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Lu Lu hides in the corner alone and shrinks into a small group. Ji Rou and Qin Yinze have advised him for a long time. The little guy is still silent. But Ji Rou has to sit in the corner with Lele.

Lu Lu doesn't speak, but she can say to him: "Lu Lu, do you like to play with brother Lele? If you like it, and you don't want to talk, just nod your head gently, and brother Lele will know. "

Land and land did not respond.

Ji Rou is very patient with children. Once Lu Lu doesn't respond, she goes on, "Lu Lu, little baby, would you like to nod your head when you hear your aunt speak?"

Jirou waited for a while, and thought that the little guy didn't respond, only to see the little guy nodded lightly.

He nodded to prove that the little guy didn't shut himself up in his own world. He could hear other people talking. Ji Rou was happy and said, "Lu Lu, do you like playing with your aunt?"

Lu Lu hesitated and nodded.

Little Lu Lu did well, and Ji Rou said, "Lele, what would you like to ask Lu Lu's brother?"

Lele replied, "Lele knows that Lu Lu Lu likes to eat chicken wings with coke."

"It's great to remember what my brother likes to eat." Ji Rou rubbed their heads separately and said, "Lu Lu, do you like to eat cute chicken wings?"

Lu Lu nodded again.

Getting Lu Lu's response, Ji Rou was so excited that she snapped: "OK, my aunt asked the kitchen to make Lu Lu Lu's chicken wings with coke. Lu Lu has not eaten food for so long, so we must eat more."

Lu Lu nodded again.

Although Lu Lu still didn't speak, he was willing to nod his head and communicate with others, which was also a great progress. Ji Rou was so happy to hold Lu Lu up, and the little guy didn't refuse.

Just then Aunt Ma called: "Jirou, Miss Lu Xi is calling. Let Lu Lu answer the phone."

Lucy on the phone?


Jirou still can't believe it, but she has already taken the phone: "is it really Lu Xi?"

Lucy's voice came from the phone: "sister in law, I'm ok. Don't worry. Lu Lu's child is more sensitive and worries you. "

"What are you talking about?" Ji Rou hands the phone to Lu lu'er. "Xiao Lu, it's mummy's call. She's looking for you. Please talk to her quickly."

Lu Lu didn't believe it, so he didn't say a word, until a beautiful female voice came from his cell phone: "Lu Lu, my baby."

"Mommy..." Hearing mommy's voice, Lu Lu flat mouth, tears fell from the corner of his eyes. "Mommy, Lu doesn't want to be separated from Mommy."

Listen to the weeping sound of the little guy's grievance, Lu Xi was extremely distressed: "Lu Lu, Mommy didn't want to be separated from you, but Mommy had a little illness, and now she lives in the hospital. Because Lu Lu doesn't like hospitals, mummy didn't let Lu Lu come to accompany mummy. Do you understand? "

"Where Mommy is, land and land will be." Lu Lu hates to go to the hospital, but if mummy is there, he is willing to go to the hospital to accompany mummy, not to let mummy be alone.

Lu Xi gently comforted him: "let Lu Lu eat first. He must be full. When he is full, please ask his aunt to send you here."

"Mmm Aunt said to make chicken wings for Lu Lu. When Lu Lu is full, she goes to find Mommy. " Lu Lu nodded repeatedly. As long as he could be with Mommy, he would eat very carefully, no need to be said, because Mommy said that he could grow up quickly and protect Mommy when she grew up.

Hearing the soft and cute voice of the little guy, Lu Xi wanted to fly to the little guy's side and hug him into his arms: "my baby is so lovely, mommy loves you."

Land and land milk sound milk airway: "land and land love Mommy!"

"Well, Mommy knows. Lu Lu now calls his aunt. Mummy wants to talk to her Hearing mummy's orders, Lu Lu cleverly hands over the phone to Ji Rou, "Auntie, mummy wants to talk to you."

"OK." Seeing that Lu Lu is back to normal, Ji Rou finally moves away the big stone in her heart, "Lu Xi, don't worry, I'll feed Lu Lu Lu enough and send it to you later."

Lu Xike said, "sister in law, please."

Jirou said, "don't be polite to me later. If you are polite to me, I'll be in a hurry with you."

Although Lu Xi's kidnapping had nothing to do with Ji Rou, Ji Rou just couldn't get over her heart. She always thought that if she didn't propose to go to the amusement park that day, Lu Xi might not be in danger.

Ji Rou didn't say these words to Lu Xi, but she kept them in mind. She would take good care of her younger brother-in-law in the future.


In a twinkling of an eye, several days later, Lu Xi was injured and could be discharged from the hospital.

Before leaving the hospital, an Tingjie came to report: "President Qin, Cui Xianzhen and her criminal evidence have been submitted to the police. The court will soon be able to hear her case, and punish her for several crimes. Even if she can't be sentenced to death, it's absolutely OK to be sentenced to life imprisonment."

Qin Yin snorted coldly, "what's the good about a capital crime? If you die, it's all over the world. It's to let her live well and use the rest of her life to pay back the crimes she committed before."

"I know what to do," said antinger

Qin Yin asked, "how is the matter about Cheng Yuyang checked?" "I was just about to report it to you." An Tingjie takes out several photos and hands them to Qin Yingu. "It's clear that Cui Xianzhen and her former subordinates did the kidnapping. It has nothing to do with Cheng Yuyang. It's not totally irrelevant. Strictly speaking, Cheng Yuyang is also the victim of this incident. "

Qin Yin frowned. "She's also a victim?"

"She went to nuoyuan that night, and then she didn't know what was the conflict with Mrs. Cheng. Shortly after the car left nuoyuan, she got off. These are all supported by videos. The first photo you have is a video clip. "

After a pause, seeing that Qin Yinjian didn't say a word, antinger continued: "shortly after getting off the bus, Cheng Yuyang was taken away by Cui Xianzhen's people. Cheng's car also came back, but no one was found. At last, he drove back to Cheng's house, and didn't go anywhere else. "

"Auntie Feiyu is my mother's very good sister, I believe her," Qin said "Mrs. Cheng is a good man." Qin Yingu believes that lingfeiyu is a matter, and their failure to check is another matter, which is related to Lu Xi's safety. Boss is very angry and the consequences are very serious. No one dares to neglect it. As for those who have contact with their family, he

has checked them one by one. Qin Yin glared at antinger. He asked him to issue a good person card here?

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