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Yang An is Here!

Huang Xiaolong suddenly raised his foot and kicked out, sending Yang Zhanfei flying off and crashing into two pillars on the street belonging to a shop. The door frame was smashed into rubble with loose debris ricocheting in all directions.

The crowd exclaimed in a shocked uproar.

“Second Young Master!”

The Yang Mansion’s guards only reacted at this moment; hurrying forward to helped Yang Zhanfei to a stand.

Several of the guards chose to deal with Huang Xiaolong instead and sprinted towards him while drawing out knives and swords. But, before these guards could get close enough to Huang Xiaolong, all of them were slapped away with one palm from Fei Hou.

When the guards were slammed away by Fei Hou, a silhouette suddenly came piercing through the air, bellowing: “Who dares to touch my younger brother?!”

This voice reverberated in the air like rumbling thunder, agitating the eardrums of everyone in the streets.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and his eyes squinted. At this time, a figure flashed, and a young man in yellow robe appeared before everyone as his feet landed gently on the street floor.

The young man’s face bore some similarities with Yang Zhanfei, but he stood upright like a sword with an innate, arrogant bearing that awed people.

“It’s Yang An!”

“Eldest Young Master!”

Seeing the newly arrived person’s face clearly, surprised voices sounded from the surrounding crowd whereas the Yang Mansion’s guards were glad and happy.

“Big Brother!” Yang Zhanfei pushed the guard propping him away, and hastened to Yang An’s side; with one hand, he pointed at Huang Xiaolong as he shouted: “It was him! He attacked me and injured me!”

Yang An’s gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, and the temperature in his eyes dropped sharply: “This is the first time someone dared to injure my younger brother!”

Huang Xiaolong’s indifference expression never lost composure, “So what?”

“Kneel down this instant, kowtow and continue to do so until my young brother forgives you. If my younger brother is willing to forgive you, then I shall spare your life.” Yang An’s voice was as cold as the expression on his face.

“What big words!” Standing on the side, Fei Hou could not resist letting out a snicker, “Don’t assume just because the King favors you that I won’t dare to kill you!”

Yang An looked at Fei Hou, his eyes sharp, “So it is Marquis Fei Hou, kill me? Relying on your strength as a peak late-Tenth Order?” Yang An fully released his coercive momentum, causing the airflow in the surrounding became turbulent.

Although Yang An was a peak –late Ninth Order, he had stepped one foot into the Tenth Order line, with his superb talent martial spirit and its ability; in his opinion, even a peak late-Tenth Order expert such as Fei Hou can’t harm him!

Then, sounds of whistling winds were heard, and several new silhouettes arrived on the scene. They were the Yang Mansion’s experts that had rushed over after getting the report.

When these experts arrived, each of them glared fiercely at Fei Hou.

“Fei Hou, be careful of the catastrophe that resulted from your mouth. One of these days, your Fei Mansion might just be annihilated!” One of them, an old man in his seventies warned threateningly.

This old man was Yang Mansion’s Chief Steward, Zhu Yi. Like Fei Hou years ago, he is a peak late-Tenth Order.

“Is it?’ Fei Hou suddenly made a move.

Seeing this, Zhu Yi sprinted forward instead of retreating.

“Crystal Ice Claw!”

An ice claw attack went up against Fei Hou, causing the street’s temperature to decline sharply as if they fell into an ice cave.

“We haven’t met for a few years, I’ll let you have a look at how much my strength has increased during this time!” A ferocious light glinted in Zhu Yi’s pupils. In the past, the two of them had fought a couple of times yet no victory was determined. But now, Zhu Yi was confident that with his current strength he could suppress Fei Hou.

However, his expression suddenly changed drastically. Fei Hou’s palm print came at him like a rotating cyclone, crushing his Crystal Ice Claw in an instant to smithereens. Finally, the palm print engulfed him.

Zhu Yi had yet to figure out what exactly happened, and he was already hit; his body flew off like a broken kite.

All present watching was stupefied.

Yang An and Yang Zhanfei had the same expression watching Zhu Yi being hit.

Zhu Yi, a peak late-Tenth Order actually could not withstand one move from Fei Hou!

The bustling street became deadly silent. The Yang Mansion guards that had their confidence and arrogance bolstered with Yang An and Zhu Yi’s arrival were muted.

Fei Rong, Fei Ming, the several Patriarchs that tagged along, and the Fei Mansion guards were staring wide-eyed with shock at Fei Hou.

“Xian, Xiantian expert!”

A long while later, one of Yang Mansion’s guards blurted out in a trembling voice.

Xiantian expert!

Everyone shuddered at the thought.

But Fei Rong’s heart was thrilled− bubbles of ecstasy were bouncing happily in his heart.

Dad, his Dad had broken into Xiantian, stepped into the Xiantian realm ah!

Xiantian, Fei Hou actually advanced into the Xiantian realm!

In the past, the Fei Mansion was considered as one of the Yuwai Kingdom’s prominent families, but it was barely qualified and had always been shunned by the super prominent families.

The reason being that there was no Xiantian expert in Fei Mansion.

But now, everything has changed.

From now on, the Fei Mansion will be included in the circle of super families.

Fei Rong was thrilled, and so was Fei Ming, and the Fei Mansion guards.

They fell into a state of quivering excitement, frenzy, and ecstasy.

Zhu Yi struggled up from the street; the expression on his face was no different with the crowd, staring at Fei Hou with apparent disbelief and shock. And mixed in there too was envy, jealousy, hate, and a strong unwillingness to accept this reality.

Fei Hou was faster than him, stepping into Xiantian realm one step ahead of him!

Xiantian − one step into the heavens; once one steps into Xiantian, their identity, position, and everything else changes.

Fei Hou looked at Zhu Yi that crawled up from the ground and sneered, “Annihilate my Fei Mansion? Relying on you?”

Zhu Yi’s expression was twisted uglily.

“Fei Hou, although you had a breakthrough into the Xiantian realm, don’t act too arrogant.”

At this time Yang An spoke:

“Don’t assume you’re invincible throughout in this world just because of it! Before my Grandfather, you are still nothing, just the same as your previous self!”

Yang An’s Grandfather, Yang Dong is also a Xiantian. Moreover, he is a Xiantian Second Order who had a breakthrough into the Xiantian realm thirty years ago.

After saying this, Yang An looked at Huang Xiaolong: “Punk, today Fei Hou covered you, so I’ll let it be this time, but I want to see if Fei Hou can protect you forever at your side!”

“Let’s go!”

Finished his sentence, Yang An wanted to leave, bringing Yang Zhanfei and the rest.

However, when Yang An was about to leave, a silhouette suddenly flashed, and a powerful fist cuts across the airflow, coming sharply at him.

Yang An’s heart tensed in that instant but he reacted swiftly, meeting that attack with a fist of his own.

Two fists collided, and two people staggered in the opposite directions.

“You!” When Yang An saw the attacker’s face, shock was evident on his face. He cannot believe the attacker was Huang Xiaolong. Not only Yang An, even Zhu Yi, the other Yang mansion experts, and the crowd were stunned. Their attention zoomed onto Huang Xiaolong.

Fei Rong and Fei Ming received another shocking surprise.

In that collision, it seemed to them Huang Xiaolong was on par with Yang An?

Equal, neither weaker nor stronger!

Yang An was the Yuwai Kingdom’s number one monstrous genius, advancing to the peak of late-Ninth Order at this age, and he was half a step into the Tenth Order whereas Huang Xiaolong was only a fifteen, sixteen-year-old boy.

“The number one monstrous genius of Yuwai Kingdom?” Huang Xiaolong showed an indifferent face: “In my opinion, only so-so!”

Yang An face turned red and purple due to anger, and his eyes were spitting embers of fury.

“Eldest Young Master!” Zhu Yi moved, stepping beside Yang An to say something, but was pushed away crudely by Yang An.

Shouting, “All of you scram far away for me! Whoever dares to block me, I will kill them!”

Instantly, dazzling light and battle qi burst out from his body, and behind him, a giant of a lion emerged.

Grade twelve martial spirit, the Roaring Sky God Lion!

The Roaring Sky God Lion martial spirit was an elite in the lion clan martial spirits, and it is at least two significant grades higher than Marshal Haotian’s Dark Nether Lion.

When the Roaring Sky God Lion appeared, it roared mightily skyward, and the wind became violent, clouds rolled as lightning split the sky.

“Dad, what do we…?” Fei Rong came behind Fei Hou, asking respectfully, implying if they should make a move.

Fei Hou shook his head: “Without Young Lord’s instruction, all of you don’t interfere!” Fei Hou signaled everyone to move back after he said that.

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