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Cui Xianzhen, what do you want to do? What do you want to do? " Because of guessing what Cui Xianzhen wanted to do, Lu Xi suddenly panicked. She wanted to get up and run, but her feet were tied for too long. Now the blood has not been circulating, and she is too numb to run.

Cui Xianzhen wants her life. She is not afraid, but she is afraid of the nightmare that happened several years ago. Lu Xi glares at Cui Xianzhen fiercely: "Cui Xianzhen, I warn you, don't mess around, don't mess around Otherwise I...... "

"What? Don't you know what I'm going to do? " Cui Xianzhen laughed and said, "last time I let you have good luck and escape a disaster, this time I really want you to have a wild seed of others and make your humble reputation come true." Cui Xianzhen took out the mobile phone in his bag: "I will take the same video as your mother and send it to the second young master of Qin family. Well, I'm so excited to think about it. The second young master of Qin family must be very excited to see the video. After all, their women are under other men Alas, alas...

... This kind of picture thinking makes people blood boil. " Lu Xi never knew that Cui Xianzhen was not only vicious, but also abnormal. He was so abnormal that he became insane: "Cui Xianzhen, you are doing this for money. Before serious consequences are caused, you have time to stop. As long as you let me go and how much money you want, I can let Qin Er give you less money and let him not hold you accountable. If you insist on messing around, I can't live, but you don't want to live any more. "

For such a ruthless woman, there is no result in asking her. It's better to ask for her heart. Maybe there is room for things to change. Lu Xi had to bite his teeth and stick on. He was crying and praying all the time. He hoped Qin Yinjian could come to save her quickly.

A few years ago, he was in Jiangbei and she was in America. He could come all the way to save her Today, he will arrive in time. He said he would not let her get hurt again. He said he would protect her for life.

Qin Yinjian!

I believe you, you will never let me down, right?

What you said, you will certainly achieve it, right? Lu Xi believes that Qin Yinjian will come to save her. However, Qin Yinjian hasn't arrived for such a long time. In addition to what Cui Xianzhen just said, her inner fear is still stronger and stronger. She can't even see the two people in front of her, and she can't hear what they are talking about.

Until Cui Xianzhen said, "Changping, she will give it to you. Serve Miss Lu well, and Miss Lu must have a good time."

"No! Don't come here, don't come here, don't come here... " Lucy crawled back, but she was hurt all over. Where was her opponent of a big man? The big man caught up with her in two steps and looked down at her. "Want to play something exciting?"

"Cui Xianzhen, you let him stop. I can give you everything you want."

"Lu Xi, if I had been so sensible, there would have been nothing left. Now it's too late. It's too late." Cui Xianzhen waved his hand. "Changping, don't care how she shouted, play as she should, just like her mother did ten years ago."

"What? Cui Xianzhen, you... " Lu Xi knew that no matter what Cui Xianzhen said, she would not let her go. She kept saying that it was just to keep herself awake, but also to delay for a little time. Now when she heard this sentence, she suddenly collapsed.

Cui Xianzhen and this man!

They are

She remembers it all!

Keep it in mind!

These two people must not fall into her hands.

Lu Xi retreated to the corner, and there was no way to go back. The big man looked at her and said, "run, continue to run, why don't you run?"

Lu Xi bit her lip and tried to keep herself awake. "Did you hurt my mother?"

The big man said, "so what, not so?"

Lu Xi said with a sneer, "isn't it so hard to tell me? It's all this time. Are you afraid of what I can do to you? "

"Yes." Big Han thinks that Lu Xi has any threat to him, and tells her what's wrong. Does she really think Qin Yinjian can come to save her.

"Good, good." Lu Xilian said two good words and suddenly smiled.

"What are you laughing at?" Hearing Lu Xi's smile, the big man was confused.

"What do you think I'm laughing at?" Lu Xi smiled faintly, which was very good-looking, but with a little fierce that people dare not approach, he just let the big man stop.

Cui Xianzhen said: "Changping, this wench is trying to scare you. You don't care about her. What to do. "

Hearing Cui Xianzhen's order, the big man suddenly took off his thin coat. Lu Xi's coat is sun proof outside, and she is wearing a vest inside. Because of the pull just now, the shoulder strap of the vest has almost slipped under her shoulder, and the scenery under her shoulder is looming. Even though she is in a mess, she is still very beautiful and charming. It's the beauty like crime. It's almost suffocating. The big man in front of him has this feeling. So when he pulls Lucy's clothes again, the strength in his hand is unconsciously gentle.

"The little beauty looks thin, but she has some material." He licked his lips hungrily, quickly took off his clothes, bent over to Lu Xi, "Dad will hurt you so much that you can know how good dad is."

OK, disgusting!

It's disgusting. Lu Xi took a bite of her teeth and rolled away from the big man. Seeing that the big man was going to be angry, she said to him with a smile, "it's only comfortable for you to love me if you like this kind of thing. I think it's better to let a woman throw herself into arms instead of forcing her to. I think the latter is better for you to have a sense of achievement. "

Lu Xi's words made the big man moved. If she wanted to, why should he be strong.

Before, he had been forced to fight against other women. Not only did he not feel good about the process, but also the woman scratched his face.

Lu Xi beckoned to him and chuckled, "do you think so?"

the big man swallowed his saliva, and he looked at Cui Xianzhen with a conscious look at his photo. Cui Xianzhen said, "don't look at me. You can come to yourself, you has the final say."

Since he can make up his own mind, of course, he chooses "what do you want from me?"

Lu Xi pointed: "you lean over a little first. I have two whispers to say to you."

"You don't want to play tricks," the big man warned

"What do you think I can do with this picture?" Lucy smiled indifferently. "If I play tricks, I think I have to die in the palm of your hand." Big Han thought it was the same thing. He let go a little bit and went obediently to Lu Xi. But just when he came to Lu Xi's face, Lu Xi opened his mouth and bit his ear. When she did, she wouldn't let go. The big Han roared with pain and slapped Lu Xi on the head.

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