Married to his mother - S01 E105

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After some minutes of silence, Kemisola coughed then decided to talk to her.

“Okay, sister, if you really want to know the kind of power am using, you will wait till we start our prayer and till then no more words” Kemisola said to her with a bit of stern look.

“But I still have many things to gist with you o, and wait can’t you just suspend this night prayers, Am sorry for pestering you to since, and forgive my not coming to check you up at the hospital, am sorry” Beatrice said to her.

“Hmm, there is nothing there to make me annoyed but for the prayers, it is something I can’t afford to miss, sister” Kemisola said to her.

“But skipping a day prayer would not kill you, more so, I have gotten some fashion andb lifestyle magazines that we would read together, you know that being a Christian does not mean we should not be fashionable” Beatrice said to her.

“Not at all, it doesn’t matter but right now, what am now devoted to is more than just sitting down and reading magazine” Clara said to her.

“So, it is now a sin to read magazine, huh?” Beatrice asked her.

“I never said it is a sin, ma” Kemisola reoplied her.

“Please, sister, can you free me, I need to sleep” Kemisola said to her sister and laid on her bed.

“Okay, no problem but when you wake up, you should know that we are going to gist, whether you like it or not” She said as Kemisola managed to answer her as she was already sleepy.

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