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The young man after much persuasion decided to take her there, it was a long journey and since her car was not nearby.

“How will I know that we are already at the place madame” He asked her.

‘You will a palm at the front of the house, that is the place” She described to the young man

As they were nearing the house, there were people gathering at the front of the house, everywhere was rowdy and some people were wearing a sad look. The young man was confused at first as he did not know what was happening.

“Are you sure, this is the place you said you came to, I can see a palm tree at the front of the house but here, it seems there is celebration or so because there is a large gathering here, but the looks on the people’s face here is not attractive at all.

“Never mind, that is how…wait you mean there are people here” Clara asked now feeling unsettled.

“Yes, there is large gathering but let me ask the cause of the gathering” The young man said to her as they moved closer to the building.

As they were moving, he called a young boy to ask him what was happening in the house.

“My friend, please, what is happening in that house?” He asked the boy

“Ahh, are you knew in this area” The boy asked him.

“Yes, and we are here to see baba, myself and this woman” He points at Clara who was listening to their conversation with rapt attention.

“Hmm,ahh, what a pity, just yesterday night, we heard a shout of agony and pain from this house, by the time we got there we discovered that…” The boy had not finish his words when Clara interrupted him.

“My boy what is happening, please, who shouted, or what is the scream of agony all about” Clara said to the boy.

“Madame, do you want him to talk or not” The man holding her hands shunned her.

“Baba, who is the famous herbalist in this town kicked the bucket yesterday” The boy said shaking his head in sorrow.

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