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This woman!

Can she not be so nice?

Why can't she be selfish?

If she could be selfish and think more about herself, it would make him feel less sorry for her.

But she was so kind and took out her heart and lungs to him: "Qin Yinjian, don't talk, tell me quickly, what's the matter with you? Tell me quickly. Don't let me worry. I can't help you. "

"I didn't feel bad." Qin Yin held her hand and said with great force, "Lu Xi, where are you afflicted? Tell me. "

Where does it hurt?

"I didn't..." Lu Xigang said that he didn't feel bad. Suddenly, he remembered that he was kidnapped by Cui Xianzhen, and She quickly pulled back and raised her hand. She was relieved to see that the watch was still well worn on her wrist.

"This watch is more than just a watch. It's a recording pen I prepared." "I used to think the man that night was someone else, and I was looking for that person, hoping to find him and bring him to justice, so I prepared this recording watch," she said

That night, because he left without saying goodbye, she suffered a lot in these years, mental and physical suffering, but in the situation of isolation, she alone with land support.

Thinking of this, Qin Yinjian only felt that someone was stabbing his heart with a knife. It hurt. It really hurt: "Lu Xi, why are you so stupid? Why can't you think more about yourself?" "I just think a lot about myself." Thinking that the recording watch prepared by Lu Xi finally came into use, Lu Xi forgot the hurt on his body and smiled brightly, "I prepared this recording watch to collect evidence in case of an emergency. There is no man who doesn't exist, but Cui Xian can't escape this time." Lu Xi pressed one of the small buttons, and a voice came out. It was recorded with Cui Xianzhen when she was kidnapped: "Qin Yinjian, do you hear that. Cui Xianzhen confessed that she had murdered my mother, drugged me and kidnapped me. All these charges add up, isn't it enough to sentence her to death? Even if it's not enough to put her to death, it's better to put her on indefinite terms. "

"Enough!" Qin Yin took Lu Xi in his arms and said, "enough!" This life I have you enough, as long as you enough, even if the loss of all does not matter.

Lu Xi's body was hurt. Qin Yinjian held her so tightly. When she met her wound, she bared her teeth in pain, but she didn't cry for pain because she knew he was nervous about her.

When she was kidnapped, he must feel worse than her: "Qin Yinjian, I'm sorry! In the future, I will protect myself and never let myself hurt or worry about you again. "

This silly woman, she does not blame him not to protect her, but blame her not to protect herself to let him worry. How could she be so stupid? How could she be so stupid.

Can't help it, Qin Yinjian looks down for her dry lips. His cold lips cover her and kiss her gently.

He kissed her tenderly and without any lust, but Lucy still felt it. She always felt that he could not help sucking her soul away when he kissed her.

After a long kiss, Qin Yinjian finally stopped. Holding Lu Xi's face in his hands, he saw that the swelling on her face had not disappeared, and kissed her cheek affectionately: "why did I meet you?"

"Don't you want to meet me?" She always worried him, so he regretted it. Lu Xi, who had just experienced the disaster, was a little sensitive and speculated at random.

"No, I mean why I met you, but I didn't cherish you, and let you and our children suffer so much." Qin Jian's voice is hoarse, which reveals deep remorse.

"Qin Yinjian, I'm ok. Don't do that." Lucy took his hand and put it into his broad palm. "Please hold on to my hand and never let it go again."

"OK. Please don't let go of my hand. " He will hold her hand tightly, without her saying to him, he will not let go of her hand in this life and the next life.

"By the way, you can help me to give this recorded evidence to the police and let the police catch Cui Xianzhen quickly. She can't harm others any more." Lu Xi took off his watch and gave it to Qin Yinjian. He still thought about Cui Xianzhen. "Speed up. Don't let Cui Xianzhen leave the country."

"Good." Even if she doesn't have the evidence in her hand, Qin Yinjian has a way to put Cui Xianzhen in prison and let her suffer in prison for the rest of her life. Never come out again.

Cui Xianzhen's matter was almost solved. The stone hanging in Lu Xi's heart finally fell to the ground. Suddenly, she thought of her son: "by the way, where is Lu Lu?"

Qin Yinyi: "Lu Lu is at home." "No way. Lu Lu Lu is more sensitive than other children. If I didn't accompany him, he would think I left him alone. You can have him sent here. " Thinking of Lu Lu's kid, Lu Xi scratched his head in a hurry. "No, it's too slow. I'll give him a call to let her know that I didn't leave him, and then let someone send him over. No, no, it's not good. I'd better leave the hospital. Lu Lu lives in the hospital. He hates the hospital very much. I promised him not to enter the hospital again. "

"Don't worry, I'll think about it." Lu Xi was so worried that Qin Yinjian took out his mobile phone and dialed the phone at home. He pressed the speaker. Soon someone there got through, "second young master."

Qin Yinjian said, "let Lu Lu come and listen to the phone."

The servant was a little embarrassed: "this..."

Qin Yinyu: "what's the matter?"

"Aunt Ma, I'm Lucy. If Lu Lu hides himself and doesn't talk to others, you can take the phone to him and let me talk to him. "

His own children, his own children, his character and style of doing things, Lu Xi can't be more clear. That's how it used to be. When she went out to work, Lu Lu Lu loved to hide in the corner alone, and nobody cared.

Aunt Ma said, "OK, I'll take it right away."

"When you came out to work, you left Lu Lu in the care of others. That's what he was like?" Qin Yinjian's heart began to ache like a needle again. He was just a scum. He didn't take good care of Lu Xi, nor did he fulfill the responsibility of a father. "Um. But it's much better now. " Everything has gone before, and Lu Xi doesn't want to talk about it again. Anyway, Lu Lu's baby will be hurt by her mother, loved by her father and loved by so many family members. His heart shadow will be good.

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