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The president of the united had no choice than to have a sitting with his cabinets and governors. Since the protest started things have gone very bad in the country. Businesses have been shut down and this was affecting the income of the economy already. He had ordered that the court looked into the matter at hand. They have been going to court for weeks now and the president has ordered that the case be brought to an end.

And so, on that faithful morning as Ukeh woke up and said his morning prayers with his friends underground he felt an unexplainable joy within him.

“Today is a good day. Today is going to be a remarkable day, I don’t know how but I feel it. So once again let’s appreciate God for the gift of life and for the white friends He brought to help us fight this fight. As we go to court today being the last day of this case. I pray that our victory be made known to the world in Jesus name.” And they all chorused “amen”

That day in court, a lot of slavers were present including master Tom, but it was few Africans that was present. Kelvin had advised them to stay behind because if they should lost the case, the white would seize them and take them back for punishment.

But Ukeh had faith that this day would bring them victory. And that was why he dressed in a white suit that Kelvin brought for him and he went to court. As he took his sear he said a short prayer.

“Jesus I have accepted and believed in you. If all I have been hearing about you is true, then just as you delivered the Israelites deliver us today and grant is freedom. Amen”

As they waited for the judge to or on pronounce his final judgment, Master Tom took a look at Ukeh who was sitting very relaxed and calm. He admired how sharp and smart he looked on the suit, but his hatred for Africa made him look away. He was still lost in thoughts that he didnt hear the judgment that was passed by the judge. He only saw Ukeh kneeling down with his hands raised up, smiling and tears falling from his eyes. He turned and looked at his friend.

“What did the judge say? He asked

“Were you sleeping? He has abolished the trade. He has passed it into law, no more buying and selling. The US government has decreed that we are all equal and all is now free. They government will be returning and taking all Africans who wish to return home, home. And those who want to stay back can stay back and enjoy full rights like you and I. ”

“What?” Tommy exclaimed and turned to look at Ukeh, but he was gone.

Ukeh ran as fast as his legs could carry him, the news of the abolishment has spread round the world. The Africans were seen jubilating and dancing on the streets, some tried to shake his hand but he kept on running. And when he got to where KELVIN was he raised him up in the air and danced round and round.

“I know you know the way, come on now, take me to my sister.” He cried.

“With all pleasure my friend, I can’t wait to see her too.” He replied.

“Where is little Tom, Ukeh asked

“I knew that if we win, many of the blacks will be scattered all over, and so I told him to go and make sure Nti and Agatha are safe. He said you and Agatha have a place and they will be there waiting for us. Kelvin replied

“Alright, lead the way my friend” ukeh said amidst tears.

And they both climbed on his horse as it rode away.

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