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We only know the name of the enemy and the country he is in, but we don't know any other information. What we have to do now is to infiltrate the country where the terrorists are. Without any support, we should find out the two terrorists and bring them back to the country to accept the punishment we should have.

If we only deal with two afraid elements, Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo will be able to deal with them, but now everything is unknown.

They don't know what supporters are behind the terrorists, let alone how many of them still have. If they take the wrong step, they may die in another country. Before departure, the team leader also told us a thousand words, for fear that they might miss out: "at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo, the situation between us and that country is tense at present, and their government cannot help us find people. This operation depends on the cooperation of both of you. All emergencies must be solved by your own way. You must understand. "

Zhan said: "Captain, there are many predecessors who have done these things. We are not the first, so don't worry."

The captain looked at them again: "at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo, ready to go."

At the end of the war, he and Zhuang Momo made a salute to the captain, and then turned around and left.

Looking at the back of their departure, the vice captain worried: "Captain, the two of them are still lack of practical experience after all. This time, I am worried about letting them catch the two murderous suspects In case something happens at the end of the war, how can we tell the chief. "

The captain looked at the vice team and said lightly, "do you really think this is the end of the battle I chose to carry out the task?"

The vice captain was stunned: "isn't it you?"

The captain added: "this task is faced with extreme terrorists. One will die if he is not careful. Even if I have a hundred courage, I dare not arrange for the war to be carried out."

The vice captain seems to understand: "you mean it's related to the chief?"

Captain: "otherwise?"

The vice captain said again, "in case..." The captain interrupted: "the chief asked Zhan Liming to carry out this task. He should have great confidence in Zhan Liming and also give Zhan Liming a chance. As long as war is over and Zhuang Momo can bring the prisoners back safely this time, then they can run for military school training qualification with class three together

"To have confidence is to have confidence, but the dangerous leader will not fail to understand." The vice captain sighed, "our leader is also ruthless. He dares to take risks with his son's life. In case of any accident, how can he tell his wife?"

"Maybe that's the main reason why our chief can be in charge of Jiangbei military region at a young age," said the captain. And this is not something you and I can talk about. Pay attention to what we should say and what we shouldn't say in the future. We have a number in our mind. "

Vice captain: "yes."

"Go ahead and do it." The captain waved. He told the vice captain not to worry. In fact, he couldn't let go.


"Zhuang Momo, what are you thinking?" From receiving the task to starting, Zhuang Momo never said a word to Zhan limo. Sitting in the car leaving the military area, Zhan limo couldn't help it after all. He stretched out his feet and gave her a little kick, trying to attract her attention.

Zhuangmomo looked at it, and his eyes were a little sharp: "don't quarrel with me!"

He took the initiative to talk to Zhuang Momo and was killed by her. At the end of the war, he was very frustrated. However, he thought that Zhuang Momo might be afraid of it. He was not angry, but he also loved her.

He approached her: "what's the matter? Are you afraid? "

"Afraid? In my aunt's dictionary, I have never been afraid of two words Zhuangmomo looked out of the window, his eyes sharp but a little confused. "I'm trying to let me catch those afraid elements, how to clean them up." "Zhuang Momo, we are all flesh and blood animals. It's normal for us to be afraid. There's nothing to say." Zhan LiMao stretched out his long arm, put his hand on Zhuang Momo's shoulder, and was about to put her in his arms. However, Zhuang Momo seized his arm, which made him cry, "Zhuang Momo

, what are you doing?"

"At the end of the war, I warn you, don't use your hands and feet when you are on a mission!" Zhuangmomo said that his voice was cold, like a sharp arrow, which stabbed the heart of the war. He looked at her, and his eyes were full of hurt colors. "What do you mean?" "At the end of the war, outside, we are lovers. I can pamper you regardless of holding you. But now we are carrying out the task. You and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend. We are partners in cooperation." Realizing that he has gone too far, Zhuang Momo patiently explained, "the task is arduous this time, we can't take it lightly at all, we must do our best, otherwise you and I may not come back."

She also wants to be able to put on the wedding dress, marry him as his bride, and hope to accompany him through many sunrise and sunset.

"I know." The girl was clearly afraid and worried, but she was too stubborn to admit it. Zhan LiMao rubbed her head. "But you have to trust us, don't worry, understand?" "If I come out alone to carry out the task this time, I won't worry about it, but I can't help worrying about you and you. I'm so scared..." The scene of Xiao Jia's sacrifice is still vivid in the eyes. Now they are asked to catch the fish that missed the net. They are still facing such fierce opponents. What should she do if there is a slip at the end of the war?

"Don't you believe me?" he asked

"Of course I believe you," replied Zhuang

At the end of the war, he said, "do you believe in yourself?"

Of course I believe in myself

At the end of the war: "you believe in me and yourself. Now it's the two of us working together. What else do you worry about?"

"I......" Zhuangmomo was about to open his mouth, when the war was over, the hot kiss fell down, and blocked her unspoken words one by one. Until he felt her mood improved, he just let her go, gently stroked her lips and said, "zhuangmomo, can you promise me something?"

"What's the matter?" Zhuang asked with a red face

"Cough..." At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhan Li cleared his throat and said solemnly, "as long as we successfully completed the task assigned by our superiors this time, we will go to get married after we come back."

Zhuang Momo: "I......"

At the end of Zhan Li, he looked at her with deep eyes: "you must promise me!" "Good... But... " Zhuangmomo thought for a moment and agreed, but before he could say it, he was interrupted by the end of the war. "Zhuangmomo, you have to promise me, but not."

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