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“I can’t tell you Princess, I love and cares for you more than anything you could ever think of in this world, please don’t stab yourself.” Chief Chris begged softly with eyes soak with tears.

“Then count me out of this family, if God’s will we may meet in the next world.” Princess enunciated with tears in her eyes, she rose up the knife she was holding and she almost stabbed herself when Chief Chris and Angel screamed in chorus, and she angrily stabbed the pillow beside her.


“No!” Chief Chris and Angel screamed in unison.

“Princess, please drop the knife.” Chief Chris begged.

“Do you think I’m afraid of dying? Hell No, but what shall it profit me to kill myself without a cause. Father, I will surely find out the mysteries behind this misfortune of mine, and I will find out alone.” Princess elucidated, she dropped the knife she was holding and she angrily went to her room.

“Dad, but I see no big deal in telling her. Beside, what’d happen had happened so why are you keeping this to yourself?” Angel asked suspiciously.

“Angel, will you please get out of my sight…” Chief Chris commanded irritatingly.

“But Dad…” Angel tried to defend but she was restrained from coming down with her statement.

“Are you out of your senses…?” Chief Chris yelled angrily.

“I’m sorry sir.” Angel apologized.

“And if you dare tell her anything, I promise to skin you alive.” Chief Chris threatened. Angel bowed her head in respect and she left the sitting room for her room.


“I don’t know what’s wrong with this Princess of a thing, she is quite annoying.” Chief Chris spoke softly, he yawn loudly.

“I think I need to get some rest, those witches have really stressed me out.” Chief Chris uttered and he also left the sitting room for his room.




TIME: 9:31am


Mrs. Benita held a red pen in her right hand, she was walking up and down her office, seeming she was restless and troubled. She walked in a gyratory manner to the window and she looked out from it.

“Why is he not here?” She asked rhetorically.

She shambled back to her sit and she sat down on her pushing chair. She brought out a novel and she read just to pass away time. Twelve minutes later, she had a knock at the door.

“Come in, the door is not lock.” Mrs. Benita approved, hoping for knocker is Mr. Anume. Disappointedly, the knocker was Mrs. Frank Anita (Ola and Daniel’s class teacher).

“Oh! Mrs. Anita (Ola and Daniel’s class teacher).” Mrs. Benita exclaimed surprisingly.

“Good morning ma.” Mrs. Anita greeted respectfully.

“How is your baby? Hope she is doing well.” Mrs. Benita asked with insincere smile all over her face.

“She is fine Ma, she is even with the new Geography teacher.” Mrs. Anita replied smiling.

“Oh that’s very nice. Hope there’s no problem?” Mrs. Benita asked suspiciously.

“Ma, it has been over three months now that I have been in school, but when I resumed today, I go through the students’ register but I was so surprise to find out that three of my best students had not been coming to school for the past three months.” Mrs. Anita paused.

“So? How is that my problem?” Mrs. Benita asked unconcerned.

“Ma, I’m sorry ma, but a teacher narrated things that happened in the school in the past three months that I’ve been on maternity…” Mrs. Anita paused.

“And who is that silly teacher?” Mrs. Benita barked angrily and impatiently.

“Mr. Anume…” Mrs. Anita spoke softly.

“What? You mean that fool?” Mrs. Benita exclaimed with her mouth opened wide in agape.

“Please leave my office.” Mrs. Benita voiced out angrily.

“But I’m not done talking ma.” Mrs. Anita riposted angrily.

“Will you leave my office or I get you arrested?” Mrs. Benita threatened alarmingly.

“I’ll leave but I’m very sure something is behind this sudden behavior of yours.” Mrs. Anita replied, she rose on her feet and she walked out of the office diligently.


“Gosh! I don’t even know why I hate this woman and that fool Mr. Anume or whatsoever he called himself.” Mrs. Benita concluded she wore her medicated eye glasses just then she heard a knock at the door.

“Who’s there?” She asked from inside.

“It’s me Anume.” Mr. Anume replied from outside.

“Come in please.” She approved.

“Good morning Mr. Anume.” Mrs. Benita greeted smiling.

“Good morning ma.” Mr. Anume also greeted looking another direction.

“Ma, I was told you summoned me here… hope there is no problem?” Mr. Anume asked warily.

“Not really.” She paused.

“I received reports about you sleeping around with female students.” Mrs. Benita began.

“What!” Mr. Anume exclaimed.

“You don’t need to worry, I have settled those that brought the reports to me, but I can’t keep it to myself just for your own safety.” She paused.

“Mr. Anume, if you’re truly into such dirty act, I will only advice you to do things with sense so that you won’t backfire.” Mrs. Benita concluded.

“Woman, it seems you’re insane. What do you take me for (mimicking)? Do I look like a fool to you? Woman, next time you call me for this kind of framing of yours, I swear with heaven and earth I won’t hesitate to sue you.” Mr. Anume blasted loudly, he angrily rose on his feet and he walked out of the office.


“I think it’s high time I deal with this idiot.” Mrs. Benita uttered softly.




Henry, Daniel and I sat down we’re gisting and laughing, fruits of different kinds were placed on the mudded table. Suddenly, the loud noises could be heard afar, we were stunned and confused but Henry signaled to us not to fear, he rushed into a room and in less than a minute he was back, he now put on his black dress, like that of samurai assassins, on his face is a black mask and on his left his a boot, he dipped his hand into his pocket and he brought out a pairs of gloves, he wore them on his hand and he walked to a far end of the building, he opened a small box and he brought out two pistol guns, he opened the larger box and he packed some darts and he set the darts, he opened the largest box in the row he brought a shinning sword.

“I told you he is an assassin.” I whispered into Daniel’s ear.

“It would be better he is an assassin, at least he mean no harm, beside, he would use his skills as an assassin to rescue mother.” Daniel riposted serenely.


“Guys, let find out what’s going on outside.” Henry whispered, he led the way out of the coven but on getting to the opening of the coven, the story changed. Daniel’s mother was tied mercilessly to a huge Iroko tree, four red cap soldiers were ready to execute the innocent woman, they did some marching and the c--k the AK 47 gun. Daniel tried to scream but I was able to cover his mouth with my hands.

“Woman, pray for forgiveness before your execution.” A soldier commanded looking at indisposed Daniel and Henry’s mother.


“Brother please do something.” I whispered to Henry.

“It needs calculation, I am 100% sure there are soldiers around this vicinity.” Henry replied confidently.

“So, what’s going to happen now?” I asked confusingly.

“You and Daniel should leave here first.” Henry paused.

“I promise I will rescue mother but Ola, promise me even if I die fighting the soldiers you and Daniel will take good care of mother.” Henry uttered sorrowfully.

“Brother, you won’t die; the lord is your strength, I shall triumph.” I prayed confidently.

“Now go.” Henry commanded and he watched how I was dragging Daniel into the coven.


“Hey!” Henry called from behind, the soldiers looked back and smartly, Henry shot them with darts and they dropped dead without a second thought.


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