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Kemisola was dragged by the demons and as they were about throwing her into the fire after serious beating, there was a huge wave that blew, followed by a bright light which shone mightily that no one could look at it.

“You can’t throw her into the fire” The voice thundered and everywhere shook.

“What business do the most high have with me” The demon replied looking visibly angry.

“She is mine, leave her to me” The voice said with a tone of majesty.

“No, she is a sinner and a disobedient fellow, she has gone against your command and do not follow your will, therefore all these characteristics makes her mine” The demon replied.

“It is true she has gone against my command but grace found her” The voice said

“Grace, but your word says there is no repentance after death and after death is judgment” The demon replied looking angry still holding on to Kemisola, who was shaking and weeping.

“The power of life and death is in my hand and I will have compassion unto whom I will compassion unto and mercy unto whom I will have mercy on” The voice replied.

“The eyes of the Lord do not behold iniquity but this lady is full of iniquities, therefore I have the right to claim her life, the lake of fire is for those that go against your will. Kemisola belongs to me and nothing shall take her from me” The demon replied laughing.

”She is to be shown mercy, you have to release her” The voice thundered, this time with high level of command that made the demon to tremble a bit.

“But she does not deserve this mercy, your words says that he who covereth his sins shall not prosper but who confess and forsake them shall obtain mercy, Kemisola did not confess her sins nor did she forsake them, therefore she is not entitled to the mercy” The beast answered the voice looking very angry.

“You are right but I am the alpha and Omega, whatever I say is final and my command is to be obeyed” The voice replied the beast.

“Yes, you are but of what relationship is the light with darkness, Kemisola while on earth mingle with the my own children on earth, she claimed to be a Christian but her friends are my children, there are legal grounds to show that Kemisola belongs to my kingdom and the suffering she is having now is small compare to when she would be thrown into the lake” The demon said to the voice.

“Even your words said, not a single one of your word would go unfulfilled, thus, you said nothing of iniquity shall enter into your kingdom nor obtain mercy, therefore Kemisola belongs to me and nothing should remove it from here, she belongs to the lake of fire, let her be thrown there” The demon added while he still held unto the hands of Kemisola who was suffering from the heat from the fire which was burning with brimstones.

“I have no words to drag with you, let her be free for I said let my mercy and compassion prevail over judgment, therefore, release her now” The voice sounded with a loud roar and the whole place shook mightily.


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