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Olamilekan was just nodding to whatever she said to him.


Kemisola was trailed to the party by the men sent by Clara, she was followed closely without her noticing. She got to the party and saw different people already seated to celebrate. She searched for Kate in order to greet her but she was surprised when she saw Clara speaking with Kate and laughing.

Immediately she saw them, she was shocked, she never believed that the two still speaks and close to one another. She wanted to tiptoe back to her seat but Kate was quick to see her and called her.

“Hy, Kemisola, it is nice to see you around” Kate said to her smiling.

“Hmm, thanks and happy birthday to you” Kemisola replied eyeing Clara the same time.

Clara did as if she didn’t see her as she was just playing with her car keys in her hand. Kate knew that there was clash between the two of them.

“You girls should try and bury your sword for my birthday please, try and be free here” Kate said to the two of them.

“Am not fighting with her, huh” Clara said smiling and wave to Kemisola but in her mind, it was filled with hatred.

“Weldone” Kemisola said to her and went back to where she was sitting.

Clara was not comfortable seeing her around and began to look for means to get hold of Kemisola at any slight opportunity. She looked around and found the men she had sent to help her get Kemisola’s foot sand.

The party began and the people there were enjoying themselves, drinks of different kinds were served and since Kemisola was no longer drinking alcohol requested for wine. She took the wine and poured some inside her glass cup. She was sipping from it and dancing to the tune of the music being played. As she was drinking, her phone rang, a strange number called her, at first she ignored but the call kept coming in and she was forces to go out and pick up the call. She left her glass of wine behind and went to pick the call.

As she made to leave to answer the call, one of the men assigned by Clara went close to her wine and without anyone noticing since they were busy with the jamboree at the party, he dropped some few powder inside the drink and left immediately.

Kemisola came back without heating anything tangible from the caller, she was just distracted by the call.

“Some people are just funny, they will be calling with their airtime and would not speak up, such a foolish idea” She said as she take the wine that was already laced with the powder poured some into her glass and drink up as she vibed to the music. On the other end, Clara was keeping an eye on Kemisola.

Kemisola left the party quickly after she started feeling some unusual things inside of her, she got home before the subastance started to take more effect on her and in no time started to cough.

“You are back so early” her mother asked while kemisola started coughing.

“Hmmmz , nothing ma” she said and vomited.

“What!!! Kemisola, blood!!!! Ahh, Blood!!!!” Her mother shouted.

Kemisola continued coughing before she eventually collapsed.

“Ahh, Kemisola, Kemisola!!!, Kemisola !!!oooo” Her mother shouted.

To be continued.

N.B – please be let us be informed and watchful, when you go to any gathering and you are offered a drink, don’t drop your drinks to answer a call or maybe you want to ease yourself, take it along with you. Don’t lose guard, you don’t know who is after your life..drinks are easily poisoned. If you can’t take it along with you, when you are back, it is better you don’t drink it again especially if it was opened. You can’t trust anyone. Forgoing a day’s drink would not harm you…don’t drink what will harm you later. Be prayerful and be watchful…. It is an advice based on my experience.


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