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Lucy is gone.

People can't find it. The mobile phone is also turned off.

Qin Yingu asked people to find every corner of the amusement park and the place where Lu Xi might go, but they couldn't find people. He asked people to call out the monitoring of the amusement park. Fortunately, during the period when Lu Xi disappeared, the monitoring was bad, and a useful picture couldn't be recorded.

The monitoring of the amusement park is broken!

This incident tells Qin Yinjian that it's not easy. It's not where Lu Xi has gone, but someone has taken her.

But who is it?

What's the point of kidnapping Lucy?

Thinking that Lu Xi might be in danger, Qin Yinjian was confused like a pot of porridge, but he took out his mobile phone and calmly dialed Zhan Nianbei's phone: "uncle, I need your help here."

Zhan Nianbei appreciates Qin Yingu very much. In the past, he loved Qin Yingu more than he left the end of the war. Now Qin Yingu rarely has anything to do with him, and he is also very happy: "ah, you can say that as long as my uncle and grandfather can help you, I will do my best to help you."

"Someone has arrested my wife. Please let someone block all kinds of traffic in Jiangbei immediately. No one can go out." No matter who the other side is, no matter what the other side's purpose is, he will make them pay a price.

Zhan Nianbei said, "these are for me. If you need any help, just say it. "

Many, don't need Qin Yinjian to say more, there are already arrangements for zhannian north side.


The flying eagle team of special forces in Jiangbei military region suddenly received the task of rescuing the hostages. The captain asked them to rescue the disappeared hostages in the shortest time. There was no clue about the kidnapping. The kidnappers didn't call. Now, no one knows whether the kidnappers are for money or for color. So the rescue of hostages is also a test of everyone's adaptability. It will be included in the assessment results after


When I saw the picture of the hostage, Zhan Li was a little surprised: "Lu belle?"

How could it be.

Qin Yinjian: that kid doesn't accompany Lu Xi every day. How could he be arrested?

"Do you know the hostages?" asked Chuang Mo mo

I don't know if the team leader is intentional. Since they returned to the army on vacation, they have arranged war leave and Zhuang Momo to a group. No matter what they are training, they are both training together. Slowly, the two become more and more tacit and hate each other.

"As long as it's a beauty, I know you." At the end of the war, Zhan Li glared at Zhuang Momo, then looked at the captain who issued the order and shouted, "report!"

The captain said, "say."

At the end of the war: "Captain, I am willing to be the forward to rescue the hostages."

Captain: "Zhuang Momo."

Zhuang Mo Mo's column: "to."

The captain added: "you are in the team with Zhan Li."

Zhuang Momo: Yes

Since the end of the war, this troublesome thing, likes to show off. Especially when she sees a beautiful woman, she can't move her legs. Instead, she wants to see how his striker can rescue the hostages without any clue.


They guessed right. Lucy was kidnapped.

When Lucy was conscious, she was in an old factory which had been abandoned for a long time. From time to time, there was a disgusting stench around her. She could not move until she realized that she had been tied up and left in such a place.

"Wake up."

Lu Xi heard a hoarse voice, looked up and saw a face full of scars. The scars were crawling on the man's face like flesh worms. Seeing Lu Xi's nausea again, the acid water in his stomach was almost spitting out.

The man said, "when you see me, you feel like vomiting?"

She has already vomited, but Lu Xi didn't say. Now she is in the downwind. The right way is not to provoke the other party, or she will suffer only from herself: "who are you?"

The man said maliciously, "be honest."

Lu Xi asked again, "why do you want to catch me? Did Cui Xianzhen ask you to come? "

Lu Xi didn't offend anyone, she didn't have money, no one would kidnap her, so there was only one possibility. Cui Xianzhen didn't get any benefit from her, and he would never be willing to, so he asked someone to tie her up and revenge at that time.

What a hateful and vicious woman!

Suddenly, the man got up and kicked Lu Xi in the stomach: "what are you doing with all this nonsense? Shut up your mouth, or I will let you know how to write regret." "Cui Jin really asked you to tie me up. She just wanted to get money from me, but now she dare not come out to see me. How can she negotiate with me?" Lu Xi covers her aching stomach and stares at the person who kicked her. From his expression, she can see that he is excited because she guesses who is behind the scenes.

It's Cui Xianzhen who finds the kidnapper. Lu Xi is a little less afraid. Cui Xianzhen's woman is vicious, but she has no courage to kill her. After all, Cui Xianzhen's purpose is not to let her die, but to get benefits from her.

The man said, "I'll shut you up and say I'll cut you off."

Lu Xi sneers: "chop if you want, and if you have the ability, you will chop me, or you will shut up your mouth."

Pa Pa Pa Pa -

suddenly there was a loud slap at the shabby iron door. Lu Xi looked at the sound and saw Cui Xianzhen standing at the door. "It's the same Lu Xi I know. It's such a time. This bull has such a big temper."

"Cui Xianzhen, you are the same Cui Xianzhen I know." Not surprisingly, the person behind the scenes was Cui Xianzhen, who hated her deeply. "But Cui Xianzhen, whom I used to know, is not as stupid as he is now. He is so stupid that he dare to make a move on Taisui's head."

"Too old?" Cui Xianzhen walks and laughs, "Lu Xi, you look up to yourself too much. Don't think that you are too old to give a warm bed to Qin."

"I never dare to think so, but do you think the second young master of the Qin family can let you touch his woman?" Even though the whole body is in pain, but in the face of Cui Xianzhen, Lu Xi is still trying to show his calmness and not let Cui Xianzhen see her embarrassed side.

Cui Xianzhen goes to Lu Xi's side, squats down slowly, pulls Lu Xi Yang's hand and slaps it on Lu Xi's face: "little bitch, I won't kill you today."

"Cui Xianzhen, you..." Lu Xi's hands and feet were tied. When her face was still hurting, she saw Cui Xianzhen's slap again and again, slapping her face with a sharp pain. Lu Xi understood that Cui Xianzhen was forced into a dead end, biting people like a mad dog, which made her so anxious that she could kill people and set them on fire. Lu Xi did not dare to provoke Cui Xianzhen any more. He had to find a way to stabilize Cui Xianzhen's mood and not allow himself to be beaten again.

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