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Yes, I'm Cui Xianzhen. I'm the one you can't wish to kill. I was also the culprit of your mother's suicide. But Lucy, even if you know the truth, what can you do to me? " Cui Xianzhen pulls his head to land on Xi's, and his fingertips slide gently on her face. Then he slaps his palm on Lu Xi's face. "Now if I want to hit you, I'll hit you. If I want to scold you, I'll scold you. What can you do for me?" "Cui Xianzhen, what did you do to my mother?" Lu Xi was kidnapped to this unknown wild country after being dizzy. After waking up, her brain was not clear enough. Now, Cui Xianzhen slapped her face several times, which made her not only swollen, but also dizzy

, but she still wanted an answer and a result.

At that time, her mother's death was a knot in her heart. She knew that her mother's suicide must have something to do with Cui Xianzhen, but at that time, she was only a little over ten years old. Even if she knew that, she could not do anything for her mother.

Later, she was able to find out the cause of her mother's suicide, but all the clues were erased by Cui Xianzhen. As long as Cui Xianzhen didn't admit it, no one could take Cui Xianzhen for granted. Now the opportunity is in front of her, and Lucy will never miss it again.

"If you want to know how your damned mother died, I'll tell you and let you know." Cui Xianzhen grabbed Lu Xi's hair and pulled him out of the corner to the middle of the wasteland. "Let's find a spacious place to sit down and have a good talk."


Only a woman like Cui Xianzhen can lick her face and say the word "two women".

Lu Xi's face was burning, and her scalp hurt as if she was about to be torn off. But these pains were nothing compared with the hatred in her heart. She could bear it a little longer. Soon Cui Xianzhen could tell the truth, and she could get the evidence of Cui Xianzhen's killing. "It was snowy and cold that day. I went to see her with my baby and asked her to leave Lu Qiming to help me and my baby. But she not only didn't love me, but also called me a junior and the baby in my belly a wild seed." Recalling the past, the hatred in Cui Xianzhen's eyes seemed to overflow. She felt that she was a weak person and a victim. She never thought that if she didn't show up, she would not destroy other people's families.

"Isn't it?" Mingming knows that it will infuriate Cui Xianzhen. Lu Xi still said that Cui Xianzhen, the woman of Cui Xianzhen, is Mingming the junior. Is it not allowed to be said? Lu Xi thought that her mother was right at all. The only mistake was that she was forced to commit suicide by Cui Xianzhen. "Yeah, I'm a junior, I'm a junior who's killing for money, but what about that?" Cui Xianzhen reaches out his hand and yanks Lu Xi's hair, then Yanks it hard and yanks a small strand of hair from Lu Xi's head. Seeing Lu Xi's scalp bleeding, Cui Xianzhen has the pleasure of changing her state. "Even if I was a junior, what's the matter? Your mother committed suicide as early as ten years ago. Now I am the one who is still alive. Only the living are entitled to gossip. The dead only have to shut up. "

"Because she scolded you for being a junior, so you gave her a hand?" Her head hurt so much that Luxi was about to lose consciousness. But she bit her teeth so hard that she could bear it again. If she didn't get the evidence of Cui Xianzhen's killing, she would never give up. "She scolds me as a junior and my son as a wild seed. Of course, I will let her pay the price, but this is not enough to let her die. The reason why she really deserved to die was that she blocked my way to marry into a rich family. Only if she lives one day, Lu Qiming can't marry me to enter the door, so only let her

die. If she dies, I am the real Mrs. Lu. " As he said this, Cui Xianzhen suddenly smiled, with exaggerated smile.

Cui Xianzhen's laughter, like a life-threatening spell, sounded into Lucy's ear. It's because her mother's identity as landing wife hinders Cui Xianzhen's marriage to a wealthy family, so Cui Xianzhen must remove her mother.

But what method does Cui Xianzhen, a vicious woman, use to make her mother commit suicide?

At present, Cui Xianzhen hasn't said it, and Lu Xi doesn't know whether he can survive to hear the answer.

Cui Xianzhen said: "Lu Xi, Lu Xi, you are stronger than your mother. You have suffered a lot in these years, but you have stood up and even let you endure. You met the second son of the Qin family to support you. "

The pain made Lucy's willpower weaker and weaker. She worried that she might close her eyes and lose consciousness the next second. "Cui Xianzhen, tell me what method you used to force my mother to commit suicide and make way for you."

"What are you in a hurry?" Cui Xianzhen didn't say that Luxi couldn't help being in a hurry. "Luxi, I drugged you and arranged for someone to sleep with you, but you were so lucky that you could escape a disaster."

"You admit that you drugged me?" It's true that Lucy is very lucky. If she didn't know that the man that night was Qin Yingu, she would live in endless pain and suffering all her life. "I have to praise you for being stronger than your mother." It's rare to see a trace of appreciation for Lu Xi in Cui Xianzhen's eyes. "When you didn't know that the man who defiled your innocence was Qin Yingu, you didn't wake up and quarrel like your mother

trying to die. What's more, I didn't expect you to be pregnant after that time. You can still be strong enough to insist on giving birth without knowing who the child is. "

"Lu Xi, Lu Xi, to tell you the truth, when I saw that you could still bite your teeth to survive under such circumstances, I once admired you very much, and also let me have a heart of kindness, and don't be enemies with you any more. Compared with your weak and incompetent mother, you really impress me

Seeing the word appreciation in Cui Xianzhen's eyes, Lu Xi only felt a coolness rising from her back, because she had a premonition that what Cui Xianzhen was going to say should be unacceptable or unacceptable to her.

Cui Xianzhen squatted beside Lu Xi, patted her cheek, and said slowly, word by word, "I have your mother go to sleep, and I have taken some videos to commemorate it. Your mother can't stand it. Within half a month, she committed suicide." "Cui Xianzhen, you are not a human being!" Lu Xi has always wondered what Cui Xianzhen did to her mother before she let her mother commit suicide. Today, she heard that Lu Xi's heart was as hard to love as a knife. She wished she could kill Cui Xianzhen immediately, but she was tied up and could do nothing.

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