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Cheng Yuyang sneers, turns to open the door and gets off, slams the door vigorously, and walks away.

"You..." As soon as Cheng Yuyang got off the bus, Ling Feiyu regretted it, but she just gave in today. Later, the child couldn't manage it any more. She was so hard hearted that she didn't manage Cheng Yuyang who got off the bus, but she was so sad that tears brushed her eyes. All along, she is a strong woman, she always believes that tears can not solve any problems, but things related to children, do not know how, she broke down and tears came out of her eyes. The daughter she raised now looks like this. She can't hear anything. In the end, it's her fault.

I used to be so used to this daughter, what she wanted, as long as they were within the scope of their husband and wife's ability, they gave her what they wanted. They always held the attitude that their daughter wanted to be rich and raised. Who knew that such a child could not be good or bad.

The driver worried: "madam, if you don't catch up with her, she will go far."

Ling Fei wipes dry tears: "catch up."

The driver started the car to catch up, but Cheng Yuyang didn't look at it. He went straight ahead. The driver rolled down the window and said, "Miss, get in the car."

Cheng Yuyang doesn't care.

The driver added, "Miss, there are few taxis along the way, so it's hard to get a taxi."

Cheng Yuyang continues to move forward, ignoring the driver's words.

Lingfei's voice hurt: "if she wants to leave, let her go. Ignore her. Let's go."

Driver: "Madam..."

Lingfei roared, "drive."

The driver couldn't, so he had to start the car and leave. Even though he had driven very slowly, the speed was still much faster than walking. Soon, Cheng Yuyang could not be seen from the rearview mirror. The driver worried: "madam, Miss didn't follow up."

Lingfei said with a hard heart: "drive your car, leave her alone."

No matter how angry, but it's still her own child. Ling Feiyu lets the driver drive away, but her eyes are always looking at the car. She hopes her daughter can catch up with her, but she is disappointed after all. After driving for a long time, she can't wait for Cheng Yuyang.

Ling Feiyu shook his fist and called Cheng Xuyang: "Cheng Xuyang, you take good care of your daughter."

Cheng Xuyang at the other end of the phone was confused: "wife, what's the matter?"

Ling Feiyu cried again in a hurry: "it's all your fault that you usually spoil your daughter. Now you can't tell the difference between good and bad."

Cheng Xuyang comfort way: "you don't cry, tell me slowly how?"

Lingfei even wiped his tears and said, "I can't tell you clearly on the phone. Go back and say it."

Don't give Cheng Xuyang the chance to talk more, Ling Feiyu hangs up. After hanging up, her tears flow more fiercely, just like tears don't want money.


Jirou's love for children far exceeded Lu Xi's expectation. After returning to the room, she played with the two children for a while. When the children were tired, Jirou rushed to help them bathe, change their clothes, and coax them to sleep, which was better than Lu Xi's mother.

Looking at the two sleeping children on the bed, Ji Rou's face is gentle and doting. She lowers her head and kisses them on their forehead: "two little babies, I wish you a good dream. I must dream about me in the dream."

"Sister in law, why don't you have one for yourself when you like children so much?" Lu Xi didn't know about Ji Rou, so he asked her. When she asked, she saw that Ji Rou's face sank slightly. Lu Xi didn't know that he was wrong.

But soon Jirou's smile came back: "it's all my fault that I'm not angry. We've been married for so many years, I can't bear it. If I can't conceive myself, I can only rob your children to play with me. I hope you don't get jealous. "

Inadvertently poked other people's intruder, Lu Xi was very upset: "sister-in-law, I'm sorry!" "It's just that my stomach doesn't fight. I'm used to it. It's nothing." Ji Rou waved her hand and turned to look at the two sleeping boys on the bed. "In fact, the reason why I especially like children is that xiaolele and xiaolulu are so cute. This kind of soft and cute is

Zi. I hate to eat them."

"Sister in law, it's very kind of you," said Lu "I'm not good at all. There are many bad habits and bad habits. That stinky man always dislikes me." Jirou's eyes are reluctant to leave the two lovely children, but it's not polite to talk to people without looking at them. Jirou looks back to Lucy, "because you don't know me yet, so you think I'm good. When you find my true face, you won't feel it. "

"Poof..." Hearing Jirou's exaggerated and funny words, Lu Xi forbear again and again, but still couldn't help it. She burst out with a laugh. "Sister in law, I really haven't met the person who said that to me, but I really like you."

"You like me?" Jirou makes a surprised and exaggerated expression, shakes her head, and puts on another expression that I may disappoint you. "Maybe I will disappoint you. Because I've been married, I can't be moved by other people, including women. "

Lu Xi was once again amused by Ji Rou's humorous tone and laughed with tears. At this time, Qin Yinjian called, and she was still laughing when she connected the phone. Qin Yinjian at the other end of the phone asked, "what's so happy?"

Lu Xi tries to stabilize her mood, but Ji Rou in bed makes a charming move: "Lu Xi, I have been waiting for you for a long time. Come and let me hold you."

Lu Xi laughed happily, and Qin Yin, who was on the other end of the phone, complained: "Lu Xi, what are you two doing?"

"What can we do?" Lu Xi covers the phone's microphone, takes it away, and says to Lu Xi in bed, "sister in law, the call from aunt."

Ji Rou: "..."

She was honest at once.

She thought it was Qin Yinjian's phone call and deliberately teased their couple. She didn't think that Jane would call at this time. How shameful it would be for Jane to hear what she just said.

She looked at Lucy sadly, as if she had made all the mistakes.

Seeing that Ji Rou immediately became honest, the changeable expression made Lu Xi laugh again, forgetting that he was still on the phone with Qin Yinjian: "sister in law, I teased you. It was Qin Yinjian's call just now."

The Qin family are all treasures.

Some are gentle, some are indifferent, some are kind, some are humorous

As soon as Lu Xi's voice came to an end, Ji Rou immediately rushed to her: "girl, dare to cheat me, today I have to let you suffer."

Lu Xi smiled and begged for mercy: "my sister-in-law is merciful. I dare not to tease you anymore."

Dong Dong - hearing the knock on the door, Lu Xi and Ji Rou stop fighting at the same time. They look at each other and make a murmur in their hearts. They don't quarrel too much. They quarrel with their elders at home.

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