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Seven years later🍎

Laylah stood in the men’s changing room, waiting for that final whistle.

Whenever he had a game, regardless if they won or lost, Blue’s request was for her to run out onto the field so he could fvcking hold her.

She hated watching his games. More so now that she had seen so many injuries from the game.

Blue made her so proud. He’d been drafted straight out of college.

His talent and charm immediately threw him into the spotlight.

He was a celebrity and well, his love for his wife had helped him as well.

Their romance had been one of many newspaper features. It was rather strange to have her picture spread all over, their story for people to read.

Pressing a hand to her swollen stomach, she nibbled on her lip, waiting.

The crowd lived for this moment, just as much as Blue did. She hated the attention.

With his success, she’d also been approached with a couple of book deals.

Somehow, it had gotten out that she was an aspiring author.

Rather than take any deals, though, she’d opted to go it alone, building her own name up, not that she wasn’t thankful for the offers, but she’d felt it was because of Blue.

He supported her no matter what, but she was a bestseller in her own right.

The whistle went and one of the teammates was there to escort her onto the pitch. He was a newbie.

Blue was already running over to her as she entered the field. Every other time, he swung her up in the air.

They’d kept her pregnancy quiet, but as he bent down on one knee and kissed her stomach, she couldn’t help but smile.

He wanted to be the one to announce her pregnancy to the world.

Glancing up at the scoreboard, she smiled. They’d won. Of course, they had. They rarely lost.

Blue got to his feet, sinking his fingers into her hair and kissing her.

“I fvcking love you,” he said.

“And I love you.”

“How are you feeling?”

“A little nervous now.” The crowd was going crazy, cheering, applauding, screaming.

“I think it’s time for us to go.”

Blue took her hand and lifted it up for the crowd to see.

The rest of his team jogged over and shook her hand, patting her stomach.

Then, in front of everyone, Blue picked her up and carried her right off the pitch and into the men’s changing room.

She was laughing, covering her eyes as the guys were already getting undressed.

“Cover your ugly arses up.”

She was taken to the coach’s office while Blue left her alone. She sat, waiting, and after ten minutes, Blue was ready.

“You’re not going to shower?”

“No, you’ve been tired and yet, you still come and see me, like always. You’re my good luck charm.”

She wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Blue, all you have to do is ask and I’ll come to you.”

He leaned down to her ear. “That’s good to know because in less than an hour, I want you coming on my c--k.”

Arousal flooded her. Taking his hand, she followed him out, waiting as fans lingered.

She loved Blue. Marrying him was the best thing that ever happened to her, and she didn’t regret it for even a moment.


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