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Cryogenic awakening

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As the first planet that was discovered by humans and had success in the migration, Heaven Dou already had a history of over a thousand years. This planet was approximately two-thirds of Douluo; 54 percent of its surface was covered by the ocean, and out of it, 40 percent was freshwater while the remaining 60 percent was seawater.

There were no life forms on the surface of the planet at first. Humans then migrated over and relied on the power of science and technology to develop the entire planet.

Even though Heaven Dou didn’t have any life forms, its environment was 80 percent similar to Douluo. According to scientists’ assessment, as long as the first living cell appeared, it might only require ten thousand years or so for a civilized planet to be born. And with the arrival of the interstellar colony, it had undoubtedly sped up the process.

The reason why it was named as Heaven Dou was to commemorate the fact that it was once the strongest country in Soul Land.

Ever since the disaster caused by the spirit beasts that happened ten thousand years ago, the entire Douluo profited from the catastrophe and started to evolve. Humans subsequently let go of their former hatred too. At that time, the Soul Federation, Heaven Dou Empire, and Star Luo Empire that ruled almost the whole world has undergone almost a hundred years of negotiation and peace talks before they decided to merge; they were still known as Soul Federation. The original Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire became two independent regions that were historically known as Heaven Dou Independent autonomous region and Star Luo autonomous region. They governed themselves individually, but the resources were shared with the federation. Thereby, speeding up scientific exploration and research.

The Douluo planet that Soul Land was on was now called Mother Planet, and as the first planet that had the first migration, Heaven Dou had the best developments. Other than the fact that the overall energy level could not be compared with Mother Planet, there wasn’t much difference between Heaven Dou and the Mother Planet. Above all, Heaven Dou had an abundance of minerals; they had all sorts of uncommon metals and because of this, mankind had more motivation to continue with the immigration. One had to know that the number of resources used up for interstellar migration was astronomical.

In the headquarters of the Federal Scientific Research Institute, Heaven Dou’s subsidiary institute was conducting an epoch-making scientific experiment.

In the gigantic domed scientific lab, there were over hundreds of scientists each occupied with their own tasks. And in the middle of the lab, inside a giant petri dish, there was a human figure soaked in liquid.

“Get ready to start increasing the temperature, add the highly concentrated biological nutrients and get ready to inject the soul guidance energy,” an elderly scientist with white hair ordered in a low voice as he stood at the main seat.

Due to the murky liquid in the petri dish, the life form could not be seen clearly but all the scientists were very nervous at this moment.

This was a cryogenic awakening experiment. The specimen was found 300 years ago in the Extreme North of the Mother Planet. The body was preserved extremely well, and there were no wounds at all. As the technology was not perfect at that time, there was no attempt made to thaw it.

In the recent thousand years, following the development of more planets by mankind, they found more specimens and technology started to advance by leaps and bounds. They had already successfully undergone many cryogenic awakening experiments, and a few life forms that were frozen for countless years were also successfully awakened.

And this corpse before them was preserved for over thousand of years. This was the very first time in the history that they were thawing a corpse that was frozen for so long, and according to the scientists, the thing in the ice might have lived in a different era. If the awakening was successful, it would bring about not only scientific significance but historic as well.

For the cryogenic awakening experiment today, the scientists were fully prepared and already came up with countless contingency plans.

“It started melting already. Based on the speed that it’s melting, the specimen might have existed for an even longer time than we initially thought.”

The longer the specimen was frozen for, the longer it would take for it to melt.

The scientists got very excited. Without a doubt, the longer this specimen had existed, the greater the significance if he woke up.

“End of the melting process, the main body is revealed. Should we start injecting the brain and organ restoration fluid?”

“Begin the injection.

“Yes, I repeat, begin the injection.”

The scientists were nervous and busy.

But in the next second, an ear-piercing alarm went off, “Emergency report: Unable to inject. The alloy needle is unable to pierce into the specimen’s body, it has snapped.”

“What?” The elderly scientist was surprised; he knew how strong the alloy needle was, and it could easily puncture an armor!

“Was it because the melting was not thorough? The body hasn’t fully thawed?”

“The melting process was successful, and the body is already soft. But its skin is unusually tough. Chief, what should we do now?”

“Inject the soul guidance energy immediately for strong stimulation,” the chief scientist ordered firmly, but he seemed disappointed. The other scientists around him had the same expression too.

They knew very well that the probability of a revival was very low. Based on the past experiments, the specimen had to go through the brain and organ restoration right after it was thawed, then there would be a possibility that it would be alive. Blood preserved best in extremely low temperatures, and the one with the most damage was the brain. If the brain could not be restored immediately, and unless it was frozen for only a couple of hours, there wouldn’t even be one percent chance of a revival. Moreover, this specimen had already been frozen for thousands of years. Those restoration fluids prepared for it were the strongest, but now, they were unable to inject it into its body and merely soaked it in it— the result would definitely fall short by a large degree.

Following the infusion of the spirit guidance power into the petri dish, it started to release a faint white glow.

The chief scientist sighed and said, “We were too careless and didn’t prepare for a situation like this. This experiment is very different, and there is a possibility that it was a spirit beast cultivated into a human being which is why the body is so strong. It is too late to change the needle right now. If I’ve known sooner, I would have gotten the strongest needle from the headquarters. I will bear this responsibility.”

“Chief, don’t say that! All of us didn’t consider this problem so we should all bear this responsibility together!” a middle-aged man next to him hurriedly said.

“Wait a minute, look at this, everyone.” Suddenly, an old female scientist who was on the other side suddenly pointed at the petri dish.

All the scientists turned to look, and to their surprise, the murky liquid in the petri dish started to turn transparent, and the figure inside became clearer.

“This is…”

When the human figure was gradually revealed, everyone was stunned.

That was a young girl, a beautiful young girl. As she was sealed beneath a thick layer of ice previously, they couldn’t see her appearance.

Her body was covered with a long silver dress, her hair was also silver, and she was tall. Although her eyes were closed, those long eyelashes made one’s heart flutter. All the male researchers present couldn’t help but be attracted to her, and they were dumbstruck.

“Quick, increase the amount of spirit guidance power. She seems to be absorbing the nutrient fluid in the petri dish by herself! Replace the nutrient fluid, quick!” the chief scientist was yelling frantically and woke up those scientists who were in a daze.

The lab was busy once again, and the scientists were moving speedily.

The nutrient fluid in the petri dish was replaced, and they continued pouring the spirit guidance power in. However, something strange happened. No matter how much they poured that nutrient fluid in, the liquid in the petri dish remained clear. It was as if that young lady’s body was a black hole as she engulfed all the nutrients and spirit guidance power.

This process took an entire hour.

“Look, she, she seemed to have frowned?” a sharp young scientist suddenly pointed at the petri dish and said.

There was no need to prove what he said because in the next moment, through the audio equipment, there was a light heartbeat that was picked up.

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump.

To the scientists, this was simply music to the ears! What surprised them further was that the young girl’s eyelashes moved, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were light purple; there was no light in them, and they revealed clear signs of exhaustion. She looked blankly at the petri dish in front of her and lifted her arm like she wanted to move.

“Stop the infusion of nutrient fluid! Release the nutrient fluid and start the infusion of oxygen,” the chief scientist quickly ordered. The most worrying thing that could happen to a person who was just cryogenically revived was suffocation, and this could cause second brain death.

The liquid was poured out in torrents and oxygen was infused. That young lady’s eyes seemed to turn dimmer and she mumbled, “I’m so tired, who am I? Where am I?”

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