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“Teacher Nana.” Lan Xuanyu looked at Nana with sparkle of joy in his eyes as he cried out. “Teacher really kept her promise!”

Nana smiled and caressed his head. “Teacher will definitely keep her promise and it is time for you to fulfil yours. You owe me many kisses.”

Lan Xuanyu retorted back. “You owe me too.”

Nana then smiled. “Fine, let us turn around and settle the debt. Let us continue our game so come and catch me.”

“Hahaha, It is my turn to catch you now. Let me win once first.” Lan Xuanyu hugged her with a cheeky look on his face.

“Alright. I will give you this win. Let us do it again.” Nana did not mind and chuckled.

Lan Xuanyu released his hands and then, he immediately moved forward in an attempt to hug her again as he shouted, “Second time.”

He clearly remembered Nana’s advice on the importance of catching others off guard.

A pity he was up against his own teacher. With a step and puffed out chest, his sneak attack reached a critical moment but it was easily avoided by Nana. Following that, Lan Xuanyu was naturally unable to catch her once again.

It was only until he was exhausted when they had stopped. With that, Lan Xuanyu immersed himself in meditation once again.

A silver streak of light wandered about and as it dissipated in a dark alley of Zi Luo city, Nana gradually appeared. The silver light retracted into her as she strolled along the street. She did not know where to go, or where to stay. In reality, she was not as rich as what Lan Xiao had thought her to be.

The allowance provided by the Heaven Dou Planet’s Science Institute did not amount to much and with a simple monthly expenditure, it was all gone.

She was already near Lan Xuanyu’s home while they were en route on a flying vehicle. Only because Nana did not buy a ticket. She quickly discovered that she was very different from the others. She had not regained her memories but she got her strength that gradually returned along with her growing desire to take back what she had lost.

It was a cool night on the streets as Nana strolled ahead. Under the illumination of the street lights, a long silhouette roamed about aimlessly.

Early morning next day.

Lan Xuanyu performed a long satisfying stretch as he straightened himself on his bed. It goes without saying that meditating an entire night was difficult for a child his age. Naturally, it turned to sleep after a certain period of time.

But somehow, playing the chasing game with Nana actually increased the length of his meditation time despite him being fatigued and for some reason, Lan Xuanyu felt something different about himself as though his Spirit Power had a distinct improvement.

“Mum, mum, I think my Spirit power has improved.” He ran into the kitchen and found Nan Cheng making breakfast so he reported to her immediately in excitement.

Nan Cheng laughed. “Is that so? That’s great to hear, we’ll perform a check for you in a moment.” It had taken him a long time to increase his spirit power grade, but she did not want to break her son’s enthusiasm.

“Dear, let your son use the Spirit Power Test Apparatus, he might have increased his spirit power grade.” After shouting out to Lan Xiao, Nan Cheng continued frying her omelette. Lan Xuanyu loved omelettes and adding his recent increase in appetite, his intake of food was shocking.

The speculation turned out to be true. After using the Spirit Power Test Apparatus, Lan Xuanyu’s spirit power had broken through to the 12th level. It was the first increment past the Innate Full Spirit Body. Although it was considered somewhat slow, it made him ecstatic.

Right at this time, the doorbell rang.

Lan Xuanyu’s eyes immediately lit up, he eagerly ran to the main entrance and without asking who it was, he opened the door.

Nana, with her silver hair and a black mask stood in front of him. Upon seeing him, she knelt down and smiled. “I’m here to return some favor.”

“Teacher Nana.” Having becoming close inside the spiritual conscience, Lan Xuanyu immediately ran up and hugged her.

Nana’s delicate figure trembled slightly. For an unknown reason, an indescribable warmth had surfaced from her heart and erased the fatigue and loneliness that she got from wandering about last night.

Seeing Nana at the door, Lan Xiao walked over in shock. “Esteemed one, you really came…”

Nan Cheng and Lan Xiao had unanimously agreed that Nana was a Title Douluo. Such an existence had to be addressed by the term ‘Esteemed one’. Any Title Douluos were all important figures within the Soul Federation and only the unique and peak institutes had Title Douluos in their standings. Furthermore, Nana looked to be extremely young.

Nana carried Lan Xuanyu and stood up, somewhat unwilling to let the little boy go.” Good afternoon, Mr. Lan, sorry to bother you. May I come in?”

“Of course, of course, please, come in.” Lan Xiao immediately gestured for her to enter.

“Xuanyu, quickly come down,” Lan Xiao said to his son.

Lan Xuanyu then turned and looked at Lan Xiao saying, “Daddy, Teacher Nana smells so good.”

“Be polite,” Lan Xiao replied with a frown.

Lan Xuanyu gulped before sliding down from Nana’s arms. Nan Cheng walked out at this moment and she was equally surprised as Lan Xiao when she saw Nana. She then turned to look at her husband before asking, “Esteemed one, have you eaten breakfast?”

Nana was startled. In fact, she never had a sense of hunger and she rarely ate.

Seeing her expression, Nan Cheng misunderstood her and quickly added, “Let us eat together then, I just made breakfast.”

“Alright,” she replied.

Maybe it was Nana’s arrival, but little Xuanyu found his breakfast to be especially fragrant and tasty. Nana ate little as she simply observed Xuanyu wolfing down his food mouth after mouth, causing her to be somewhat at a loss. For some reason, she found the scene extremely familiar as though she had witnessed such a scene a long time ago.

“This little boy is eating more and more recently. Esteemed one, is this normal?” With a Title Douluo present, Nan Cheng could not help but ask.

Nana shook her head. “It’s normal. He should be eating like that since his body needs all the nutrients and the spiritual energy in the food for him to grow. The spiritual energy contained in an ordinary food is still ultimately limited though.”

Lan Xiao was moved. “You’re talking about medicinal cuisines and rare food ingredients?”

“Yes. Those will be better, they are more beneficial for the body after all,” Nana replied.

Lan Xiao chuckled bitterly. “We do not have the conditions to obtain them. I heard about them before, the medicinal cuisines and rare foods are only rationed to high ranked institutes.”

Nana looked at him. “The high ranked institutes have them? Why is that so?”

Lan Xiao then replied, “They are expensive, especially for the rare ingredients and they are not things that ordinary folks can eat. It is said that only the elite classes of the high ranked institutes are allocated some, but even so, they have to spend their own money to procure them. Ordinary people like us do not have the qualifications to obtain them too. The federation has imposed an extremely strict restriction and control over them. Only the mother planet and the two star beast planets and above can provide the best food ingredients. Just the cost of transporting food is expensive enough too.”

“Oh. Are there high ranked institutes in Zi Luo city?” Nana asked.

Lan Xiao then said, “There are a few. But there is only one spirit master high ranked institute, the Zi Luo Branch Academy of Heaven Luo’s high ranked institute. Xuanyu is currently enrolled in their subsidiary school, the Elementary Spirit Master Academy.”

“Oh, I got it.” Nana nodded her head.

Nan Cheng then asked, “Esteemed one, do you truly intend to teach Xuanyu? Having you to teach him is truly like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and we are not able to afford your classes.” Much less them, a middle-class family, even the rich and wealthy would never be able to afford a Title Douluo to be a home tutor. Only the clans or financial groups had the capacity to do so.

“I do not want money. Just provide me a place to stay and It does not need to be spacious. Even a training room is fine. I do not eat much as well so I’m sure that I will not be a burden to you,” Nana replied.

At that moment, she had her mask removed. She had spoken calmly, as though the matters that she was discussing about had nothing to do with her.

Nan Cheng and Lan Xiao suddenly felt that they did not have the slightest bit of power to refuse a Title Douluo. After all, she was a peak existence in the federation.

“Maybe this is Xuanyu’s fate and we will have to trouble you.” Lan Xiao made the prompt decision and no longer hesitated. She had already made her way from Heaven Douluo planet to Heaven Luo planet. To arrive at such a speed, Lan Xiao reckoned that she might had used a personal spacecraft for the trip. Afterall, they had nothing for a person capable of utilizing such resources to covet.

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