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“No you will not understand son, immediately I set my eyes on that girl, I saw Raphael in her, I have this feeling that he’s alive somewhere “Victoria said and Charles smiled

“Mom! you are only imagining things, Raphael is dead and gone for good, I don’t know why you should be worried about him “Charles said

“Not that am worried about him God forbid, but something tells me that he might still be alive, I don’t think those boys did a perfect job “Victoria said

“mom! you amuse me, why will you think that Raphael is alive, oh come on mom, like I said before you are imagining things, Raphael is long dead and I know that thunder, fire, and Skido can not disappoint us, they did a perfect job, we should be celebrating his death and to think of the next plan because I need to take all what rightfully belongs to me from them “Charles said and Victoria wave the thought of Raphael of her mind

“So son what is our next plan? Victoria asked

“mum! you are the master planner, I should be asking you that “Charles said while Victoria smiled wickedly and went closer to Charles, she whispered something into his ear and they both laughed.


One Saturday afternoon, Andrew was heading out, on getting to the sitting room he saw his mother Victoria on a call, immediately Victoria saw him she dropped the call.

“Son! is like you are going out? Victoria asked

“yes mum! am going to the office because I forgot my laptop and I need to get it to use for this weekend “Andrew replied

“ok no problem, but first I want you to go to Cyril’s house and tell him that I will like to see him because I have been trying his number but it wasn’t going through, please help me go to his house and call him for me, I have important thing to tell him “Victoria lied

“but mom, am going to the office, why not tell Charles or Felix, or better still you tell Bella they are less busy “Andrew said because he was in a haste to go to the office

“You haven’t say no to anything I tell you, why now? see Andrew, you are my first child and that is why I want you to go this errand for me, maybe after that you can go to the office “she pleaded and Andrew sighed

“ok mom! if that will make you happy “Andrew said and wanted to go but Victoria called him back

“Son! are you going to the lawyer’s house with your phone, there is no need to go with it, you have to drop it here and go, I want to be sure that you went to the lawyer’s house “Victoria said and Andrew smiled because his mother can be funny at times

“oh mum, you thought I won’t go to the lawyer’s house, ok I will drop the phone here and go to the errand you send me, I don’t want you feel that I want to disobey you, here’s my phone on the table, when I come back from the lawyer’s place I will take it “Andrew said and dropped his phone on the table, after that he left to the errand his mother sent him, while Victoria smiled

“stupid boy, let me see how you will escape my trap, you want to take what rightfully belongs to my son Charles, come and take it na….. nonsense..


Meanwhile thunder, fire, and Skido were in their car waiting for Andrew to pass there so that they could strike, because Mrs Victoria have called them that Andrew was on his way to the lawyer’s house, that he will pass there any moment, that they should kidnap him.

“What is still holding this guy from passing here, are you sure he will take this route? Skido asked

“yes I think so, because this is the only route that lead to the lawyer’s house, Mrs Victoria can’t lie to us “thunder said

“ok no problem let’s keep waiting “As they were still talking, Andrew’s car drove passed them, when they saw him they put on their car and started going after him, but before they could with him, another group of gangs putting on mask stopped Andrew and took him away in their car.

“They have taken him, they have taken him, let’s go after them “thunder screamed and immediately they started chasing the other gang shooting gun on their car, they chased and chased until those other gang fled with Andrew

“chia, fu*k up, they have succeeded in taking him away, what are we going to tell Mrs Victoria “thunder screamed and hit their car with his leg

“The money we would have made in this kidnap is gone “fire sadly said

“My question now is who are those people who took that guy away, are they kidnappers like us or assassin? Are they after what we are after? what could be their mission?



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