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Kelvin looked at his father in the face as he spoke directly to him. His dad has told him that the boy is a bastard and can never be his grandson.

“I will not be a grand father to a black African. They are animals. Black monkeys” he shouted.

“Well my son is not a black monkey. My son is a black American. And weather you like it or not, he is and will always be your grand son.

And he walked away to the dock. Where all the Africans were been loaded into the big ship.

Ukeh smiled when he saw little Tom and Kelvin. He shook hands with them and thanked them for thier help and effort in ensuring thier freedom. He thanked Tom for introducing him to Jesus, and promised to bring the gospel home to his people. They gave him some Bibles to distribute when he gets home.

Nti held Kelvin and cried like a baby to him.

“You can stay if you want to, some of the Africans have decided to stay. You are free now remember” Kelvin said.

But Nti made him understand that she is going home and does not belong with the whites. And in few minutes they base themselves goodbye.

As the ship sailed away, Tom and Kelvin waved at it until it was completely out of sight.

Ukeh and the others were very happy, little did they know that the whites who was the captain of the ship have other plans. After driving far from the land they arrived at an island filled with trees and suddenly the ship stopped.

Ukeh: Hello Mr, please why is the ship stopping?

And the white men started laughing.

“Foolish blacks. You want to be free right? Well you are free already. I hope you can find your way from here? Now get off my ship before I kill you all?

Ukeh was surprised, but there was nothing he could do. And so he held his sister and Amara and slowly they came out of the different ships.

“But this is an island, how do you expect us to survive here. We do not even know if there are wild animals here? Ukeh said.

“That is your business. If you like you die or survive its non of our business. You wanted to be free and you are already free.”

They laughed as they turned and sailed away. In total it was 158 ships. The Africans that was dropped on that island was a total of 3,576 Africans. Men, women and children.

There was crying and wailing amongst them. And Ukeh was confused. But a verse of the Bible that he loved so much crossed his heart. “For I am with you always” He quickly stood up amidst the crowd and shouted so loud so that all can hear him.

“My name is Ukeh, and I am here to tell you to FEAR NOT. We are a people of God and just like the Israelites God will never leave nor forsake us. We are Africans and we can survive wherever we go. In this island that they have left us to die. God will shock them. Cry not. Let’s spread ourselves, go into the bushes pick up sticks, create tents, kill animals , make a fire. We will survive. If we can survive the torture of the white man then we can survive anything. Because God is on our side.

And they clapped for him. And the young men and women entered inside the bushes cutting down trees while the old men hunted for food. By that evening they were tired, but they already had homes and food for all.

Amara looked at Ukeh with lots of admiration.

“You remind me so much of my grandfather. You are very brave. What do we do now? We don’t even know where we are?”

Ukeh: I don’t know but I think I heard one of the whites telling the other than they should drop us at the island of Cameroun. So I believe this place is a place inside Cameroun

“If we are in Cameroun it means we are very close to home. Amara said.

“Yes but then we cannot cross this sea on foot. So let’s settle here for the now, I believe one day, help will come and we will go home. Ukeh said and he stood up to address the people

“Listen everyone. Let us appreciate the Lord God who has saved us from the whites just as the Israelites. We may not have gotten to our destination yet but we are free people. Tomorrow let’s start farming, fishing and let’s do whatever we can. For now this will be our new home. But one day we will get to our destination. We are somewhere in Cameroun but I don’t know where and so we will call this place FREETOWN. For here we get to live as FREE MEN after years in captivity.

And once again the people clapped for Ukeh as they danced and sang to God.

To be continued.

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