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(Playing dirty again🙄)


An Hour Later❤️




I yawned loudly as I dropped a coin in the alms box of the church and left immediately…

Madam Pat just kept on smiling and I just kept yawning since I didn’t have enough sleep…

‘I need to rest..isn’t..isn’t there a place I can rest my head or something??’..I asked still yawning..

‘We aren’t done your highness,we still have other things to take Care of’..She replied and I groaned loudly…

‘I’m not cut out for this!! I’m not cut out for this nonsense I haven’t had 3 good hours of sleep and you guys bombard me with this unnecessary queenly duties!!!’…

‘I know its hard your…

‘My name is Elena!! Address me as Elena and not your highness!!!’..I cut in already showing a piece of my frayed temper…

‘Look i know it’s hard your…sorry Elena but in no time you’d be used to it’..she said in a fit to placate me…

‘Thank You Madam Pat but i never wanted to get used to this!!! I’m used to waking up late and drinking a load of coffee and going to the race track and partying with my friends’..I replied with tears welling up in my eyes…

There is absolutely no way I’m going to be used to the way I’m being treated here…

Javier doesn’t give or accord me any form of respect whatsoever…

He’s got a friend…a stupid one at that whom he trusts more than me and I can’t do anything about it but why do I Care anyway??..


‘Psst..Psst Gregory i need your help’…i whispered to Javier’s royal assistant..

‘What??’..He retorted walking over and I frowned deeply…

I’ve never liked Gregory and from his reactions whenever I’m around I know that he doesn’t like me too…

‘I need Queen Elena’s duty schedule so give it’..I muttered sharply and he scoffed..

‘I am not Queen Elena’s royal assistant Lady Calla so I can’t give it to you’..

‘Gregory I demand you speak to me with respect!!! I am a Lady!’..i yelled..

‘You are a Lady yes but you’re not the Lady of this castle only Queen Elena is and she’s doing a pretty good job running it!! Too bad his highness doesn’t know how vile you are!!’..He fired back..

‘Gregory I warn you!! If anyone finds out about what happened between the both of us then i would make sure my father kills you and feeds your body to the dogs! Bloody fool!’..i said aloud and left..

There is no way I would let Elena take all the shine while I’m in this castle..

I’ve known Javier longer than she has and I’ve loved him for 8 good years so she can’t just come and make everyone like her??..

I’ve got to do something!!..


‘Where is Elena??’..I asked as I walked down the hallway..

‘She’s in the stables with that dirty stableman’..Calla replied as she came out of nowhere…

‘Ohhh really?? But isn’t she supposed to be on her Queenly duties?? I gave her specific instructions to carry out! And why are you here??’..I yelled..

I can’t believe Elena would ignore my instructions without respect!!!..

‘Well I came to visit the church and decided to pay you a visit to clear things up..I..I’m sorry for all those things i said to you before Javier you’re right..I was really drunk and I would like to make it up to you by staying here and helping Elena out for a while’…she said and my temper cooled down a bit..

This is one reason I’ll always appreciate Calla for…

She’s always so considerate and truthful..

She isn’t selfish and she’s always looking out for me..

Unlike Elena who doesn’t give a d--n about anyone…

Sometimes she makes me feel like i made a mistake marrying her…

‘Thanks Calla you’re the best friend a king could ever ask for’..I muttered and walked away to look for Elena…

Ten minutes Later❤️




‘It came to my understanding that my queen was here Tonio,care to explain?’..i said aloud as i walked in on Tonio cracking peanuts..

‘I beg your humble pardon sire but I don’t understand what you’re talking about’..he replied..

‘Lady Calla said she saw you and my wife frolicking around the stables and you’re saying you don’t know what I’m talking about??’…I snarled with my temper clearly rising…

‘Sorry your majesty but since you came here the other time and punished me Queen Elena hasn’t been here..I..I’m sorry your highness but I can’t stand and watch someone disrespect the Queen in such manner’..he said..

Did he just??..

Did he just imply that Calla is a liar??

‘Guards!!!’..i yelled and three guards appeared at my disposal..

‘Take this riff-raff to the dungeon and let him stay there for two days,maybe then he would think twice before defying the king!!!’…


I yawned loudly as I flipped the pages of the Royal account book in the bankers office and even though in my sleep I noticed that some things didn’t add up…

On the 9th of March a lot of money was taken from the royal treasury to buy table cloths..

Who would spend a thousand euros on just table cloths??..

‘Madam Pat you know how everything that happens in the castle right?? So how many table cloths do we have??’..I asked..

‘Well we only have a hundred’..She replied and when I looked down at the book it showed that three thousand table cloths were purchased..

This just doesn’t add up??..

Someone is clearly stealing from the Royal purse…

And I’m going to find out who..

I hate my husband but if there’s one thing my father thought me then it’s accountability..

There should be accountability in the kingdom of North ridge and even the arrogant Javier doesn’t know that..

‘Madam Pat who’s in charge of the royal treasury??’..i asked again..

‘Well your highness everyone in the royal council’..she replied and i nodded..

‘I want a list tomorrow’..I murmured and I staggered as I tried standing up..

‘Ohhh be careful my queen you look really tired,maybe we should go back to the castle’…she suggested and I yawned a reply..

‘I….yeah I’m really tired and sleepy,the king wouldn’t mind if I skip some things in the schedule would he??’..i asked..

‘He may or he mayn’t I don’t know but we need to get you home before you pass out’..she replied and I nodded…

I was placed in the carriage and in a fit to keep myself comfortable i slipped off my boots and pinned my hair upwards so it wouldn’t disturb me…

Madam Pat smiled as I took a carriage pillow and placed it on her Laps…

‘Nighty night Madam Pat’..I murmured and in a minute my eyes were closed..

An Hour Later❤️




I yawned loudly for the hundredth time and open my eyes only to see Madam Pat also sleeping with the guard that was assigned to escort me…

Even though she has an hideous face and stature I just can’t deny the fact that she’s the closest person apart from Queen mother Ariel and Tonio who i haven’t seen for weeks now..

‘We are here your highness’..The coachman said and I stretched out a bit and came down from the carriage not bothering to wear my boots…

‘What is she doing here??’..I muttered as soon as i spotted laughing with Javier…

I walked past them without saying a word and before i could reach the door he called me back..

‘What??’..i asked.

‘Why would you allow Calla perform your queenly duties Elena?? Why would she go to the school and go to the church on your behalf??’..He asked and my mouth went agape..

`What?!! Calla never did that on my behalf?! I didn’t ask her to?!’..i yelled..

‘Yeah you didn’t cause you didn’t Care so she did it on her own free will,you’re an adult Elena so you should know this!!’..He fired back and i scoffed loudly..

I can’t believe this bull shit!!..

‘Okay now she’s playing dirty again and you choose to tag along like an idiot dog!? I had to wake up by 4am to—

‘To sneak out with your secret lover Tonio yeah I know and that’s why he’s in the dungeon!!’..He cut in and tears streamed down my cheeks…

‘You can accuse me of many things but i won’t let you disrespect me again because of your friend!! She’s playing dirty and when you realize it it would be too late!!’..


Okay guys I leave the matter for you guys to judge🙃…

And it seems like Calla has stepped up her game🙃…

It also seems like there’s a thief in the royal council..

©Kay writes

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