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Maybe not, but in Qin Yinze's eyes.

"No matter who our daughter looks like, it's good-looking," he said

Jirou never thought that she would hear such arrogant words from Qin Yinze's implicit mouth. Nunuu smiled at him: "you are not afraid to laugh if you praise your daughter like this."

"I'm telling the truth. Whoever dares to laugh at me, I'll knock out his teeth." Qin Yinze also stared at the little girl. He was a crumpled little guy, but his eyes were no worse than those of fairies. "Ji Rou, you see our baby's eyelashes are very long, just like yours."

Ji Rou smiled: "so you are also praising me for my good-looking?"

Qin Yinze: "didn't I boast about your beauty?"

Ji Rou thought seriously, "it seems that there is no such thing."

It's true that his wife is good-looking, but Qin Yinze can't say anything about it. But in Jirou's expectant eyes, he doesn't want to let his wife down: "our baby is good-looking because it looks like you, so you are also good-looking."

Jiroununuzui: "but how do I think the baby is more like you?"

"Like me?" Qin Yinze stared at Xiaobu and looked at it again. "Or is it better to look like you?"

Jirou said with a smile, "you are so unsure of your appearance."

"It's not that I'm not confident, it's that I think girls should look better like you." Qin Yinze approached Ji Rou and said, "look at my face. The lines are so obvious. How can a girl grow up like this?"

"You!" Jirou was amused by him. She laughed and pulled the wound. She felt some pain, but she could not show it. He was worried about her. She didn't want him to worry any more.

Many times, Ji Rou will still think of a question she has been thinking about. She has been cultivating her fortune for several lifetimes. In this life, she will meet such a husband who loves her as treasure.

"Well, it's getting late. You can sleep for a while." Qin Yinze pulls the quilt to help Ji Rou cover it, and sits next to her, intending to sit by the bed and watch over their mother and daughter for a night.

"Go to sleep, too, and keep us like this. How can your body bear it?" Ji Rou pointed to the bed beside her. "It's all in the same room. I'll call you when I have something to do."

"You go to bed first, and I'll stay with you a little longer." Qin Yinze is not worried, but reluctant to look away from their mother and daughter, if you can really want to look at them all your life.

Ji Rou knows that this man is sometimes so stubborn that nine cows can't pull him back. She doesn't try to persuade him anymore. When she slowly closes her eyes, she adds, "don't spend too much time with her. We need you to take care of our mother and daughter."

Mingming asked Yuesao, many things can be done by Yuesao, but Qin Yinze still does it by himself. In his words, his wife and daughter, he doesn't take good care of them. It's nothing to give them to others.

Watching Ji Rou slowly fall asleep, Qin Yinze sits quietly beside them, looking at the familiar Ji Rou for a while, and at the small spot beside Ji Rou for a while.

Looking at it, Xiaobu seems to move a little. Xiaogou's face is wrinkled, as if he is going to cry. Qin Yinze quickly reaches out his hand and gently taps it on the quilt: "there is a father with the baby. The baby is lovely. The baby sleeps well and can't quarrel with her mother."

It seems that I heard my father's words. The little guy sucked in his mouth and soon became quiet again. That little look was so lovely that it hurt people and melted Qin Yinze's heart.

He can be so happy!


The Qin and Zhan families, who came from Jiangbei far away, were not idle either. They seemed to have an early morning together.

Some were busy arranging the baby room, some were busy sorting out the gifts for Xiaobu. Even Lele and Lu Lu were not busy. They also prepared gifts for their little sister, hoping that she would like them.

"Lele, Lu Lu, what are you doing?" In his spare time, Qin lelan saw two little guys sitting in the corner of the room discussing something, so he came to inquire.

Lele pointed to the remote control car: "Mom, Lele will give this car to her sister." "Isn't this one of Lele's favorite toys? Are you willing to give it to your sister? " Lele has a lot of toys, but he especially likes this toy car. In the past, when other children wanted to play with him, he was reluctant to give it to his sister, which made Qin lelan very happy. It seems that the little guy knows how to love his sister at a young age.

"Mom, she's my sister. She's very young. Lele has to take care of her." Lele felt that she was a little hurt, and her mind to take care of her sister seemed to be doubted by her mother. "Well, my mother underestimated my love for my sister. My mother apologized to Lele. Would Lele not be angry with her mother?" Qin leran's education philosophy is to treat children as friends. When he does something to make Lele sad, he should apologize in time, so that he can cultivate such a lovely baby who loves and knows nothing.

"Mom, it doesn't matter. Lele forgives you." Lele stood up, holding Qin lelan's face and sending a kiss, "Lele loves her mother most, and will not be angry with her mother."

"My dear, my mother loves you too! Love you forever! " Qin leran holds Lele in her arms and gives him a kiss. The little guy takes the opportunity to rub against her.

Lu Lu was ignored, thinking that he would do something, so he also pushed his beloved toy: "aunt, this is Lu Lu Lu's toy for her sister."

"Lu Lu has also prepared toys for her sister. Let her aunt see what they are." Qin leran let go of Lele, took Lu Lu to his lap and sat down, then opened Lu Lu's gift. "Lu Lu is so well packed, what gift is so mysterious?" Because Lele sent his car to his sister, Lu Lu Lu didn't plan to send the same, so he asked his mother to take him to buy a gift that girls would like. There was a beautiful Barbie doll lying in a beautiful packing box: "aunt, Mommy said that her sister would be as beautiful as Barbie doll, so Lu Lu bought this

Barbie doll for her sister." "Lu Lu is really considerate. My sister will love such a beautiful gift." Lu Lu didn't like talking to strangers before, but now he has been with the Qin family for a long time, and he really integrates into the big family that loves him. He has a lot of sunny and lively personality. Qin leran is also happy to see him like this.

Lele climbs to Qin leran's other leg and sits: "Mom, does that younger sister like the gift from Lele?" Qin leran kneaded their soft and tender faces respectively: "of course. These gifts are carefully prepared by your two brothers. Your sister feels your love for her in her heart, and she will definitely like them. "

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