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(Friend or Fiance?)


An Hour Later❤️




I paced around the room angrily while Elena just sat on my bed with her arms crossed,hair ruffled and dress stained..

‘Are you going to keep pacing around or you just going to punish me?!’..She asked and I shot her a haughty glare…

‘Do you know what you’ve done Elena Viero?!! Do you even know the shame and embarrassment you’ve caused?!’..I retorted sharply and she whimpered..

I scoffed and continued pacing angrily and then all of a sudden she started crying..

‘You are the meanest person I’ve ever met Javier!!! I mean it wasn’t my fault that i beat her to a pulp?!’…She whimpered again..

‘For heavens sake why would you even do such in the first place?!! Calla isn’t the problem here?! You are!’..I yelled and she rose up from the bed facing me head on…

‘You slapped me!! You slapped me because of her?! What kind of a king are you?! She lied and you just believed her without hearing my own side of the story!! Fine we hate each other but that doesn’t mean you can disrespect me in front of her like that?!! Whose side are you on? Your Friend of Fiance?!’…She cried out walked away..

The door was slammed so hard and I sighed deeply and went into my room..

My friend or fiance??..

Calla can’t lie to me??..

She can’t even hurt a fly talk less of lying but Elena??..

She stole my horse and tried to run away so why should I even think of trusting her??..

The Next Morning⛅




The dining table was silent as hell when I walked in.Mother was looking glum and Calla was looking awful due to last night’s event that almost got her disfigured…

Who knew Elena could fight like that??..

‘Where is Elena??’..I asked..

‘She’s in her room,she doesn’t want to come down for breakfast’..Calla replied..

‘Why??’..i asked again..

‘She doesn’t want to see your face that’s why not after what happened yesterday’..Mom replied and I clenched my fists tightly…

‘Okay then’..i murmured trying not to show how angry I was and sat down..

After some minutes of silence i just couldn’t take it anymore and in a fit of anger i slapped my hands on the table…

‘Hey you’..I pointed at a guard..

‘Go get Lady Elena and bring her here!!’..I ordered..

‘Javier what are you doing?! That is not how I raised you?! What has Elena done to you this morning?!’..Mom protested..

‘She’s disrespected me that’s what’..i said chewing the last portion of steak in my plate…

‘Lady Elena isn’t in her room sire,Madam Pat said she’s at the stables with Tonio’..The guard said and I flinched..


‘She’s riding a horse Javier where’s the problem in that??’..Mom asked and I threw her a haughty glare…

‘She can’t even do one thing properly!! What kind of a Fiance rides a horse in the morning?!’..

‘The kind that wants to have fun Javier leave her alone’..


He smiled watching Elena from afar laughing and riding her horse with Joy with Tonio who was struggling to keep up with her…

So she is the King’s bride?? He thought..

He flashed his white teeth as he strode around the bushes waiting for the perfect time to leave…

His boss was so going to be happy with his discovery…

Finally there was a way to take Javier Orlando down and it would and it would be possible with the help of his bride…


‘Tonio stop that?!!’..I laughed out heartily as Tonio splashed water all over my jacket..

‘Sorry my lady I got carried away’..he joked and I chuckled again..

He’s the only one who treats me like a normal person in this castle and I can say he’s the closest friend I’ve had ever since I landed in this stupid place..

He makes funny jokes..

He tells me stories about the history of North ridge…

He does a lot of things that makes me happy unlike Javier who cares only about his proper friend..

If he’s so loyal to her then why doesn’t he marry her?!..

‘You look troubled Lady Elena’..Tonio muttered bringing me back from my reverie..

‘Ohh sorry it’s just that I’m bothered about something nothing else’..I replied tucking my hair behind my ear…

‘Ohh can your humble royal servant be of help to you in anyway??’…He asked..

‘Ohhh no thanks Tonio,you’ve done enough for me i mean you even showed me how to do the silly dance of your people’..I teased and he chuckled..

‘Just know I’m here for you anytime my lady’..


‘I just don’t know why those two bicker with each other and they’re not even married yet!!’..I complained bitterly to Queen Esmeralda who happens to be my best friend..

‘Ohhh that’s how it is and besides Javier wants a woman who obeys his every wish and Elena doesn’t want to bossed around’..She said and I sighed..

‘I just don’t know what to do anymore Esmeralda,the wedding is just in two weeks and they can’t even stand the sight of each other’..

‘Take them to counselling’..She replied..


‘Yes counselling,that’s what I did for my son when he got married to Duke Martin’s daughter they went for counselling and now I have two happy grandchildren’…She added…

‘So what you’re saying is that I should bring a counsellor for the two of them??’..

‘Yeah you should and you’d see,they’ll get along so so well’..


I watched angrily as Elena ran after Tonio who in return was splashing her water continuously…

Her clothes were so wet that i could view her puckered nipples from a distance..

What on earth is she doing??.

What will people think??.

The fiancee of a king playing childishly with his stableman??..

‘Ohhh where have you been all my life?!! I can’t believe you’re fun!’..She laughed falling playfully to the ground..

‘My lady it’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance’..Tonio replied and she chuckled again…

Okay that’s it!!..

‘Tonio pack your bags cause you’re leaving’…i blurted out loudly as i walked towards the both of them..

‘What?!! Why??’..Elena asked and I threw her a dirty look..

‘Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!! The fiance of a king frolicking with his stableman aren’t you ashamed?!!’..I said and she let out a scoff..

‘Ohh really your highness really?! Aren’t you also ashamed?!! The fiancee of a normal girl slapping her because of his friend!! You choose your friend over me and I kept quiet and now I’m with my own friend and you’re against it?!! You’re f**king hypocrite Javier!!!’..

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