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Ineffective Spirit Skill

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Qiu Yuxin shifted in slight discomfort, remembering how Lan Xuanyu accidentally fractured Ye Lingtong. Add to the fact that Ye Lingtong was the one who instigated the fight, her losing must’ve bothered the little lady. It was clear that she was out for revenge.

“Alright, but be careful,” Qiu Yuxin advised Ye Lingtong with concern in her eyes. She then turned to look for the most good-looking child amongst class two of the first-graders and said, “Xuanyu, Ye Lingtong has chosen you. Do well and fight for class two.”

Lan Xuanyu walked out with a miserable look on his face. He knew how good Ye Lingtong was, topping all her academic subjects and actual combat class even as she was recuperating from her injury.

Him, on the other hand, was average at best. He might have learned a few practical combats and fighting techniques, but he knew that he was still going to lose against Ye Lingtong.

“Lan Xuanyu, do your best! Lan Xuanyu, do your best!” The students of class two cheered, gathering to support him.

His classmates all loved him. If it wasn’t for his combat class results, he would have been appointed the class monitor for class two. As it is, their current monitor was another rank 10 student who has a better spirit compared to the Blue Silver Grass.

“You’ll feel my full strength this time!” Ye Lingtong raised her little chin arrogantly towards Lan Xuanyu.

“Begin,” the homeroom teacher of class one called.

Without preamble, Ye Lingtong unleashed her spirit. A layer of faint bright light was released from her body, white scales surfacing out of the skin of her hands. The scales were in the form of rarely seen triangular shapes with a craggy protrusion at the center of every scale. Her pupils turned into sharp slits and her originally pitch-black eyes turned into a citrine color. A faint dragon roar resonated as she leaped forward, her whole form imposing.

Ye Lingtong’s spirit was exceedingly outstanding, best among her peers, and all the teachers were impressed. With her innate Spirit Power at rank eight, a rarely seen mutated spirit which was different from her parents, it took her merely a week to advance to rank 10.

A variant of the Earth Dragon Spirit, hers was the mutated Iron Dragon Spirit that has been promoted to the Celestial Dragon! From an inferior dragon, it had evolved into a true dragon. Although it was the weaker type amongst the true dragons, it was still a Dragon Spirit – one of the few strongest spirits in existence.

A yellow Spirit Ring surged from beneath her feet, the color that represented 100-year Spirit Rings. It was no wonder that Ye Lingtong has so much confidence. Not only did she managed to gain a Spirit Skill, but she also bagged a 100-year one. Couple that power with her anger, she was unstoppable.

“Bring your spirit out!” Ye Lingtong demanded at Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but be anxious as he stared at her threatening pose. Shakily, he raised his left hand, bringing forth a swirl of silver veined Blue Silver Grass from his palm. Compared to the beginning of the term, the spirit he had produced did not appear to have any change.

As soon as she saw the white Spirit Ring rising on the Blue Silver Grass, Ye Lingtong rushed towards him.

Lan Xuanyu panicked at the sight of Ye Lingtong coming for him. He unconsciously took a step back, the white Spirit Ring he had lighting up.

Immediately, the Blue Silver Grass on his left hand emitted a silver halo, the dewdrops on the leaves seemed to come alive as they converged into a river under his control. The river formed a whirlpool with a diameter of approximately one chi, shielding him from the front.

Despite its ordinary appearance, his Blue Silver Grass was unique. After gaining his first Spirit Ring, it gave him the ability to control the element of water. However, his control wasn’t strong yet and the most water that he could handle’s roughly about 10 liters.

He was only able to manipulate the water into a beautiful but lethal spiral flow because of his diligent practice.

A dazzling luster blossomed from the Ye Lingtong’s yellow 100-year Spirit Ring, congealing around her. She then ran straight towards Lan Xuanyu’s whirlpool, confident that her 100-year Spirit Ring would be able to break through his weak defense.

Everything happened in an instant. As both sides collided, it felt as time had frozen over. Both Lan Xuanyu’s and Ye Lingtong’s faces showed panic and astonishment.

The instant Ye Lingtong came into contact with Lan Xuanyu’s whirlpool, the white light around her body disappeared. Her body plunged into the whirlpool without a single defense. No matter how weak it was, it was still a Spirit Skill that could do considerable damage. Ye Lingtong’s small body was swept into the whirlpool for a few moments before the leaves from Lan Xuanyu’s spirit threw her soaking wet body out.


Ye Lingtong fell onto the grass patch.

The students and the teachers were all stunned, confused as to what just happened.

“That’s impossible!” Ye Lingtong cried, staggering to her feet, drenched but otherwise unharmed.

She had a perfected Celestial Body, how could it just disappear all of a sudden? It should have been an easy collision into the whirlpool. She should’ve been able to go through his defense, knock Lan Xuanyu into the air, and throw him to the ground. How did it all backfire on her?

“Victory goes to Lan Xuanyu,” Qiu Yuxin announced, still stupefied. She pulled Lan Xuanyu back and walked him to his classmates who were rejoicing his victory.

“Lan Xuanyu!” Ye Lingtong screamed angrily from behind him. Lan Xuanyu turned back to look at her with an innocent expression. However, those innocent eyes only increased the magnitude of Ye Lingtong’s anger.

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