentative period of three months. They planned to find clues within three months, and they must arrest the two escaped suspects.

The apartment is very small, about 60 square meters, one room, one hall, plus kitchen and bathroom, so the room and living room are not wide, even a little crowded. But they didn't dislike it either. After all, the dormitories in the military area can live, and the 60 flat house for two people is more than enough. But the situation is different now. In the military area, men and men live in a dormitory, women soldiers and women soldiers live in a dormitory. Now Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo are a man and a woman, or a man and a woman in the status of boyfriend and girlfriend. As long as these two people go to the same room, the atmosphere will be ambiguous in an instant.

A man and a woman live in the same room. Even if nothing happens, no one else will believe it.

It's like a firewood meeting a fire. It will burn a little bit, and it's very prosperous. Thinking of this, Zhan was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth. From entering the room to now, the smile on his face hasn't disappeared. Now this situation is a typical near water building. Now he and zhuangmomo live in a room with only one bed, so they have a great chance to sleep in one bed. All of them can sleep together, so some things will come naturally: "Hello, Zhuang Momo, are you happy?"

"What do you want to be happy about?" Zhuangmomo was worrying about how they would sleep with only one bed in the apartment, and he didn't notice the proud expression on Zhan Li's face.

The two of them are now carrying out tasks, and everything should be based on business. It's embarrassing for them to sleep in a room. She can't think of a solution, so she has to ask for help from the end of the war. Zhuangmomo looks at Zhan limo. Zhan limo falls on the bed under her gaze and lies on the only double bed in the room: "there is not much money on the bed, only enough to rent such a house, but I am very fussy about my sleep. I can't sleep without a good bed. It's even worse without a bed, so this bed is mine. As for you, think of your own way to see what to do. " "At the end of the war, can you not go too far? You a big man occupied the bed, let me a girl to find a way, can we be gentlemanly Zhuang Momo is eager to rush up and grab the bed, but he also thinks that there are some things that can't be controlled and happen when they shouldn't.

Zhan Li finally lies in a large shape on the small bed in the room: "we have only one bed in this room. If I don't sleep, you will sleep. You can't bear to occupy the bed so that I can't sleep well. So the best way is to sleep together. What do you think?"

"You think it's very beautiful. Whoever wants to sleep with you, you can find someone. Anyway, I don't want to sleep with you." Zhuang Momo glared at him and picked up his luggage. "Since Mr. Zhan is so delicate, I'll give you the bed. You have a good rest."

She has a life in the uninhabited desert island. Now such a good room is just a few beds. This little difficulty is overcome as soon as she bites her teeth. There is no need to fight for that bed with Zhan Li.

Zhuangmomo tried to walk away. At the end of the war, he suddenly sat up and grabbed zhuangmomo. "Zhuangmomo, you are my girlfriend. Why can't we sleep together?"

Of course, they can sleep together, but now it's time for business. Zhuang Momo remembers her burden. She looks at his hand and says coldly, "let go!"

At the end of the war: "don't let go!"

Zhuang Momo: I'll say it again, let go

War away from the end: "I said not to let go."

Zhuangmomo suddenly raised his voice: "the war is over, I want you to let go!"

"I want to tell you that I'll give you the bed, you stay in the room and I'll go to the living room and sleep on the sofa." At the end of the war, we should change our tune.

It's said that the eldest husband can bend and stretch. As long as he can live under the same roof with Zhuang Momo, he can definitely find a chance to eat her, and eat the kind that doesn't spit bones.

Zhuang Momo asked, "you don't pick a bed?"

War from the end: "in order to have someone to accompany me to the old age in the future, we should eat the bitterness, let the people or let the pet people also get the favor, these are the standards to become the new three good men."

Zhuangmomo is not polite to him: "well, then you pack your luggage outside."

At the end of the war: "a man without conscience."

Zhuang Momo: "the captain told us that to be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to himself."

At the end of the battle, Zhan Li gave her a look: "I am your boyfriend, not your enemy."

Zhuang Momo: "as the saying goes, people around you are likely to become enemies."

At the end of the war:

Come on, there's no way to talk to this woman anymore.

At the end of Zhan Li, he picked up a backpack and went to the living room. After a step of looking back, he hoped that Zhuang Momo would open his mouth and leave him behind. However, Zhuang Momo was busy sorting out his luggage. He couldn't even give him one of the remaining lights at the corner of his eyes.

"Zhuang Mo Mo!" He asked her to answer, but she didn't turn back, and the war was lost again. What's the woman's mind for him?

Sometimes she behaves like fire to him, sometimes cold as ice. For him, she is like fire and ice. If she tortures him like this, he will let her go sooner or later.

"The end of the war." Zhuangmomo suddenly called his name, which improved the mood of losing at the end of the war. But when he was happy, he saw zhuangmomo hand over a bag of garbage, "please help me to throw this bag of garbage."

At the end of the war:

She didn't look him in the eye when she asked him to help.

He was dissatisfied: "Zhuang Momo, you..."

Zhuangmomo looked back and looked at him with a smile: "what's the matter?"

Her voice is gentle, with a little coquettish meaning. In an instant, the fire rising from the end of the war will be extinguished. He takes the garbage in her hands: "what would you like to eat? I'll drop in the garbage and buy dinner. "

"In the kitchen of the apartment, there are pots, utensils, Kitchenware and cutlery. Let's go to buy vegetables and cook by ourselves," said Zhuang

At the end of the war: "can you cook?"

Zhuang Momo: "not very well But I don't see my mother cooking. I think I can try it. "

Zhan Li looks at her in disgust: "I think it's safer to eat out." It's not that Zhan limo didn't want to give him a chance, but that he had seen with his own eyes how bad a woman who can't cook food made the kitchen at home. In order to get a good sleep tonight, it's safer to eat out.

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