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This is just an ordinary child?

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The fair and delicate little baby’s skin was smooth and sparkly just like jelly; the veins beneath his skin could be seen vaguely.

His eyes were closed but his black hair and long eyelashes were already grown. His two tiny hands were holding onto eggshells, and he kept putting them in his mouth, making “kaka” sounds as he chewed.

He had teeth, and they seemed very white just like those baby teeth of an ordinary child. However, how could a baby that was just born had a full set of white teeth?

It was the first time Lan Xiao was touching the surface of the egg, and it felt slightly warm. Other than that, he couldn’t feel anything, like there wasn’t any energy at all.

“Oh god! It’s only left with the life energy of a 100-year-old spirit beast. What should we do?” Nan Cheng asked Lan Xiao anxiously.

Lan Xiao laughed bitterly. “What else can we do? It’s too weird, we’ll continue to observe. There is really a child in this egg— a baby born out of an egg, can you believe it?”

Another researcher on the other side said, “Boss, could it be a 100,000-year-old spirit beast that recultivated?”

Lan Xiao opened his mouth and was about to speak when Nan Cheng reported again, “Ten years now, he’s left with the life energy of a 10-year-old spirit beast now.”

Lan Xiao smiled bitterly. “According to the federation’s archives of ancient spirit beasts, and the information about God Spirit Beasts, it shows that after a 100,000-year-old spirit beast is recultivated, it could preserve the energy of a 100-year-old spirit beast at least, and it would also have the original memory and IQ. It would not become a baby that could be trampled on. Usually, they would become children and have a certain ability to defend themselves.”

Ka cha!

Another piece of eggshell was eaten!

“We should also break off a piece of eggshell and bring it back to study. Nan Cheng, come over and carry this baby out. We’ll keep this eggshell to prove the result of our research,” Lan Xiao said to Nan Cheng.

Nan Cheng walked over, and when she saw that little baby in that eggshell, she couldn’t even believe her eyes.

He was fair, soft and his slightly chubby little round face looked as if it might pop if she blew on it; he also had two tiny dimples on his cheeks. He was simply adorable. She had a sudden surge of maternal love subconsciously, and her gaze turned gentle.

Afraid that she might hurt the child, she reached out slowly and carried the little baby out of the broken eggshell. He wasn’t heavy, around six to seven kilograms. His body was soft, warm, and had a faint nice smell.

Nan Cheng carried him carefully and couldn’t help but exclaim softly, “He is so beautiful!”

The other team members saw him too—this child was too good-looking, too beautiful.

Suddenly, the baby’s hand paused in midair and tried grabbing around but did not manage to get anything. He was almost done eating that eggshell in his hand.

“Wa, wa!” He cried out all of a sudden, his loud and clear cries echoed in the entire cabin.

Nan Cheng was not married yet and never had a child before, so she got a fright and the other members didn’t know what to do either.

Lan Xiao, who was about to carry the eggshell away, was stunned too.

“Why is he crying?”

Nan Cheng panicked a little. “I don’t think I hurt him! Ah! It’s the eggshell – I think he still wants to eat more. Quick, give him a piece.”

She carried the baby to Lan Xiao as she spoke, and the moment the baby touched the eggshell, his little hand turned nimbly, grabbed the side, and broke a piece. Then he sent it to his mouth and continued eating. As expected, he stopped crying.

“You took his food away, how could he not cry?” Nan Cheng said with an aching heart.

“This… but we need it for our research!” Lan Xiao said helplessly.

Nan Cheng was hesitant. Of course she knew the importance of the research, and this child that was born out of the egg was simply too fascinating; especially when the egg that he was born out of gave out enormous life energy at the beginning.

Lan Xiao had always been firm. He thought for a moment and said, “Check the health of the baby and let him continue eating. We will keep a small piece for research purposes.”

“Yes, sir!”

They had all the equipment they needed in the aircraft to perform various tests, especially the ones used to test for life energy— it was not inferior to the equipment they had in the lab.

The baby was munching away happily, and he managed to finish almost half of the eggshell in just a moment. At the same time, they were done with the basic checks.

Lan Xiao, Nan Cheng, and every researcher looked through all the data from the checks and were taken aback.

Not because the numbers were strange but because they were too normal. They were exactly the same as a normal human being.

He had the same numbers as what one would expect of a normal human baby. And his numbers were basically all in the middle of a normal human baby’s numbers. His life energy was also the same as a normal baby. Of course, it might be due to the fact that he was eating eggshells, and when he was cut by a piece of the eggshell, he merely frowned slightly and continued eating.

“Is this really just a normal child?” Lan Xiao couldn’t believe it, and he was not the only one—all the researchers in the aircraft felt the same!

How could a child that was born out of an egg that was found in the Extreme North under extremely cold conditions be normal? He didn’t have any spirit beast blood or a trace of any unique energy and abnormality—everything was perfectly normal. How could it be!

A normal fetus would have been frozen to death!

However, the numbers could not be wrong, and they came from cutting-edge equipment. Maybe this child’s only difference was that he was too normal. An ordinary baby would have some numbers that were slightly higher or lower, but he didn’t—he was completely normal.

To sum it up, this was a healthy and perfectly normal human baby.

Ka cha, ka cha, ka cha!

The baby continued eating the eggshells and didn’t have any clue about what was happening.

“What should we do?” Nan Cheng looked at Lan Xiao.

Lan Xiao was a little worried now. At first, everyone, including himself, thought that this would be a great discovery, to the point that they thought it was an accomplishment that would play a big role in the research of ancient spirit beasts. But it seemed that they might be facing a very odd situation now.

“Boss, I’m afraid that there is a problem!” The researcher, Chen Wei, smiled bitterly. “Not long ago, the federation punished those that faked scientific research very severely—we would not be able to clear our names even if we have a hundred mouths!”

Faking research was one of the most serious crimes in the Douluo Federation. The reason was very simple— just one fraudulent research could bring about destruction to the federation and mankind. The punishments were meted out according to the seriousness of the fraud; it was one of the few crimes in the Douluo Federation that were punishable by death. This also served as a reminder to researchers to not act foolishly just for the bountiful rewards. Before they were absolutely certain, they should not simply submit the results of their research. Otherwise, once they were accused of fraudulent research, it would get very troublesome.

Another researcher, Li Tingyin, said, “That shouldn’t be the case; we still have the eggshell, right?”

Chen Wei laughed bitterly, “This is our only hope. Hopefully, we would be able to find something special from this eggshell. Otherwise…”

Lan Xiao knew exactly what he meant. Otherwise, what they found today could be useless, and they simply rejoiced too soon.

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