Pizza Girl

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(She Was Trouble, Until She Met Him)

©️Authoress Ti Fe

She is hot!

She is funny!

She is sassy!

She is actually sweet !

Meet Diana Williams, a 23 year old lady who lives in the outskirt of a street in Las Vegas called Butterhills. She is known by virtually everyone on the streets of Las Vegas because of her little source of income.

She is a very famous pizza girl, who helped her aunt deliver ordered pizzas anywhere through to the help of her only long lasting gift, which is her 3 years old scooter.

Her Aunt is a very nice woman who also strive to earn a living by selling pizzas. She took in Diana at a very young age when her parents had a divorce.

None of them were willing to keep her to themselves, so Aunt Luna helped by keeping her to herself since she was barren.

Her parents went separate ways and married differently leaving poor Diana to herself. She got over it soon and all she wanted was to serve her Aunt Luna well.

To show she is grateful for all she has done for her.

That aside

Diana is known as a trouble maker all over the town. Her scooter is the source of her troubles. She makes troubles and the next thing you see is her scooter riding with full speed down the street.

She kept this going even after the talks from Luna, who kept telling her she wasn’t growing any younger.

Everyone was beginning to lose hope of any change in Diana when something fantabulous happened.

She met with a poor but handsome looking guy who lived on the streets and survived on the garage.

Her attention was fast drawn to this guy and they ended up been close friends.

Find out how this journey keeps on moving and how it ends in this thrilling story .


Hope you loved it

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