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Locking of the compound gate this morning was the best decision I have made in that compound.

It was the sweetest wickedness I could think off.

I refused picking my neighbours call.

They called tire.

I intended switching off my phone, but after thinking about it, I decided that it was much more painful to call and watch your call not being picked, than to switch it off.

My neighbours resulted to sending me text messages. They threatened to treat me in the wanner I will understand. One threatened to burn my house with fuel. The other Uncle said he was going to make sure the house become hot for me to live in.

Meaning that Uncle planned to make my room an oven.

It was only the Aunty that kept begging me. She told me she was innocent and was not the one that locked the toilet gate this morning.

I took pity on the Aunty because of the Akara she do fry at the junction every morning.

So around 10am I decided to go to the house and throw the key from outside into the compound. I knew the result of opening the gate and I was not ready for any confrontation yet.

Immediately the gate was opened, they called me.

The Aunty was the first to call.

I picked it.

I thought she was going to tell me thank you for opening the gate, but Aunty started blabbing.

“Praises, for this thing wey you do us today you go see pepper for my hand. Shebi you think say you get trouble? I wan tell you say your own na small. You just light matches for firewood wey don dry. The war has started.”


I didn’t even care about them.

No be today nyash dey back.

My day went so fine that I forgot what had transpired in the morning.

It was while on my way home that I remembered the trouble that awaited me.

I returned home this evening to enter my house, only to discover my neighbours had locked my door with extra padlock.

I didn’t know when I started laughing for no reason.

Tears of hunger and starvation, coupled with tiredness was dripping from my eyes.

When they noticed I had walked in, everyone entered their various rooms pretending not to have noticed my return.

That was when I began to shout like a mad man.

“Who lock my room? I say who lock my room with extra padlock? Who be the person wey they follow me the pay house rent? Person wey lock my room make him commot give me key now o. Shey na wickedness una wan the do. Since morning I never chop. Open my room for me now make I find food chop.”

Despite my shouting in the compound, no one cared to open the door.

So I went to the market and bought four extra padlocks to lock their rooms too.

They don’t know who I be yet.

They will shit and bath inside their room forever.

Let night dorn well.

We would continue like this until everybody get sense for this compound.

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