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Buying Southern Hill Estate

On Huang Xiaolong’s side, after leaving Duanren Square the four of them—Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Shu, Yu Ming, and Fei Hou—headed towards the property trading market. If they did not resolve the accommodation matters as soon as possible, then all four of them would be sleeping out on the streets again.

The Imperial City Battle champion sleeping out on the streets… if anyone found out, he would turn into the laughing stock of the empire.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong and the three reached the property market, passing by a business called Trusty Heaven Firm. Stopping here, all four went inside.

There were three giant firms in Duanren Empire; one was named Million Treasure House and had a connection with the Huang Family because it belonged to the Guo Family. One belonged to the Xie Family where Xie Puti was, called the Eternal Prosper Firm. The last one was where they were now, Trusty Heaven Firm.

The instant Huang Xiaolong walked into the great hall, a loud cry sounded in the hall: “Huang Xiaolong!”

Huang Xiaolong looked over and saw a middle-aged man who was wearing the firm’s uniform staring at him with a flabbergasted expression on his face.

The middle-aged man hastened his steps until he came to a stop in front of Huang Xiaolong, laughing in nervous excitement, “It truly is Young Noble Huang, a rare guest, truly a rare guest! Please! I myself had just returned from Duanren Square, I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me!”

After the Imperial City Battle, there were many that could easily recognize Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Just like that, under the shock-widened eyes of other guests in the outer great hall, the middle-aged man led Huang Xiaolong and his group to the more private inner hall.

After a brief introduction, the middle-aged man’s name was known to be Zhou Hua, Trusty Heaven headquarters supervisor.

Knowing Huang Xiaolong’s purpose, Zhou Hua grinned and asked, “Does Young Noble Huang have a preferred location?”

Huang Xiaolong thought for a moment, “The location is not important, the vital point is it must be big, the bigger the better.”

Zhou Hua quickly recommended a few places to Huang Xiaolong and in the end, Huang Xiaolong chose a place called Southern Hill Estate.

Amongst the several places Zhuo Hua suggested, the Southern Hill Estate was the biggest and most secluded, in line with Huang Xiaolong’s requirement.

But when Huang Xiaolong was about to pay, Zhou Hua refused, laughing and saying, “No need, no need! Since Young Noble Huang liked that Southern Hill Estate, then it belongs to Young Noble Huang!”

“No need?” It was Huang Xiaolong’s turn to gaffe. The Southern Hill Estate covered a demesne of over ten thousand square meters. It may be a little secluded but every inch of land in Duanren Imperial City was calculated by buckets of gold. A place like Southern Hill Estate would cost at least twenty to thirty million gold coins! This Trusty Heaven Firm actually wanted to give it to him for free?

“That’s right. Just take this Southern Hill Estate as a congratulatory gift to Young Noble Huang from our Trusty Heaven Firm for winning first place in the Imperial City Battle this year!” Zhou Hua smiled, “As for this level of authority, I can still make the decision.”

Huang Xiaolong pondered silently.

“Young Noble Huang need not refuse, this is just a small token from our Trusty Heaven Firm.” Zhou Hua persuaded again.

“Alright then.” Huang Xiaolong nodded. Since the other side insisted, he shall be obliged.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong finally agree, Zhuo Hua’s face lit up with a wide smile, “Young Noble Huang, do you also need some slave servants? Come, let me show you our firm’s shop in the slave market.”

Watching Zhou Hua invite him with such enthusiasm, Huang Xiaolong’s group of four went obligingly with Zhou Hua to Trusty Heaven Firm’s slave market shop.

At the end, Huang Xiaolong picked thirty-two slaves. When Huang Xiaolong had finished that, Zhuo Hua personally led the way for Huang Xiaolong as they traveled to the Southern Hill Estate.

The Southern Hill Estate had its back to a small hill and the inside of the manor was elegantly decorated, but because it was unhibited for a period of time, tall weeds grew in most of the courtyards and gardens. Rooms were covered in dust that was an inch thick.

Fei Hou went to arrange the slaves, supervising the cleaning work.

Huang Xiaolong was quite satisfied when seeing Southern Hill Estate’s lush greenery of rock mountains and green lake after the new slaves had cleaned the place up. In the coming days, this Southern Hill Estate would be his new home. When it was time for the Huang Family to move over, they would likely settle here permanently. Even if they didn’t, they would still be living here for a long time.

After giving Huang Xiaolong a tour of the Southern Hill Manor, Zhuo Hua left, reminding Huang Xiaolong to come look for him if he needed something. He said that as long as it is within his power and capability he would definitely help, then turned around and left.

Huang Xiaolong watched Zhuo Hua’s leaving figure for a while before going back into the manor.

By this time, the sky had darkened.

Huang Xiaolong ordered the slaves to build a bonfire which he placed some beast meat over to roast, sprinkling some spices over them. Then, he took out jugs of Beauty Allure Wine, Fiery Wine, and Snow Moon Wine from the Asura Ring and started drinking with Zhao Shu, Yu Ming, and Fei Hou.

It had been quite a while since Huang Xiaolong felt this relaxed.

Winning first place in the Imperial City Battle was, in a way, a feat more glorious than becoming the martial arts champion on ancient Earth. At this moment, Huang Xiaolong was content with his achievement.

Although he exposed his twin superb talent martial spirits in the Imperial City Battle, he wasn’t overly concerned about it. Before he fought Xie Puti, he had thought of the possibility of summoning his twin martial spirits to defeat him.

His twin martial spirits were exposed but he had other cards up his sleeves. Cultivating the Body Metamorphose Scripture, he also had his internal force that remained a hidden factor.

Moreover, he did not reveal the Linglong Treasure Pagoda nor the God Binding Ring.

Other than the heritage skills inside a Heavenly Treasure, a Heavenly Treasure itself could be used as a weapon.

For example; after opening the second layer of the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, it could be called out. Once he activated the two arrays, the Thousand Demon Engulfing Destruction Array and the Heaven and Earth Origin Reverting Array, he could s--k the opponent into the Thousand Beast Cauldron and refine them directly.

Whereas God Binding Ring as a weapon could freeze the opponent and their surrounding space. Moreover, as Huang Xiaolong grows stronger, it would even be possible for him stop a person’s breathing and thoughts.

Stopping a person’s breathing and thoughts, how terrifying were these power!

“Fei Hou, what did you find out?” Taking a sip of wine, Huang Xiaolong inquired.

Fei Hou replied respectfully, “Replying to Sovereign. From my investigation, although this Yao Fei stands at second place amongst the five Young Nobles of Imperial City, it is believed his strength is no weaker than Duan Wuhen!”

No weaker than Duan Wuhen!

Huang Xiaolong was surprised, he never thought Yao Fei was that strong!

“Yao Fei’s status in the Yao Family is very high. He is greatly favored and has received much attention from the Patriarch. Other than the Yao Family’s power and influence, this Yao Fei nurtured his own large force. If Yao Fei were to use them, annihilating a small kingdom like the Luo Tong Kingdom is not difficult!”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed. Annihilating a kingdom was not difficult!

This Yao Fei’s forces indeed exceeded Huang Xiaolong’s assumption. Furthermore, there was the Yao Family that had more than two thousand years of heritage behind him. These forces were even more deep-rooted and unpredictable.

At this time, Zhao Shu suddenly raised his head and sneered as he gazed towards a certain direction in the empty void, “Since you’ve come, then roll out here!” Zhao Shu pointed a finger at the void, and a black-clad old man plummeted from above. Even as he fell, there was a terrified expression on his face while staring at Zhao Shu. Evidently, he did not expect he would be found while hiding himself, blending with darkness.

Moreover, he noticed after falling down, his entire body and limbs were immobile.

“Space manipulation?” His brain buzzed with this thought.

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