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Lan Xuanyu’s expression changed upon hearing the thunderous footsteps behind them. As the two Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons had yet to butt heads with each other over territory, he understood that they must be programmed to target anyone else who entered.

Although he was nearing the magma pool ahead, other than the mountainous walls and the magma pool, he didn’t see anything else.

The footsteps behind were getting closer and closer, but there wasn’t any way to move forward and they couldn’t find any opportunities with the scorching hot magma pool. The three of them were at their wits’ end.

“Xuanyu.” Liu Feng turned his head to look at Lan Xuanyu, and Qian Lei, who was on top of the Ironback Dragon, did the same.

Right now, they needed Lan Xuanyu, the pillar, to decide their next course of action.

Could it be that the person who designed this qualifier really didn’t leave them with a way out? If so, why would Ling Yiyi say that different soul beasts would reward different points? There were only two types of soul beast here! Other than the Ground Fire Lizards, there were only the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons. This meant that against all odds, there really was a possibility of killing a Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon!

But even a Soul Master with seven rings might not be able to defeat a Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon, let alone these youths who were, at average, 12-years-old.

‘So there must be an opportunity! Where exactly is it though?’

Lan Xuanyu didn’t say a word, only continuing to look around.

He strode forward and arrived next to the magma pool. Indeed, other than the magma pool, he wasn’t able to spot anything else. Rolling heat waves flowed out of the magma continuously, along with Ground Fire Lizards.

The Ironback Dragon attacked the surrounding Ground Fire Lizards ferociously, protecting Lan Xuanyu’s team.

Wait a minute!

Lan Xuanyu’s eyes lit up when he realized something.

How were the Ground Fire Lizards coming out of the magma? These were merely 10-year or, at most, 100-year soul beasts, yet they could tolerate the magma’s heat? How was that possible! Maybe not even a 1,000-year soul beast could survive in magma. Probably only 10,000-year soul beasts that were as exceptional as the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon would be able to do so. This could only mean that something was wrong with the magma!

With that thought, Lan Xuanyu suddenly became enlightened! That’s right, this had to be the opportunity left by the person who designed the test!

“Quick, let’s get into the magma pool. Just go in.” As he spoke, he immediately acted, and without even testing the water, he simply jumped into the magma pool.

Liu Feng and Qian Lei’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. ‘That’s magma! How is that possible?’

“Plop!” Lan Xuanyu submerged into the pool. How could he not be nervous? If he was wrong, he would be engulfed by the magma immediately.

Scorching, boiling heat instantly travelled through Lan Xuanyu’s entire body, and he stiffened up, but in the next moment, he could feel it.

This magma appeared to be sticky, but once he was in, it almost felt like water. The strong fire element lingered, but the real temperature was merely around 60 to 70 degrees. He released his control of the water element and tried his best to lower the temperature of the surface of his skin; he was able to get accustomed to it quickly. His head came up to the surface of the magma pool and was greeted by the sight of the astounded Qian Lei and Liu Feng as they stared in his direction. On the other side, the two gigantic Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons were rounding the corner and charging in their direction.

“Get in quickly, what are you guys waiting for?” Lan Xuanyu placed his feet on the magma and floated to the surface, waving to them vigorously.

Seeing his head appear again, Qian Lei and Liu Feng then realized where the true problem laid and hurriedly jumped into the magma pool.

The Ironback Dragon, however, was clearly fearful of the magma and refused to get in.

Qian Lei acted quickly; he directly ordered it to turn around and charge towards the two Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons as he and Liu Feng leaped into the pool.

Lan Xuanyu released two silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass to wrap around their bodies and created a layer of ice fog around them right before they entered the magma pool.

After submerging into the magma pool, both of them immediately felt the scorching heat, but it was only for a split second before Lan Xuanyu pulled them to his side.

After entering the second Soul Ring and gaining the ability to enhance them directly with his Blue Silver Grass, Lan Xuanyu could already enhance both of them at the same time very easily now.

“Get ready, hold your breaths.” Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath.

Having been together for such a long time, Liu Feng and Qian Lei immediately understood what he meant. They opened their mouths and took a deep breath, then with Lan Xuanyu pulling them, the three people submerged into the magma pool together.

They were surrounded by scalding heat and didn’t even dare to open their eyes. Even in the magma pool, they could clearly hear the thudding footsteps outside.

It was definitely impossible for the Ironback Dragon to stop the two ferocious Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons. Qian Lei would be losing interaction with his summoned creature soon.

The violent footsteps kept going on till they reached the magma pool; by then, the boys’ nervous hearts were already in their throats.

With their bodies in the magma pool, they were just like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. If those two Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons could find them, it meant certain death.

They couldn’t hold their breaths forever ah! As Soul Masters, they were slightly stronger than average people, and combined with their current cultivation, they could only last for around five minutes at most.

A second longer was still a second! This was what went through Qian Lei and Liu Feng’s heads. Only Lan Xuanyu had a different feeling.

Since the temperature of this magma pool was so special, this meant that the person who designed this test didn’t design it for nothing. There must be something about it.

The footsteps of the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons had stopped for almost half a minute now, yet there still weren’t any attacks in the magma pool.

This could mean that those two Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons had no intention of attacking the magma pool. The trio inwardly let out sighs of relief. Even if they were killed later upon reemerging at the surface, at least they had managed to last for another five minutes.

In such an intense test, being able to last even a second longer should increase their points too, so five minutes was already a very good result.

Just then, all of a sudden, the ground began shaking again and a deafening roar echoed throughout the entire place. The strong vibration even caused the magma in the magma pool to fluctuate violently.

Lan Xuanyu quickly grabbed both of them and swam even deeper into the magma pool.

When they were unable to hold their breaths any longer, the trio secretly stuck their heads out and took deep breaths in the warm air.

In the next moment, they immediately saw the cause of the tremors.

Having lost their targets, the huge Ground Fire Scarlet Dragons began harshly colliding with one another and attacking each other instead.

The two were almost the same size and had similar attacks. In just a moment, blazing flames were shot, and a more intense close combat took place. They kept charging at each other, using their claws, tails, and sharp teeth to leave numerous scars on one another.

The Ground Fire Lizards around them had disappeared, having clearly long run away; the entire coast had become a sea of fire. On the contrary, only this side of the magma pool was calm.

Qian Lei and Liu Feng were so impressed with Lan Xuanyu that they wanted to throw themselves at his feet. What kind of brain did he have to think of jumping into the magma pool to hide?

When they looked at Lan Xuanyu, they noticed the gleam in his big eyes.

That’s right, he had seen an opportunity. Just as he expected, all of Ling Yiyi’s words held meaning behind them. The opportunity was here!

“Fatty, get your second Soul Skill ready and wait for my signal,” Lan Xuanyu whispered to Qian Lei.

“What are you planning to do?” Qian Lei asked suspiciously.

A strange smile appeared at the corner of Lan Xuanyu’s mouth. “To take advantage!”

Seeing his sly smile, Qian Lei gave him a thumbs up. “Xuanyu, I’ve got to hand it to you, you’re my big brother next time. All our Spiritual Powers are over 400, but your psychological quality is simply amazing.”

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