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Interstellar flight

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“Interstellar flights are relatively long and there is a certain degree of danger as well. Hence, we will need all passengers to cooperate with our space service crew to ensure that we arrive at our destination safely.”

“On both sides of the seats, there are metal seat belts. They will buckle up automatically during take-off, bumps, landings, and crossing of wormholes. You will be prompted. Please do not panic. At the same time, in the process of take-off, landing, crossing of the wormhole, the protective cover will also close by itself and provide enough oxygen and control the pressure simultaneously. If you feel unwell, press the green button on the right-hand side. We will look at your condition and assist you immediately.”

The audio clearly explained every matter they had to take note of, including the location of the rescue capsule. The so-called rescue capsule actually meant that there was no way of returning. It could only float around in the cosmos for a long time and wait for rescue.

“Spirit Masters, please note that if you need to cultivate in the spacecraft, please close the protective cover at your seat to prevent any disturbance to the other passengers. Kindly refrain from cultivating during take-off, landing or crossing of wormholes to prevent hurting yourselves.”

The entire broadcast lasted for ten minutes but Lan Xuanyu enjoyed every second of it. Around him was a world of silvery-white and every seat was quickly filled up with passengers. The spacecraft seemed to have numerous levels and they were at the lowest level. I wonder what is it upstairs? Lan Xuanyu was a little curious. Lan Xiao told him that the levels above were more luxurious and the cost increases by five times at each level. It was said that the most luxurious seat was over a hundred times more than their seat at the ordinary cabin.

“Passengers, please take note. Passengers, please take note. The 7703 spacecraft will launch in ten minutes. Please return to your seats and remain seated. The seatbelts will buckle in five minutes.”

The same announcement was repeated thrice and the tone was clearly more solemn each time. The low voice echoed in the air, giving one a sense of urgency.

Lan Xuanyu’s family stayed put in their seats. Lan Xiao turned to his son and gave a reassuring smile, “Don’t be nervous, there will be a stronger impact later but you’ll feel alright once you’re in the air.”

“En.” Lan Xuanyu nodded.

Three metal seat belts slowly fastened and adjusted the angle and position by itself, according to the different sizes of the passengers. It secured the passenger’s chest, waist and legs, causing one to be stuck to the seat.


“Blast off!”

Just at this moment, a layer of faint light film was raised from both sides of Lan Xuanyu’s seat and he was enclosed into the space where he was seated at. The protective cover was on!

The spacecraft had a strong power when it was taking off and in order to prevent the children from being unable to handle the pressure, all of the child seats would have its protective cover fully activated. Although the protective cover for adults was also activated, it wasn’t as strong in order to conserve energy.


Lan Xuanyu felt a strong jerk and in the next moment, the spacecraft began to vibrate slowly, then he felt a force from the bottom of his body pulling him harshly onto the seat.

At this moment, his breathing became harder. With the intense pressure and the strong vibration around him, the fear was evident on young Lan Xuanyu’s face.

Flying into the cosmos is actually so scary, huh?

Just at this moment, a warm feeling traveled to the rest of his body from his right arm and it helped his tense body relax. That force that was pressing him into his seat seemed to lessen as well.

“Phew——” Lan Xuanyu let out a long sigh of relief. He noticed that the metal seatbelts around him were now unbuckled, the side windows were revealed as well and now, he could take his time and look outside at the space beyond them.

What he could see currently was a huge piece of cloud passing by.

“We will be going through a thick atmospheric layer, please sit tight.” The announcement resounded.

Suddenly, the spacecraft began to shake violently to the extent that it summoned a strong buzzing sound inside of everyone’s heads. Lan Xuanyu started seeing the world before him with a double vision.

This lasted for an entire ten seconds and all of a sudden, it felt as if the spacecraft broke out of its shell. There was a hard jerk and it then stabilized itself like nothing even happened.

All of the shaking and buzzing immediately disappeared and everything returned to normal.

This is…

Lan Xuanyu was a little surprised and confused. The protective cover over his head was deactivated as well and shortly after that, the metal seatbelts were released too.

He heard a few sighs and gasps of relief, it was clear that he wasn’t the only one who was taking the spacecraft for the first time.

He turned his head and looked at his father. Lan Xiao then looked at his son in surprise. He thought that his son would cry since Lan Xuanyu was slightly more sensitive than others ever since he was little but at this moment, he seemed quite alright.

He was a bit worried. Ever since his Spirit Awakening, this child had begun to become more and more different from others.

“Mommy, can I go over to you?” Lan Xuanyu looked at Nan Cheng with his big round eyes.

“Of course, you can.” Nan Cheng spread her arms towards her son.

Lan Xuanyu still remembered his mother’s warning that he was not allowed to speak loudly. He suppressed his desire to exclaim for joy as he ran towards Nan Cheng’s warm embrace.

“Mommy, the spacecraft is a little scary when it takes off!” His head was bobbing up and down in his mother’s arms as he spoke.

Nan Cheng rubbed his head gently as she gave her a smile full of bliss. Lan Xiao couldn’t help but smile as well.

‘No matter where this child came from, he is still mine and Nan Cheng’s son! Yes, he is our son, nobody can hurt him or take him away. I must protect him no matter what.’ Lan Xiao thought.

“Interstellar traveling is like that! If you’re afraid of this bit, how are you going to become a pilot when you grow up?” Lan Xiao laughed.

“I am not afraid, I want to be a pilot.” Lan Xuanyu straightened up his back with a determined expression on his face.

“Good! Then you must continue to work hard. First, you must maintain your good grades in school and when you reach the intermediate academy, Daddy will bring you around to take the relevant exams for you to become one. If you do well, you will be able to enter a good school and gain the necessary knowledge for you to be a good pilot.”

As Lan Xuanyu’s background was special, Lan Xiao was willing to let him work towards his goal of becoming a battleship pilot. It was better than him gaining more attention when more and more of his differences were uncovered. It didn’t matter when he would grow up because by then, he would be strong enough to protect himself.

“En!” Lan Xuanyu shouted with a wide smile.

Interstellar traveling was dry and dull indeed and Lan Xuanyu realized this very quickly.

During the first day, he was still excited and interested as he looked around everywhere. But the cabin of the spaceship was only this big and the passengers in the lower class cabin were not allowed to go to the upper-class cabins. The space allocated to each person was also very small and even their food was restricted to those nutritional pre-planned meals.

What do they taste like? It was just like mashed potatoes with added seasoning. It was fine if one had to eat it once but after a couple of times, even Lan Xuanyu who had a big appetite began to lose it.

“Daddy, Mommy, I am so bored! What should I do?” A day had passed, he couldn’t take it any longer so he expressed his boredom to his parents.

“Meditate if you’re bored. Don’t you want to become a battleship pilot? An outstanding personal strength would allow you to gain more points.” Nan Cheng grinned.

“Alright then.” Lan Xuanyu thought about the mutated silver patterned Blue Silver Grass on his left hand and it seemed like he had really changed quite a bit.

He returned to his seat and activated the protective cover under Nan Cheng’s instructions. Lan Xuanyu then began his attempt to meditate.

The protective cover could isolate most of the noises and prevent the leakage of his Spirit Power.

Lan Xuanyu entered the state of meditation very quickly by following the Mysterious Heaven Skill’s method which was indeed faster in the past. Everything appeared so clear as if they happened naturally and he entered his state of focus just like that.

He didn’t know it himself and this was due to the increase in his spiritual power which allowed him to have better control over his use of the Mysterious Heaven Skill.

His mind was blank and his Spirit Power moved around freely. In just a moment, Lan Xuanyu felt as if there were many dots of lights that surrounded him in his outside world. Among these dots of light, there was a silver one that acted as their leader and he had never seen this before.

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